After You Die, You Don’t Go Directly to Heaven

Yeah, it’s pretty widely held among many Christians that everyone who died a believer went straight to Heaven. While that notion is quite comforting during times of death and burial, no scripture in the Bible supports this. Revelation 20 tells us that after we die (for those who don’t live during the Tribulation and 7 Trumpet period of Rev 6 and 7), the dead in Christ will rise up in the First Resurrection. Of these, there are two groups: the dead beheaded saints (Rev. 20:4) and the Great Multitude Saints of Rev 7:9-17, which will also include all of the dead saints from history. The Great Multitude saints will serve in God’s Temple, while the Beheaded saints will reign with Jesus 1,000 years, a period of time when those who miraculously survive all seven trumpets will learn the truth and live under the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. So then where do the saints who died in history go until the first resurrection? They are in a spiritual sleep state, like Jesus said of Lazarus before He raised Him from the dead (a prototype of the first resurrection). This is why we have sleep. Sleep is a reminder that we die, and will be awakened the next morning (Jesus being the true Morning Star, the King of the resurrection). Death is associated with darkness, hence why we sleep at night. There you have it. Stay in prayer.


The Real Reason They Don’t Want You Feeding the Homeless

Ever notice the increased reports of homeless people disappearing or cities passing laws to essentially criminalize the caring of homeless by citizens and the sleeping places of the homeless? This isn’t about an so-called nuisance posed by the homeless as there are plenty of bigger nuisances out there. The New World Order gang wants to control every human soul on earth, and anyone who is off their radar is a threat to them. Recall that Jesus Christ and His apostles were homeless, cashless and carless. They were off the radar. They moved about freely and weren’t under the pressures of every day living like those with a home and jobs. The Romans didn’t care, but the New World Order and their father Satan sure do! Satan wants every single human dependent on his kingdom in one way or another, and the homeless way of life is difficult to control. Satan also wants to discourage you form doing what Jesus Christ commanded: taking care of the homeless. So this is one law you’re going to have to defy because man’s law (which, in this case, is the law of the New World Order gang) cannot supersede Jesus’ commandments. Jesus will not accept cowards into the Kingdom of New Jerusalem so choose which team you are on today. Amen.

Violent Animals Were Not Originally Created That Way

Although it may seem normal to think that lions and tigers and bears eat people they encounter. We’ve gotten used to poisonous snakes biting and killing. Crocodiles, alligators and sharks feast on humans every year. But is this normal? No. Isaiah 11:6 shows that, under Jesus Christ when He returns, animal nature shall return to its original peaceful state. Currently, animals can be entered into by demons, as Mark 5:12-13 shows us when Jesus allowed the demons he cast out to enter pigs nearby. Stay in prayer.

If You Murder for the Military, Jesus Will Judge You

Somehow, the American Church has tricked itself into thinking that serving in the military gives you an excuse to kill someone and still get into the New Jerusalem. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world, and if it were, His army would defend Him. So what do you think that means? That means killing someone, especially innocent women and children, is not justified because we are to love our enemies, not kill them. Some of you might say some of the New Testament Christians served as Roman Soldiers. Keep in mind that Roman soldiers also served as peace time police officers, so we don’t know which ones killed on offense or as a matter of true defense. Jesus allowed the apostles to keep a couple of swords for self-defense, and true self-defense is allowed. Notice “true” qualifier. The U.S. Department of Defense used to be called the War Department, which was more accurate, but decided to trick the public into thinking it is only geared towards “self-defense” of “national interests.” No other kingdoms ever did this doublespeak propaganda in history the way the U.S. and her allies have done. No matter what tricky, clever titles it uses, killing innocent men, women and children thousands of miles from your own borders in the name of “national interests” will not cut it with the Judge of Judges, Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian in the military, get on your knees as soon as you can and pray to Jesus Christ for the Holy Spirit to come and teach you the truth. If you are not truly defending the borders of your country, then what exactly are you doing? Will your commanding officer be with you on Judgment Day when Jesus Christ asks you to justify the murders you did in violation of the 10 Commandments? This is not meant to criticize you individually, but to open your eyes so you don’t die with this deception seared in your conscience. Stay in prayer. Amen.

