How Mystery Babylon the Great Used America to Become Rich

Why aren’t the pastors of the American Church preaching about Mystery Babylon the Great? Because they are also getting enriched by her, too! Way too many U.S. and European minsters don’t care about the truth anymore. To them, being a minister is just a career choice, not a calling! So we are doing our part to help demystify the Bible. In this case, we are redirecting you to a great video done by HighImpactFlix that does the best job of explaining how the New World Order Gang, aka Mystery Babylon the Great, rode the American beast to great luxuries. The only addition to this video we want to add is that, where it says Mystery Babylon the Great got rich off the bodies and souls of men, the Euro-American slave trade was the most enriching and nasty versions of forced slavery in history, as black Christian orator David Walker pointed out in the early 1830s. Much of Wall Street was built off the slave economy. Here’s the video:


The New World Order Gang will Use Sports Stadiums as Christian Internment Camps and Lure You There By Snatching Your Kids Out of School!

Read these verses carefully first…

Matt. 24:9

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

Daniel 11:33

“Those who have insight among the people will give understanding to the many; yet they will fall by sword and by flame, by captivity and by plunder for many days.

Matthew 10:17

But beware of men; for they will hand you over to their councils and flog you in their synagogues.

Matthew 10:22

You will be hated by everyone on account of My name, but the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.


These verses won’t just happen out of the blue without a long running grooming and conditioning process to bring them about…

Have you gotten so comfortable, o American and European Church? You send your children to schools of Satan while you go to Satanic corporations who hate the truth of Jesus Christ. And when you come home, some of you watch your favorite sports on TV or go to the large stadiums with their Satanic rituals to start each game. And those schools force you to poison your children with vaccines every year, and you are too tired to even research if those vaccines are really good for them. Man has lived just fine for thousands of years, yet all of a sudden, within the last 100 years (since the 1919 Flu Massacre and scam foisted on us by the New World Order Gang), we are told that man cannot survive without vaccines. But you dare not question them! And now that your children are being spiritually fed by the agents of Satan, and the New World Order Gang forces you to pay for these Satanic services through property taxes, Satan has laid another, darker trap for you: in order to lure you into a concentration camp, the Police State set up by the New World Order Gang will simply snatch your children out of school, probably through some “emergency” pretext, and take them to stadiums, shopping malls, or other large building converted into an incarceration center! You will get a call to come get your child, that your child is “safe” at a “secure location.” You will gladly go there and thank the officers you worship for protecting your child. But once inside, they lock the door behind you! You will never leave again! Think this won’t happen? “Oh, my government will never do this to me! I am a taxpayer and never did any crime in my life.” Satan does not play fair! Read that again. Don’t think for a second that a fallen spirit with nothing to lose and an eternity in flames won’t do everything possible to provoke our Heavenly Father to furious anger! Satan will do everything, including mass murder at catastrophic levels, to defy the Almighty and persecute the Church!


We’ve written many posts about Satan’s agenda, including his plans to create magnet cities to draw us from independent rural communities into controlled cities where all food and water and the necessities of modern life will be. Those who don’t get in with the mark of the beast will be left to fend for themselves outside the city, including fighting off wild beasts, including strange half human creations (chimeras exist and have been reported in your favorite demonic mainstream news media this year), killer weather (yes, the New World Order Gang has teamed with Satan to manipulate the weather), uncontrolled contagious diseases, etc. Those who refuse the 666 mark will suffer. This is why we should have been paying attention when our food and water supply was slowly monopolized over the past 150 years. Don Hodges and Lisa Haven have also discussed this topic of “stack and pack” cities, as well as the complicity of the NFL to allow the New World Order Gang to use stadiums as concentration camps. They also discussed the scenario of luring you to these stadium prisons by any means necessary (remember what happened with Hurricane Katrina and the Saints’ stadium in 2005). We encourage you to check it out. We also encourage you to start boycotting these pro sports leagues of Satan, including the NBA, which went against the city of Charlotte for the state banning the demonic attempt to confuse the sexes with these transgender bathroom traps. Assume every sports stadium will be converted to your death camp and resist Satan, and he will flee. Stop giving Team Satan the benefit of the doubt – they are scheming to harm you in every way possible. Almost all institutions of man on earth have given themselves to Satan, including many of your churches, where the pastors have also secretly aligned themselves with Satan, which is why sermons have become watered down, lukewarm (Rev. 2) and of no effect for most of you! Let us pray that the Lord Jesus Christ protect us and maybe postpone these horrors, but may His will be done. People, the return of Jesus Christ is far uglier than you can ever imagine, and nothing happens overnight. It is a long and complicated process which involves Satan and his children going after the Church in every horror-filled manner possible! Stay in prayer. Amen.


New World Order Gang Has Turned the U.S. into a Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction

With a national debt that keeps getting higher and higher, and some honest estimates have it currently as high as nearly $20 trillion, the United States is not only a military massacre machine for Satan’s kingdom, it is also a financial weapon of mass destruction. The current debt is so massive that if any lender nation were to try to call it all in for immediate repayment, the whole world would plunge into major, apocalyptic chaos! It would be far worse than what we see happening in Greece, Venezuela and other nations that New World Order Gang is strangling with compounding debt. The nations of the world should outlaw compounding interest and replace it with a better, simpler interest system to reduce the power of these financial monsters. The pain of such a switch would be temporary and much better than what we face now. Stay in prayer. Amen.

So One So Called Terrorist Leads Entire Nations to Imprison Millions of Civilians!

