Clearing Up the Christmas Origin Controversy

Every Christmas, there are many who discredit Christmas because of what anti-Christ historians have said about December 25, and their attempt to associate their pagan traditions with the observance of the birth of Jesus Christ. This article will not rehash the entire argument and history of the winter solstice or saturnalia or Nimrod or any of that nonsense. Instead, we simply offer this: Our Heavenly Father created the seasons, the years, the months and days. So for instance, God created the 7 day week. In the Bible, each day was known as the first day of the week, the second day, etc. But who came along and renamed them after pagan gods? Satan and his human children did! But does that mean Satan owns every day of the week? Of course not. Satan cannot create, he can only destroy. This also means Satan did not create October 31, although the name “October” he had something to do with. That day was created by God Almighty, so Halloween followers have no rights to it. They can do whatever they want on that day, but it doesn’t make it theirs.

Similarly, there is no hard core proof that Nimrod was born on December 25, just the hypotheses of historians and archaeologists. Does that mean Nimrod owns December 25? No. So if Christians choose December 25 to observe the miraculous birth and life of Jesus Christ, then Christians, as children of God, have every right to do so. Now we do caution our Christmas friends that Satan has packed a lot of demonic objects and rites around Christmas to distract us from Jesus Christ, such as decorated trees (Jeremiah 10), red and green (not that Satan owns those colors, but the combination at Christmas time has its origins), wreaths, Santa Claus aka Saint Nick (the name has some ties to Satan), reindeer, and many other things that have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Let’s not mix pagan rituals in with the observance of Jesus Christ’s birth celebration. Was Jesus born December 25? Nothing in the Bible says so. He could have been more likely born prior to that. Is it bad to observe His birth? Not at all. Every opportunity we get to worship the life of our Savior is a great opportunity to share His love with the world, which is why Satan and his human children have been active in trying to eliminate “Merry Christmas” from the public’s mind. They know there is power in the Christmas holiday, so they try to spoil it and make it powerless by any means necessary. Let’s stop these demons and observe Jesus Christ this time of year! Merry Christmas!! We love you all, in Jesus Christ’s name…Amen! šŸ™‚


#FakeNews Reminder for the Media: NBC News Admitted Faking GM Truck Fire

Lately, the mainstream news media, which is a daughter of the Harlot Mystery Babylon the Great, has been attacking the truth community for being purveyors of “fake news.” That’s their favorite psy op (psychological operation) expression for subliminally getting the public to view alternative news sites as crazy. But of course, for those of us who know the real source of truth, Jesus Christ, He warned us about the hypocrisy which fuels the yeast of the Pharisees. Here is one of many examples of how the mainstream media regularly uses fake news for ratings and propaganda:

NBC Admits It Rigged Crash, Settles GM Suit


The Same US Gov’t That Lied About WMDs in Iraq Now Want You To Believe Russia Hacks All US Election Systems

The same US government that lied and said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that lied when it said without proof that Russia downed that Malaysian Airliner, now is wanting you to believe that Russia somehow hacked into all kinds of US election computer systems. This is despite the fact that this summer, the Dept of Homeland Security said it is stepping in to safeguard all US election systems! So then if our best security apparatus was protecting the US election systems, is theĀ US government then admitting that Russia is far superior at hacking highly secure election systems and other computer servers? And why would Russia wait until this specific election to hack our systems and determine the outcome for Trump? Why not the 2012 elections when Russia knew that the Obama administration was fully behind the so-called 2011 Arab Uprising, as well as the 2011 assassination of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi? Why wouldn’t these “advanced, superior”Ā Russian hackers not have manipulated the two Bush elections, especially the 2004 elections after Russia knew who was behind the 911 attacks and knew of course knew that Bush was behind the downfall of Saddam Hussein? People, this does not take much intelligence to smell something very suspicious behind these crazy hack accusations against Russia.

