U.S. Terror Attack Against Syria Accelerates March Towards WWIII

Tick, tock, fellow U.S. citizens. The New World Order Gang is having their way with Trump just like they did with Obama. While you were distracted by frivolous, divide and conquer news, the Gang was hatching a diabolical plot to do yet another gas attack hoax in Syria to keep up their plan to topple Syria after they already toppled Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and other Muslim nations in the Middle East. And the U.S. generals and top intelligence officials, not Trump who vowed not to attack Syria, are showing they are completely in charge. And why are our top military and intelligence officials so eager to topple Syria, followed by Iran and then Russia? Because they are doing the bidding of Zionist Israel, who wants to recreate Solomon’s kingdom in order to turn it over to Satan, who will then put his son, the Anti Christ, in the Holy of Holies in the next Temple in Jerusalem. All of this goes back to the Bible, but too many are blinded by the cares of this world and the distractions of the lies in the mainstream media, which is Mystery Babylon the Great. Stay in prayer. Amen.


The Same US Gov’t That Lied About WMDs in Iraq Now Want You To Believe Russia Hacks All US Election Systems

The same US government that lied and said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that lied when it said without proof that Russia downed that Malaysian Airliner, now is wanting you to believe that Russia somehow hacked into all kinds of US election computer systems. This is despite the fact that this summer, the Dept of Homeland Security said it is stepping in to safeguard all US election systems! So then if our best security apparatus was protecting the US election systems, is the US government then admitting that Russia is far superior at hacking highly secure election systems and other computer servers? And why would Russia wait until this specific election to hack our systems and determine the outcome for Trump? Why not the 2012 elections when Russia knew that the Obama administration was fully behind the so-called 2011 Arab Uprising, as well as the 2011 assassination of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi? Why wouldn’t these “advanced, superior” Russian hackers not have manipulated the two Bush elections, especially the 2004 elections after Russia knew who was behind the 911 attacks and knew of course knew that Bush was behind the downfall of Saddam Hussein? People, this does not take much intelligence to smell something very suspicious behind these crazy hack accusations against Russia.

Besides the obvious, if you notice, our intelligence officials never ever offer any proof, except they just want us to blindly accept their word as gospel truth. Don’t know about you, but we put our trust in the only source of real truth, Jesus Christ. Amen. U.S. Intelligence is not on the same level as Jesus Christ, and in fact, they are on team Satan. These top intelligence officials have no computer skills whatsoever. They are bluffing the American people into thinking they are computer experts, but they are not. Only experienced computer programmers who specialize in security are skilled. It was already shown that the NSA supposedly has all of the world’s best hackers (go back and read Edward Snowden’s revelations). So if you notice, only the CIA and FBI are the biggest complainers about Russia. For those who don’t know, only other skilled computer programmers can confirm when there is a hack attack, and every skilled programmer knows that any computer on the planet can have its IP address “spoofed.” Spoofing is a way for a hacker in, say, Washington DC to pretend to be a computer in, say, Russia, and then carry out attacks as if it is that computer. So in this case, where is the proof that these so called Russian computers were not spoofed by American hackers? If you recall, only a couple of weeks ago, America admitted it planted software in Russian infrastructure to “defend” itself against Russian hack attacks. Does that make since? So you attack another country’s infrastructure to defend from being attacked! That’s Orwellian logic.

In short, Russia did not hack any American computer systems. All computer professionals with experience know that the best hackers on the planet are in the U.S. and Israel. That’s just a known fact. Stay in prayer. Amen.

The Same New World Order Martial Law Drills Used Today was Used Against Black Wall Street in 1921!

It is unfortunate that the U.S. history taught in schools is based on divide and conquer principles, because had white students been encouraged to study the black history aspects of America, they would have been alarmed at how similar the police state and martial law policy against black communities 100 years ago is from the same play book as today’s “order out of chaos” martial law strategy! Just look at the Race Riots of 1919-21, particularly in Tulsa.


