U.S. Church – Your Gov’t Aims to Kill or Arrest You!

The spiritual battle is now! These wicked ones have not only blasphemed God on a number of fronts including legalizing homosexual marriage, but have brought back the ancient and detestable worship of Baal aka Bel aka Moloch! Not even Sodom and Gomorrah came even close to this level of abomination that can cause desolation. This world loves error and hates us. But we already know that many who read this will dismiss this because your conscience has been seared and sealed as the Apostle Paul warned. The New Testament is clear: either you will be a Truth Lover or a Lie Slave. Choose one! Jesus said He will not tolerate those on the fence who do not choose. Be a Truth Lover! As such, Jesus made it clear several times that His kingdom is not of this world, and that would include the United States, which, as the learned and wise that Daniel spoke of should know by now, the United States, together with its successor the United Nations, is the last version of the Beast spoken of in Daniel 2 and Revelation. If the United States, which is currently favoring Baal and Satan worship over Christianity, is not of Jesus Christ, than who is it of?

Just like the satanic Gov’t is regularly doing “drills” in preparation for destroying the Church and all state enemies, so the Church needs to do Emergency Preparedness Drills:

1. Build up your tolerance for pain and get physically fit right now! Also practice how to evacuate older loved ones who can’t take care of themselves. Satan does not play fair and he will destroy them, too!
2. Get used to overcoming fear of dark spirits. Hollywood created horror movies to make you fear being scared, but Jesus said plainly that cowards won’t enter the New Jerusalem! All demons fear the name of Jesus Christ, so get used to battling demons in this name right now! Don’t wait. If you need help, reply to the comments below.
3. Stockpile meals ready to eat (MREs) and dry food items. Don’t wait. Satan’s children in Washington have been preparing a long time to destroy you, so prepare right now.
4. Learn how to find safe water sources and pray for rain.
5. Pray regularly. If you pray regularly, you get used to how faith works. If you don’t pray, how can you get used to faith?
6. Rely on love and not hate. We need all the help we can get. We need each other regardless if man or woman, young or old, black or white, rich or poor! No time for the false distractions of divide and conquer that Satan’s children (aka Mystery Babylone the Great) have been using against us.

And to all pastors of churches who keep distracting the saints with dumb sermons on prosperity and feeling good about one’s self and being a better employee: stop the nonsense! If your house was burning down, and your family was inside, would you be worried about how much money you have in savings? Of course not! Then stop preaching as if the Church is not spiritually burning down under attack! Satan’s united human kingdom is waiting and encircling the American Church right now and are ready to devour and destroy by every means necessary! Stop worrying about self esteem and prosperity and prepare for battle right now! The battle is at hand. If enough of us of the faith stand up to these demons and pray without fear, perhaps our Heavenly Father will spare us and postpone the end time scenarios for another 100 years. With God nothing like this is impossible. He did similar postponements in the Old Testament era for certain prophets and righteous kings so He can do it for us if we pray and have faith! Stay in prayer and stay awake (read the Parable of the Ten Virgins again). Amen! We love you, Church!

Obama Has Betrayed African Americans

It is a crying shame that, despite over 95% of Black Americans voting for Obama as President twice, larger than any other group, not only has he not done anything for them specifically (compared to his overwhelming support of the Gay Agenda), he has allowed the U.S. Military under his command to prepare drills to deal with “hostile” black protesters in urban settings! Just like in 1970 when there was a secret plan to arrest and ship blacks off to concentration camps because the U.S. Gov’t feared the success of black civil rights groups like Black Panthers and Nation of Islam, now the George Soros (Jewish billionaire) backed Black Lives Matter movement is being used as a ruse to forge an alliance between the military and local police to go after blacks first, and then the rest of Americans later. Once again, African Americans are used as frontline guinea pigs for the New World Order Gang to then implement a phased martial law implementation across the country. This is a time of great peril for all races! All races should unite against the New World Order Gang and not let skin color divide us. Whites should not ignore the fact that the military is training police to go after blacks in urban settings. This is an early warning sign! Protest on behalf of your black neighbors now! Don’t wait till there’s no group left to help you. Help each other against this great evil scourge right now. Get rid of Democrats and Republicans! Forge other parties and don’t be scared into “wasting” your votes as your mind control handlers want you to think. Think outside the box and love each other as Jesus Christ commanded us. Stay in prayer. Amen.