If you’ve never had a clue as to how the end of the world sequence would start, you are getting a crash course right now! So in Munich Germany, one shooter in a very questionable video clip leads to the entire city of Munich being shut down. The rest of Germany will follow suit soon. Similarly, in France, a series of one or few so called terrorists lead to an entire nation being on lockdown perpetually, and getting worse as Hollande announced sweeping new law enforcement powers to let cops essentially do whatever they like to civilians, whenever they like, including entering and taking over homes and other property without due process of law. In Turkey, after a very suspicious coup soap opera, the entire country is locked down, including airports in or out, and thousands of teachers and judges ousted, and the military turned upside down. Many don’t know the real history of Erdogan. which is why many have been gullible enough to believe this political theater. In Venezuela, the entire country is pretty much blacked out from the rest of the world while the New World Order Gang continues to loot the country and starve its citizens. Brazil is next, it seems, as is Argentina, and a few other nations around the world, not to mention the United States, where questionable terror plots keep being released like Hollywood movies every day in a different state, all in order to disarm citizens and increasingly militarize the police. Wake up, Church! The leaves are changing, as Jesus Christ warned us. You can tell that something is definitely stirring the “seas” of people, as Bible prophecy refers to the masses of humanity. Pray that you stay awake and that our Heavenly Father perhaps comforts us or if possible, spare us the absolute horror that awaits! Amen.

New World Order Gang Suffers Defeat in Their Favorite Capital

There’s good news about Brexit, and bad news. The good news is that, once again, the Brits voting against the EU is a rare act of defiance against the globalist agenda. Some might argue this Brexit vote is part of their plan, but that is very unlikely. The bad news, though, is that the New World Order Gang will accelerate their plans to try to collapse the world’s economy because of this vote, potentially plunging weaker economies into a deep recession and apocalyptic scenarios reminiscent of what Satan’s children are doing to the innocent people of Venezuela (and a few other countries). Already, as of this writing, the British pound is falling hard, down nearly 10% in value within hours of the vote. Predictions are that come tomorrow (Fri, June 24, 2016), stock markets in Europe and America will fall anywhere from 5-10%. This is by design as the New World Order Gang tried to blackmail Brits into staying in the EU “or else” (Obama issued this threat weeks ago). We strongly advise out readers that since, as usual, Friday will mark major changes that carry over into the weekend, you may want to get some extra money out of the banks and stock up on a little more food than normal. Prepare yourselves, for they could use this Brexit as a catalyst for chaos. Stay in prayer. Amen.

New World Order Gang Uses Walmart, Monsanto to Destroy Indie Farmers and Small Towns

Some of you already know this, but sadly, still too many of us don’t. We wrote about this phenomenon previously, but now we want to highlight yet another horror that came out of the falsified Iraqi War. Iraqi farmers, like many old school farmers around the world, used an ancient seed system that goes back thousands of years to Old Testament times. This system kept Iraqis quite independent from a food supply standpoint. But since 2003, once the U.S. Government got rid of Saddam Hussein at the behest of the New World Order Gang, Monsanto used orders put into place by New World Order favorite, Paul Bremer, the acting provisional leader of Iraq at the time. These orders allowed Monsanto to destroy this ancient seed method, a horror probably worse than what ISIS was accused of when it destroyed ancient monuments. Monsanto is busy doing similar horrors in India. And while Monsanto is destroying independent farms worldwide, Walmart is destroying small towns by driving out small business that keeps small towns independent. As one article in 2003 put it:

During the last 20 years, Wal-Mart has moved into communities and destroyed them, wiping out stores, slashing the tax base, and turning downtown areas into ghost-towns. This is accomplished through Wal-Mart’s policy of paying workers below subsistence wages, and importing goods that have been produced under slave-labor conditions overseas. Often, communities will even give Wal-Mart tax incentives, for the right to be destroyed.

Don’t keep buying from Walmart of Monsanto suppliers if you can afford to do so. They are helping to create an apocalyptic future on behalf of Mystery Babylon the Great. Instead, seek out alternative stores if possible. It’s going to be tough at this point, but do what you can. Stay in prayer. Amen.

Yes Immigration is Weaponized, But Avoid the Trap!

First, before we go into this topic, we are a racially diverse network of wise spiritual warriors of Jesus Christ all over the world. So this topic is sensitive and important. In short, yes, the New World Order Gang, led mostly by Zionists and their gentile puppets, have taken key positions in government to push an agenda to overload countries with people from different cultures with a goal to “mix the seed of men” as the prophet Daniel said. But the prophecy said it will fail. So why do many white Christians fall for the trap of hating foreigners who themselves are victims of Western imperialism? No matter what the demons of the New World Order Gang do to tempt you, you must resist Satan, including hating foreigners. Instead, consider the forces of the New World Order that forced them to desire living in America and Europe in the first place. For example, NATO (which is a puppet of American Zionist imperialism), destroyed a once prosperous Libya, sending the affluent country into an apocalyptic downward spiral of poverty, disease, violence and death! The best Libyans fled by boats, some drowning along the way to Italy and other southern European shores. Same thing happened to Syria, and the people fled to Greece, Hungary, and other nearby European borders. And now the New World Order Gang is destroying the once prosperous Venezuela in the worst possible nightmarish way, and guess where those people will immigrate next? So just consider that: if America were suddenly destroyed like these countries, leaving everyone without bank accounts, homes, food, water, healthcare, etc., wouldn’t you want a well off nation to help you out? What would Jesus do? These people are mostly victims, so if you hate weaponized immigration, then first get rid of the demons of Washington and Wall Street who keep forcing these wars on innocent civilians worldwide! Stand up for justice, not hate. Stay in prayer. Amen.