The event that triggered the riot may was totally made up by the New World Order Gang who were looking for an excuse to do a real live martial law drill in the world famous, oil-rich Tulsa, pitting whites against blacks (today, it will be Occultists/Satanists vs Christians). What started the Tulsa Race Riot in the first place was shrouded in mystery, and we think this triggering event was a false flag operation. Because the classic racial divide and conquer strategy was used, the average person at the time did not stop to think why would a young black man, Dick “Diamond Dick” Rowland—those who know about the occult and numerology should immediately suspect something with the name, in addition to it being an odd name for black men at the time—somehow make his way into an elevator operated by a young white girl named Sarah Page on Memorial Day May 30, 1921, when the building was closed? For some quick background, the Drexel Building (319 S. Main Street in Tulsa, where the digits in the address add up to the perfect occult 13 number) was the only building in Tulsa city limits where blacks could go to an upper floor to use the bathroom. According to news reports, there was a clerk working on the first floor of the building when Diamond Dick walked in to go up the elevator to use the bathroom.

For people who were very sensitive about black boys dating white girls, it would seem odd to have a white girl operate an elevator to the floor where the chances were very great that a black boy or man would have to use the elevator to go up to the bathroom. So that in itself is a suspicious setup. So as the news propaganda at the time said, Diamond Dick tripped on something in the elevator at some point during the flight up, and as he was falling, he supposedly grabbed the arm of Sarah the operator, and she allegedly screamed. In all, the story never, ever makes any sense, which is the same pattern for today’s false flag news stories: the actual pivotal moment is never clear or consistent. The kill shot of the rash of supposed white cop-black victim shootings is never clear. You’re left to assume the way the news media wants you to assume. The purpose then, as now, is to purposely create chaos. Anyway, Dick trips into Sarah, Sarah screams, and the clerk on the first floor supposedly hears the scream and contacts police, purportedly assuming she had been raped.


May 31, 1921 (another numerology-oriented occult date pattern) was the day all hell broke loose in Tulsa with 300 mostly black people massacred. Cops arrest Dick, take him to jail, and somehow, the news media miraculously gets the arrest info and quickly puts out the propaganda that whites should come and lynch Dick. And on que, somehow a mob of 500-1000 angry whites surrounds the jail, ready to kill! Knowing that other chaotic race riots already swept the country, one would think a smart Tulsa police department would keep the arrest info under wraps to minimize a mob mentality. Nope! Once word went out to the Black Tulsa community, black war veterans and other men from the community decided they did not want another lynching so they went to the jail to protect this mysterious Diamond Dick guy. You can read the details of Dick’s mysterious existence at the link provided.


The KKK, which is a puppet group of the New World Order Gang who also founded the NAACP, ironically, allied with some police to deputize white men to give them a license to invade, rob and burn down black homes and kill any “nigger,” and the law would on their side. The officials had given invading whites the green light to take valuables out of black homes, and some whites were seen with shopping bags going from house to house in Black Tulsa. Sound familiar? These were the exact same patterns used by the U.S. military and its allies in World Wars I and II and now in the Middle East.


As part of the engineered martial law operation, Tulsa National Guard rounded up some blacks and placed them in prisons, parks, the convention center and baseball stadiums (sound familiar?). Wake up, American Church! If they have been practicing this martial law drill since the Jim Crow Law days, and even during the slave plantation and Indian reservation days, do you think you have much of a chance now if you don’t wake up? There are plans now to use large sports arenas, Super Walmarts, and similar high occupancy buildings and structures to round up “enemies of the state.” Translation: concentration camps. What’s interesting is that some white Tulsa families hid their black domestic help from the mobs, and any white families found doing this were usually punished by lashings. But the fact some hid them proves that this was not a grassroots operation but was orchestrated by a larger external force.

By using our black brothers and sisters as guinea pigs, they knew that the majority white population would be distracted by the race propaganda and never suspect the larger agenda, which goes to the very reason they founded America!


As an aside: Do you not think it strange that of all the numbers of states they could have founded America with, they chose 13? Why not 1, 10 or even 12? Why the colors red and blue? Why stars? They displaced Indians in the Trail of Tears for a reason, and since whites largely ignored this because it was just “savages,” whites did not see the bigger picture of the New World Order Gang using America as a demonic laboratory for how they would conquer the entire world! The same pattern of violence they used against Blacks and Indians and Mexicans here is the very same pattern they would later export to Europe during WWI and WWII. The Armenians and Germans felt the worst of this practice.