The New World Order Gang Knows Your Votes Don’t Count

Not to sound offensive or obnoxious, but how did Americans get to the point of being so blind that they think their votes count in any election? Anyone with average intelligence can see that, after every election cycle, the candidates they vote for say one thing during the campaign, then once elected, bow to lobbyists and special interests. Both parties do this every time. The New World Order Gang is not blind to this. They planned it this way since Americans went to elementary school. You have been programmed to think democracy means your vote counts. Nonsense. When you vote for President, you don’t actually vote for that person, but for a state by state electorate scam. In some states, electors are “bound” to vote for the will of the people if the New World Order Gang is ok with that. In other states, some electors are unbound, meaning they are free to vote as they please. That fact alone should have caused Americans to demand a new, direct system, but so far, that has not been the case. The fact that this intermediary scam exists should let you know your government is up to no good! And now, the era of the end, aka New World Order, is upon us. Re-read the Parable of the 10 Virgins. We are there at the door. The U.S. Gov’t is prepared to war against its own citizens at the same time it tries to start wars overseas with China, Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Libya, etc. Wake up, American Church! Satan is at the door with his demonic and human hordes to devour and destroy you! Stay in prayer. Amen…

Wake Up Church! Japan Earthquake Leads to Homeless Citizens Put in Prison

Satan does not play fair. Not even close. But why are so many Christians so distracted and asleep to significant events over the past few days? There has been a noticeable cluster of major earthquakes in the Pacific Ring of Fire. The demonic leaders of this world have been preparing to build 1,000 temples of Baal/Bel in New York, London and elsewhere. The U.S. is fighting far more wars than ever before and even trying to pick fights with Russia and China in their backyards. Major stores like Walmart are working with the New World Order Gang to convert hundreds of stores into concentration camps (aka FEMA camps). The economy is hurtling towards another major collapse despite the mainstream media trying to convince us otherwise. Banks are on the brink of seizing our deposits in a new process called “bail in.” But back to the earthquakes: “Japan has opened the doors of Kumamoto Prison to hundreds of people made homeless by two deadly earthquakes in the southwestern island of Kyushu.” People, this is what they want! They want to manufacture natural disasters and then, like mice and cheese in a lab experiment, they want us to seek shelter in prisons where they will keep us indefinitely (martial law). That’s the ultimate plan. But first they have to test it out, hence these earthquakes. Stay prayed up. The times are getting shorter and darker.

The New World Order Gang is the Biggest Criminal Conspiracy in History

There are police detectives who deal with criminal conspiracies regularly. Some deal with street gangs like the Bloods and Crips while others deal with white collar criminals who rip off banks and major corporations. Some children conspire to steal candy from a store while some adults conspire to commit adultery to keep it a secret from their spouses. Yet, for too many of us, we think these are the only kinds of conspiracies that exist. Nonsense. Even the Mafia is a bigger conspiracy than these examples, but the New World Order Gang is much bigger than the Mafia because they are over them! In Revelation, it speaks of Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots. Folks, this is speaking of a vast, left and right wing criminal conspiracy of the highest order. It rides the Beast, and because she sits on high, the people (waters) under the beast can’t clearly see the Harlot riding the Beast. All they can see is the underside of the Beast. She is protected out of their sight by the Beast. She is the New World Order Gang! She has many daughters, including the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, corrupt major corporations, the mainstream media, etc. All of these lawless criminal organizations ride every country they’re in, using every evil device of their father Satan to hold sway over government leaders. This is why the two party scam does not work: it is meant to keep the masses distracted from the real Beast partnership with the Harlot. We can’t be distracted much longer. We warn you to love and embrace truth, which means you must get help from the Holy Spirit to free your mind from the Harlot. Stay in prayer. Amen.