They Increasingly Arm the Police, Yet Increasingly Disarm Citizens

If you noticed lately, the lawless ones in the New World Order gang try to circumvent our laws regarding stationing the military in cities by converting police officers into soldiers with military equipment and millions of rounds of military grade ammunition. The military is now partnering with local police departments to look for “terrorists” and the “mentally ill.” So while they increasingly militarize and arm the police, they want to encourage us to disarm and trust them with our lives. They say we can’t be trusted with guns because too many mentally ill people are going on so-called shooting rampages. (Isn’t it curious that the number of mass shootings have skyrocketed under a government that desires a policy of disarming all of us?). The question becomes: what does the New World Order Gang (aka Mystery Babylon the Great) define as “mentally ill”? If you do your homework, you will find the definition now includes Christians and Muslims. To them, “extremism” is any adherence to faith that does not let them run over our rights and enslave us. You can fight this trend by launching a fourth branch of government at the grassroots level. No need for a formal constitutional amendment just yet. We can form a large group in every state and issue our opinions and polls to the media, mainstream and independent. Once there is groundswell, we will have enough power to then launch a constitutional amendment battle.

Earth is NOT Millions of Years Old, the Sun is NOT Millions of Miles Away

If you haven’t heard yet, Jesus said Satan lies continuously and has done so since iniquity was found in him from antiquity. This means ever sentence he utters has the ultimate goal of either lying or tricking you into sin. He tricked Eve, who should have asked Satan “what does death mean?” Instead, once he said “you shall not surely die,” she took it to mean instant death if she ate of the tree. She failed to realize God referred to spiritual death that would then introduce fixing the number of years man will live on the earth. She focused on being able to do what she wants if she became like God prematurely. It was always God’s plan for us to become like Him, which is why we’re made in His image. But we had to first go through training and tests, and Adam and Eve failed the first test miserably. So fast forward to today. We still fall for the “do what thou wilt” trick. Despite the common sense evidence, we allow anti-Christ scientists command us that the sun is 93 million miles away. Have you ever flown in a plane at the 30,000 foot level? Surprisingly, most humans have not, which is why they don’t know the sun is right there, not much higher than the clouds. And even for those who have flown, they still delude themselves into thinking its millions of miles away. Think of this: when you heat an oven and open the range door, the further you move from the heat, the cooler it gets. So if the sun is 93 million miles away, how on earth can you feel its heat in the summer? They say the sun gets a couple of million miles closer, but that still leaves 91 million miles. Heat doesn’t travel that far at that intense level. And carbon dating is not perfect nor testable to confirm if it can indeed measure something that is 300 million years old, as they claim the earth is. Most of us never did carbon dating, so we are relying on blind faith in men who hate Jesus Christ. Do you want to stake your eternity on those who are on Team Satan?

Open Letter to the New World Order Gang

To date, your plan has worked almost according to plan, except for a few hiccups here and there along the way. But have you ever thought maybe, just maybe, you were being set up by your father, Satan? Sure he wants you to kill off most of humanity as the ultimate human sacrifice to him and, at least according to you, to reward you with more resources and land once most humans are dead. But what is Satan wants you to do this so that he can more easily destroy you, taking you with him to the lake of fire? How do you know you’re not being set up? He almost got you framed with spectacular lies that would later be easily proved, such as the sun being tens of millions of miles away (it is not), and man being evolved over millions of years from lesser animal forms (easily proven not true) and that that earth is a few hundreds of millions of years old (boy, you guys sure do like your big lies to include “millions” don’t you?). Satan, your father, is laying a trap for you, and you’re not going to be clever enough to escape on your own. But there is a way to escape. Just adopt the love of Jesus Christ. He has a placed prepared for each of His servants, and it includes a much larger space than earth for each of us to do like our Heavenly Father and do acts of creation like Him, since we are made is His image. Until then, we are gods in training who must follow the example of Jesus Christ to reach that potential, instead of selling ourselves short on temporary wealth gotten through murder and lying wonders. Why not just wait for your own earth equivalent to reap even better, permanent riches? It’s never too late to escape Satan’s trap. Amen.