Some Tulsa Riot witnesses also reported that the U.S. Army 101st Airborne had a hand in the operation, using some private planes with the police to drop kerosene and other fire accelerants or bombs on Greenwood to ensure the once independent community was destroyed! A few witnesses even said they saw men with rifles getting in these planes, shooting at blacks who were trying to escape. (There were reports that either the National Guard or Police had snipers and machine gunners mowing down blacks). Even some white witnesses said they saw innocent blacks who were trying to escape Tulsa get shot by whites who thought they were invading their properties! If you think about it, it was easy to target blacks as the “enemy” because of their skin color, and the blacks were used as easy guinea pigs for representing any domestic enemy target, which is why non blacks, especially whites, should have been paying attention to this strategy instead of giving in to race-fueled emotions.

All told, hundreds of blacks were killed and many thousands left homeless. Having funerals was outlawed so as to keep the blacks from gathering together to discuss the tragedy. Many blacks were buried in crates (similar to the FEMA crates today) en masses. One elderly white man remembers how he and some friends were curious about one of these crates they saw, and when they lifted the lid, they saw three black men’s bodies thrown in it. It scared them, and some white man who saw them looking made them close it and get away from that mass grave area. Wake up, Church! This is the exact same pattern they plan for you in the FEMA camps and mass graves all over the demonic country.

At 11:29 (hint: “11” and 2+9= another “11”) on June 1, 1921 (again, the 11 pattern), Martial Law was declared at the National Guard Headquarters in Tulsa by the Governor because Oklahoma leaders felt the Tulsa Riot “got out of hand.” (mystery: why not announce martial law at 1130am or 1135am?) The very ones who masterminded the chaos now stepped in with the “solution.” Interestingly, they disarmed the whites!! Sound familiar? And at the same time, Black men were rounded up “for their own safety” said the police, but the real reason was to weaken the black community, making it easier for whites to burn down their houses while they were in “safe places.” When the burning was complete, blacks had to wear “green tags” in order to work (aka similar to mark of the beast buy and sell policy). These green tags had to be signed and approved by their white bosses, otherwise, they could not work. If any black person were caught not wearing this “Police Protection” green tag, they were arrested and jailed until a white person could vouch for them. Police state, anyone? If this green tag system were really for their protection, then why threaten them with arrest if they did not have one? So the once independent black Tulsa business community got reduced to near slavery conditions. All small towns in America should have been alarmed by this, but they were too distracted and satisfied because the law got those “niggers.” So they looked the other way. In just about 24 hours, the years of building up their prosperous community was brought to ruins, and they couldn’t even file an insurance claim or get any help accept from the Red Cross (sound familiar? This is how they’ll target Christians and other “enemies of the states”).


But now, because of that deliberate ignorance, history repeats itself. The same New World Order Gang behind the Martial Law operation against Black Tulsa in 1921 are the very same ones coming after small towns across America. And as usual with the children of Satan in the New World Order Gang, in exchange for carrying out Satan’s will in Tulsa, they got more land they could (a) use to build more housing for the expanding oil economy, and (b) perhaps to drill for oil as Tulsa was very rich in oil at the time. By driving most blacks out for a while, they had a better shot at oil speculation in parts of north Tulsa. This is the same pattern they’ve done in Iraq, Libya, and other conquered Middle East oil fields. We think the ultimate larger strategy for the Black Wall Street government operation was to destroy the chance of black independence there and elsewhere around the country in order to maintain an easily identifiable underclass as guinea pigs for more martial law/police state drills as we would see in the decades that followed. The rash of race riots around the country between 1919-1921 were no coincidence. They were deliberately planned by the New World Order Gang: government, military, and news media operatives working together with an ISIS/Al Qaeda like terrorist group (the KKK with their extreme interpretation of Protestant values) to stir up a divide and conquer race war to create chaos, and then step in with a solution. The very same tactic is being used today by the very same co-conspirators!


