Warning: It Won’t Be as Easy as You Think to Reject 666

As we see today with songs like one from Drake’s All Summer 16/Views From the 6 album saying 666 twice(“6666”), and TV shows like Lucifer popularizing all things Satan, the early stages of grooming society to embrace the mark of the beast is upon us. But too many Christians think it’ll be a breeze to reject it.

We blame not only the mainstream media and Satan’s children for this, but also many of our own pastors who have stuck their hard heads in the sand and rely on their watered down seminary training for their half-baked sermons. Out of love, we are warning you right now that it won’t at all be that easy to reject the mark of the beast. By being bold with you, we hope you seriously re-adjust your faith and get ready for a series of Tribulation nightmares much worse than any Hollywood horror movie! Already, the U.S. government is socializing the idea of a “zombie apocalypse” because this is what they have in store for those who refuse 666. They will (and are) secretly poison you through vaccines, food, water, beverages, drugs (legal and illegal), and so on until your minds become like zombies if you don’t embrace 666. It won’t only be true Christians who refuse it, but some conscious independent thinkers who don’t want this false religion forced on them. Those who embrace 666 willingly will be fine in Satan’s temporary earthly kingdom. Also, notice how major cities are getting flashy, sleek, modern looking skyscrapers and well-groomed, green communities, while rural areas are becoming more and more desolate and hard to live in (thanks in part to Walmart and Monsanto). Think this is by accident? For centuries, Satan has been trying to encourage us to move to major cities, which takes us away from agricultural independence and gets us slowly accustomed to the dependence of city living and relying on the government and major corporations to survive.

That’s a key part of making us accept 666. Satan’s plan is to have all modern comforts, luxuries, food, water and necessities for modern living monopolized inside controlled, modern, sleek, oasis style cities. And to enter in, you most likely will have to voluntarily receive the mark of the beast (a crude copy of Jesus not allowing outsiders into the New Jerusalem without His mark on them). Those who refuse 666 will likely face starvation, thirst, death by wild animals or violent criminals, deadly diseases, extreme man made weather, crying children, and even witnessing some cannibalism as the anti-666 zombie outsiders are left to fend for themselves. Are you prepared to look your kids in the eyes and tell them why you can’t go into Satan’s cities to get food and healthcare? But Jesus told us man shall not live by bread alone, but by the Word of God. Pray for the Holy Spirit from Jesus Christ and you will survive despite this ugly strategy by Satan and his children. Keep this in mind. Stay in prayer and pray that our Heavenly Father postpone this nightmare if that might be His will. Amen.



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