New World Order Gang Has Turned the U.S. into a Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction

With a national debt that keeps getting higher and higher, and some honest estimates have it currently as high as nearly $20 trillion, the United States is not only a military massacre machine for Satan’s kingdom, it is also a financial weapon of mass destruction. The current debt is so massive that if any lender nation were to try to call it all in for immediate repayment, the whole world would plunge into major, apocalyptic chaos! It would be far worse than what we see happening in Greece, Venezuela and other nations that New World Order Gang is strangling with compounding debt. The nations of the world should outlaw compounding interest and replace it with a better, simpler interest system to reduce the power of these financial monsters. The pain of such a switch would be temporary and much better than what we face now. Stay in prayer. Amen.

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