Besides the obvious, if you notice, our intelligence officials never ever offer any proof, except they just want us to blindly accept their word as gospel truth. Don’t know about you, but we put our trust in the only source of real truth, Jesus Christ. Amen. U.S. Intelligence is not on the same level as Jesus Christ, and in fact, they are on team Satan. These top intelligence officials have no computer skills whatsoever. They are bluffing the American people into thinking they are computer experts, but they are not. Only experienced computer programmers who specialize in security are skilled. It was already shown that the NSA supposedly has all of the world’s best hackers (go back and read Edward Snowden’s revelations). So if you notice, only the CIA and FBI are the biggest complainers about Russia. For those who don’t know, only other skilled computer programmers can confirm when there is a hack attack, and every skilled programmer knows that any computer on the planet can have its IP address “spoofed.” Spoofing is a way for a hacker in, say, Washington DC to pretend to be a computer in, say, Russia, and then carry out attacks as if it is that computer. So in this case, where is the proof that these so called Russian computers were not spoofed by American hackers? If you recall, only a couple of weeks ago, America admitted it planted software in Russian infrastructure to “defend” itself against Russian hack attacks. Does that make since? So you attack another country’s infrastructure to defend from being attacked! That’s Orwellian logic.

In short, Russia did not hack any American computer systems. All computer professionals with experience know that the best hackers on the planet are in the U.S. and Israel. That’s just a known fact. Stay in prayer. Amen.

The US Gov’t is at War with Its Own Citizens and all Nations Except Israel

We figured we’d “sneak” this article in as most Americans are basically asleep to what its own government has planned for them. What a lot of US citizens and foreigners don’t realize is that the children of Satan in Washington D.C. are not only at war against the world, but also are at war against its own citizens. If you look at the constant stream of executive orders and congressional actions against citizen privacy, on top of illegally giving law enforcement and the military more power while drastically decreasing the ability of Americans to defend themselves againstĀ  a corrupt and demonic government, there is only one conclusion: Washington does not like Americans (to paraphrase Kanye West’s anti Bush statement years ago).
Not only that, if you look at American foreign policy since World War I (over the past 100 years), it has been aimed at spying on and destroying every nation on earth…except for its darling little horn, Israel. It’s pretty much known everywhere but among many Americans that Israel is the apple of the eye of the USA, and that the USA does the bidding of Satan, not the God of Jesus Christ. So the world would have to unite with the average, truly enlightened American citizen to get these demonic traitors out of Washington, who have visited much sorrow on the earth for over a century. There is a way, and the truth community is doing a good job shining the light for those who still don’t see the demons in Washington, aka the Curse of Washington.

A final note: The people of China should be on alert in case the New World Order Gang dumps the carcass of the U.S. and shift (or “pivot”) to China as its new vampire victim. The U.S. has been sucked of pretty much all of its blood, and this great “vampire” needs a fresh supply of blood to suck dry. The top nation with enough net wealth to satisfy this Whore of Babylon is China.Beware. Stay in prayer. Amen.

The Real Reason the New World Order Gang Wants the Pizza Pedophile Scandal Out There

First off, keep in mind that every minute we spend talking about and researching the past deeds of the New World Order Gang is one less minute spent investigating what they have planned for the future. So the more distraction stories like “Pizza Gate” they put out there, the more successful they are in keeping us off their CURRENT track.
Besides that, we in the truth community have to also realize is that the Satanic elites who run this world for their father the Devil need to periodically test how successful they are in their deception. Remember, they are human, and Satan can’t completely control them, so they need to test and refine their methods of deception too. What better way to test any nation than to purposely release very explosive, unbelievable but true news stories? As the Bible says, the love of many will grow cold in the last days, and here we are. Most people either don’t care or, if they do, don’t take time to either investigate beyond the mainstream media headlines, much less act out to stop pedophilia at the highest levels of government. As you have seen since the pedophile story first broke some weeks ago, nothing has happened to the culprits. The test results for the New World Order Gang can now be deemed a success since hardly anyone cares enough to help these children. The mainstream media called it a “fake news story” and the public basically yawned at the story. It is this apathy that should be alarming. This is further proof that the love of the world has grown cold, which means that Satan’s final stand is near at hand. Stay in prayer. Amen.

While the U.S. Intelligence Accused Russia of Hacking Election Systems, They Got Permission to Hack All Computers Worldwide

Have you been wondering lately what has the U.S. Congress been doing while the White House and all American intelligence agencies have run roughshod over our privacy and other constitutional rights? Well, nothing! Their silence has meant that America is becoming a one branch government with the White House becoming a dictatorship. Case in point: The U.S. Senate pretended to throw up a fight against the FBI getting broad, sweeping powers to hack any computer and smartphone not only across the country, but around the world! For those who don’t know, it is no coincidence that Britain just passed a similar, sweeping anti-privacy intelligence package as well. This is yet another in a long line of hypocrisies from the U.S. government that even the casual citizen needs to take note of an wake up!. Stay in prayer. Amen.