New World Order Gang Uses Walmart, Monsanto to Destroy Indie Farmers and Small Towns

Some of you already know this, but sadly, still too many of us don’t. We wrote about this phenomenon previously, but now we want to highlight yet another horror that came out of the falsified Iraqi War. Iraqi farmers, like many old school farmers around the world, used an ancient seed system that goes back thousands of years to Old Testament times. This system kept Iraqis quite independent from a food supply standpoint. But since 2003, once the U.S. Government got rid of Saddam Hussein at the behest of the New World Order Gang, Monsanto used orders put into place by New World Order favorite, Paul Bremer, the acting provisional leader of Iraq at the time. These orders allowed Monsanto to destroy this ancient seed method, a horror probably worse than what ISIS was accused of when it destroyed ancient monuments. Monsanto is busy doing similar horrors in India. And while Monsanto is destroying independent farms worldwide, Walmart is destroying small towns by driving out small business that keeps small towns independent. As one article in 2003 put it:

During the last 20 years, Wal-Mart has moved into communities and destroyed them, wiping out stores, slashing the tax base, and turning downtown areas into ghost-towns. This is accomplished through Wal-Mart’s policy of paying workers below subsistence wages, and importing goods that have been produced under slave-labor conditions overseas. Often, communities will even give Wal-Mart tax incentives, for the right to be destroyed.

Don’t keep buying from Walmart of Monsanto suppliers if you can afford to do so. They are helping to create an apocalyptic future on behalf of Mystery Babylon the Great. Instead, seek out alternative stores if possible. It’s going to be tough at this point, but do what you can. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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