Wake Up Church! Japan Earthquake Leads to Homeless Citizens Put in Prison

Satan does not play fair. Not even close. But why are so many Christians so distracted and asleep to significant events over the past few days? There has been a noticeable cluster of major earthquakes in the Pacific Ring of Fire. The demonic leaders of this world have been preparing to build 1,000 temples of Baal/Bel in New York, London and elsewhere. The U.S. is fighting far more wars than ever before and even trying to pick fights with Russia and China in their backyards. Major stores like Walmart are working with the New World Order Gang to convert hundreds of stores into concentration camps (aka FEMA camps). The economy is hurtling towards another major collapse despite the mainstream media trying to convince us otherwise. Banks are on the brink of seizing our deposits in a new process called “bail in.” But back to the earthquakes: “Japan has opened the doors of Kumamoto Prison to hundreds of people made homeless by two deadly earthquakes in the southwestern island of Kyushu.” People, this is what they want! They want to manufacture natural disasters and then, like mice and cheese in a lab experiment, they want us to seek shelter in prisons where they will keep us indefinitely (martial law). That’s the ultimate plan. But first they have to test it out, hence these earthquakes. Stay prayed up. The times are getting shorter and darker.


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