Perhaps the most baffling part of all of this is the mysterious ending to this Tulsa tragedy. Although the tragedy that happened to the innocent Black citizens of Greenwood in north Tulsa were very real and tragic, the outcome for Diamond Dick and Sarah Stage makes no sense whatsoever and leads us to believe they may be what we now call crisis actors today, or at the very least, unwitting pawns. Why do we say this? Because although the cops, KKK, National Guard and U.S. Army had a hand in destroying the black independence of Greenwood/North Tulsa, killing or imprisoning the majority of black men, miraculously Diamond Dick was never charged or lynched. The bad cops had every access to Dick’s jail cell, but somehow, no one touched him at all! He was exonerated in September 1921 (again, note the significance of September with the New World Order gang) and disappeared from Tulsa and the pages of history! This followed Sarah Page suddenly sending a letter to the prosecutor right before he was released, asking that the prosecution not go forward. Now for those who don’t pay close attention, this may seem logical. But if you know anything about the dark side of racial violence in this country, the ending was unbelievable. To murder hundreds of innocent people, make thousands homeless and decimate an entire, prosperous black community based on lies and innuendo, and yet leave the accused black guy unscathed, is indicative of a larger strategy at play, which we have outlined here. Note: the lawyer who represented Dick Rowland, Washington E. Hudson, would go on to help found a Klan temple called Beno Hall the following year (the words “Beno Hall” add up to the key masonic value 33 in the occult/numerology for those who keep track of that). This further enhances the mystery of Diamond Dick (and “diamond” is also 33 in the same demonic system, as is his last name “Rowland”).

To bring some modern perspective, the overwhelming response of the militarized police in Boston during the Boston Bombing false flag where a great show of force was used to shut down an entire major city, in search of a frail 19 year old boy who wasn’t even the mastermind behind the bombing, was also ridiculous; those who are awake know that the Boston Bombing was really just an excuse for a major martial law drill, and some Bostonians even applauded this nonsense because they did not realize the “order out of chaos” strategy being deployed. The exact same thing happened in the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, although with far darker consequences. We conclude that a true investigation of Tulsa 1921 should be done, not just for the sake of black history, but also so that we all can learn from, and protect ourselves from, the deadly demonic workings of the New World Order Gang.


Pray to Jesus Christ for a better understanding of the true Satanic history of America, and not just the whitewashed parts that cover up its nature. Jesus wants us to love the truth, not love a lie. Amen.

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The New World Order Gang is Working Hard to Paralyze America in September

The events over the past few days should be quite alarming and disturbing to all Americans, particularly the Church. The gas pipeline shutdown with a dubious cause days ago is leaving a growing number of motorists without gas and is leading to price gouging. Such news stories are meant to jack up gas prices for consumers and transportation costs for businesses, which can trigger or exacerbate a recession if it goes on long enough. The recession threat is very likely since this “shutdown” is impacting several states across the deep South, especially when you combine it with America’s wars in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria going on right now (for those who are surprised by so many war fronts, do your homework).

Another recessionary threat comes from the banking system. As we are seeing with Wells Fargo, the bank was hit with a massive fine for deliberately allowing its employees to create a large number of fraudulent bank accounts using their customers’ own sensitive personal information. As the saying goes, the best way to rob a bank is to own one. Don’t believe for a minute that the highest level executives did not know that millions of fake accounts were created. These executives have fired 5,300 employees without firing themselves. This large number of firings will add to the growing joblessness the mainstream media is not warning you about (they are lying about the economy to catch you off guard). The news about Wells Fargo is meant to further erode confidence in the banking system, which can lead to a run on banks if banking scandals continue, which most likely will happen. And continuing on the banking front, the U.S. slapped Germany’s Deutsche Bank, the largest in Europe, with a $16 billion fine for it role in the 2008 Great Bank Robbery (ummm, Great Recession). But the bank gave America the middle finger and refuses to pay. The real reason for the fine is to further erode the bank’s falling value, which could lead it to crash, plunging Europe into a deep recession, possibly a depression. If this happens, this will spread to the U.S., on top of our other massive banking problems.

George Soros, the same billionaire who often backs the Democratic party including Hillary Clinton, has pledged to invest $500 million in Syrian immigrant businesses here in the U.S. This is the same guy who, instead of doing a similar investment for black businesses, instead funds Black Lives matter, a group who has hijacked legitimate black causes and steered them towards useless protests that are meant to divide and conquer the races, as well as conspire with police unions to create an atmosphere of mistrust with the police. The goal is to agitate police enough to make martial law effective and dangerous for citizens. Case in point: the Tulsa police shooting reported today (September 20, 2016). This shooting has all the signs of a hoax. The video is not clear and conclusive, especially given the pledge to have more body cams after the last white officer-unarmed black person shooting in Tulsa which was not too long ago. No body cams have been shown yet. But the purpose of this Tulsa shooting, as well as the Washington University racism protest by Black Lives Matter, is to further erode trust between the police and citizens.

Finally, the mainstream media is having us believe that ISIS is behind the mass stabbing at a Minnesota mall as well as the multiple bombings in New York/New Jersey. The bombings are a hoax, and the Minnesota case most likely is either a hoax or a lie mixed in with some truth.

Finally, where has Congress been since the President has been issuing one dangerous executive order after another? The only time they popped up is when they called Wells Fargo executives to testify before Congress. We should be very suspicious about the fact that Congress hasn’t tried to call White House cabinet members to testify about all the increased U.S. military activity in the Middle East, especially Syria where the U.S. deliberately killed 62 Syrian soldiers during a ceasefire it agreed to with Russia. This could be a main trigger for World War III! Where is Congress?

The fact that the New World Order Gang has been so active lately should raise alarms. Why are they so eager all of a sudden? Stay in prayer. Amen.


Hillary Clinton Flat Out Told You America Created Al Qaeda, and Hence ISIS

Wake up, American Church! Here’s another point the American Church must understand. As we’ve stated several times, all terrorism, and other deadly “isms” from the past 100+ years, came from America, the most wicked nation man has ever known! Look at what Hillary Clinton herself stated about our export of terrorism:

Former Pres. George Bush Jr. Flat Out Told You That All Presidents Push Propaganda

When will the American Church learn? You are not voting for any presidents and they are of the spirit of anti-Christ! The presidency was created by the New World Order Gang to lead the world towards the path of Hell. Here’s an audio quote of what Pres. Bush Jr. said about propaganda:

Here’s Why Revelation 17 Says the Beast Kings Will Devour the Great Whore of Babylon

16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Why aren’t the mainstream pastors talking about these crucial details? Is it because their seminary training is so watered down that they have become lukewarm and incapable of praying to Jesus Christ for wisdom in these matters? Why would the Bible say these 10 Beast Kings would “hate” the Whore and make her desolate in a carnivore-like fiery violent end? Why can’t they simply kill her without “eating her flesh” or “burning her with fire?” These extra verbs indicate a hatred so intense that they want to destroy her in the most violent and torturous manner possible! They are so angry at her because the Two Witnesses in Rev. 11 spent 3.5 years exposing every single horror and abomination she and her demonic human children have committed on the earth throughout history. (This Whore, the “Great City” (Rev. 11:8 and 17:18 above), deceived the world with her sorceries and lies–enough to have the Two Witnesses eventually killed). And because these witness have the power over nature to secure the veracity of their message, a growing number of people will wake up and become angry at her. For instance, the world will find out who really brutally raped and crucified those young Armenian Christian girls in the Armenian Genocide from over 100 years ago. The world will also find out who really crucified and raped those young German girls in Germany once the Allies entered Germany post WWII. The source of the horrors of the African slave trade, colonial massacres, poisons in food and medicine, etc., will be exposed. The world will find out who weaponized sin to the point where every sin of abomination has become normalized today. The truth about all the wars from the American and French Revolutions right down to the World Wars (including the current WWIII) will be exposed! Yes, the world will be outraged. At first, this anger won’t be enough for them to hate the Two Witnesses less than the Whore because they will suffer the torments from the Two Witnesses’ power to cause drought and famine. So when the 3.5 years is finished, the world will be glad these Two Witnesses, who told such brutal truths and caused brutal “Plagues of Egypt” suffering worldwide, won’t have control of nature to cause famine and droughts anymore once they are killed in Jerusalem. But the damage against the Whore will be done, and this will set in motion the furor that the Gentile Beast Kings will need to go against the Synagogue of Satan and her harlot children (such as all those secret mystery societies who deceive their members with their esoteric, demonic rituals of initiation), even crossing the Euphrates from the East to destroy the Old Jerusalem that was resurrected as a blasphemous Great City, Egypt and Sodom! This is why Rev. 14:20 says there will be so much blood that it will rise up to the height of a horse’s bridle. What a bloodbath! The New World Order Gang has been forewarned as this prophecy in Revelation applies to their destruction once they have been exposed! They should repent immediately. Pray for discernment. Stay in prayer. Amen.