Causes of Climate Change: ChemTrails vs Human Breathing

As always, we are warning Christians to stop blindly trusting the governments and news media of this world. The U.S. government has been involved in spraying poisons and other chemicals in the air since the 1920s. A more infamous case happened in St. Louis in the 1950s. And have you forgotten how napalm and agent Orange were sprayed or dropped as bombs in Vietnam during the Vietnam War? The same government that suspiciously bans lawsuits against vaccine poison companies when their immunization shots severely disable or kill people is the same government that wants you to believe that any harm to the climate (if true at all) is caused in part by humans exhaling CO2, along with cow dung, and coal mining activities/coal burning. But if you look up in the sky and see numerous planes zig sagging the sky with long trails of chemicals, that government and their minions in Satan’s news media wants you to ignore them as harmless, whose job is simply to block the harmful effects of the sun, as if God created a sun that would kill every human. And the sad part is, most people believe this nonsense! Stop that! That junk coming out of the planes in the sky is poisoning the environment: the sky, the waters, the land and vegetation, animal and sea life (where do you think all those dead fish you hear about come from) and YOU! Watch the two videos below for in depth coverage. The aluminum they spray can cause serious neurological harm to you, among many other problems. And those artificial clouds they create to block out the sun is not only causing the sunlight to dim, but also blocking the benefits the sun does provide to us. Time to wake up and make your voices heard! We are fighting against demons, not flesh. Put on the armor of God. Stay in prayer. Amen.

God Says There’s a Firmament Above Us, Satan Says No – Pick One

Shame on all Christians who think they are firm in their faith in the Almighty God and Father of our Savior Jesus Christ but have little if any faith at all! And you wonder why your prayers are not answered! Jesus Christ told you He was the Truth and that He was there when God created the heavens and the earth, and yet you still refuse to believe. So when Genesis says God commanded there be a firmament above the heavens to separate the waters above from the waters below, most of you have chosen to side with Satan. Remember when Eve told Satan that God told her and Adam they would die if they ate from the forbidden tree, and Satan told her she will not die but will become like a god? Many of you claim you would have easily resisted Satan in this lie, but the truth is, no you wouldn’t. The proof lies in the fact that a surprisingly large number of so-called Christians believe in the lie of outer space, which comes with it the rejection of a firmament! Essentially, Satan is telling you “there is no firmament above the earth holding any waters above…there are planets and galaxies far away that can unlock all your dreams.”

Stop believing this nonsense. There is no such thing as outer space, as planets, as far away galaxies, or even landing on a moon (if we haven’t been back to the moon supposedly in 40+ years, ask yourself why is that?). There is no such thing as gravity holding everything to earth; go back and study true physics. We’re all just mass and density and if we jump with enough force, our bodies rise until that force weakens and we fall back down to earth. That’s just common sense in natural law. The earth is not spinning at 1,000 miles an hour. It is perfectly immovable, fixed. Use your common sense on that, too. If you are in  a car going very fast and then jump out the window, would you be hovering over the car, or will the forward motion force of the car propel the force of your jumping out of the car in a certain direction until you hit the ground? If you stand still without moving or jumping, then your have no motion. That’s all. Reject the lies of Satan immediately and stand your ground. Don’t fear being called crazy by this spiritually insane world, that is now even trying to justify raping underage children as acceptable sex! Stay in prayer. Amen.

Clearing Up the Christmas Origin Controversy

Every Christmas, there are many who discredit Christmas because of what anti-Christ historians have said about December 25, and their attempt to associate their pagan traditions with the observance of the birth of Jesus Christ. This article will not rehash the entire argument and history of the winter solstice or saturnalia or Nimrod or any of that nonsense. Instead, we simply offer this: Our Heavenly Father created the seasons, the years, the months and days. So for instance, God created the 7 day week. In the Bible, each day was known as the first day of the week, the second day, etc. But who came along and renamed them after pagan gods? Satan and his human children did! But does that mean Satan owns every day of the week? Of course not. Satan cannot create, he can only destroy. This also means Satan did not create October 31, although the name “October” he had something to do with. That day was created by God Almighty, so Halloween followers have no rights to it. They can do whatever they want on that day, but it doesn’t make it theirs.

Similarly, there is no hard core proof that Nimrod was born on December 25, just the hypotheses of historians and archaeologists. Does that mean Nimrod owns December 25? No. So if Christians choose December 25 to observe the miraculous birth and life of Jesus Christ, then Christians, as children of God, have every right to do so. Now we do caution our Christmas friends that Satan has packed a lot of demonic objects and rites around Christmas to distract us from Jesus Christ, such as decorated trees (Jeremiah 10), red and green (not that Satan owns those colors, but the combination at Christmas time has its origins), wreaths, Santa Claus aka Saint Nick (the name has some ties to Satan), reindeer, and many other things that have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Let’s not mix pagan rituals in with the observance of Jesus Christ’s birth celebration. Was Jesus born December 25? Nothing in the Bible says so. He could have been more likely born prior to that. Is it bad to observe His birth? Not at all. Every opportunity we get to worship the life of our Savior is a great opportunity to share His love with the world, which is why Satan and his human children have been active in trying to eliminate “Merry Christmas” from the public’s mind. They know there is power in the Christmas holiday, so they try to spoil it and make it powerless by any means necessary. Let’s stop these demons and observe Jesus Christ this time of year! Merry Christmas!! We love you all, in Jesus Christ’s name…Amen! 🙂

While You Were Distracted: PizzaGate Child Abusers, Turkey Admits Risking WW3, Britain Loses All Online Privacy…


People, do not let your brains be remote controlled by the New World Order Gang. They have conditioned us to be brain dead tax paying consumers who don’t have time to think beyond the propaganda of the mainstream media. We know that many of you have little time for detailed research, so here is a quick list of extremely ominous and prophetic events that will rock 2017 to its core:

  1. Turkey admits it lied when it said it invaded Syria to create a buffer zone against ISIS. Instead, Erdogan admits he wants to topple Assad and “hand” Syria over to its “rightful owners” the Syrian people. Yet he did not define who controls this hand off, what “rightful owners” means and for how long this transition would take? What is equally suspicious is why Russia waited till not to express concern over Turkey’s invasion of Syria, which started back in August 2016. Folks, this is how world wars are started! Watch this topic carefully as your family’s safety depends on it. Turkey’s admission will likely draw America and Russia into a direct (not proxy) war!
  2. The so called “wildfires” in Tennessee were deliberately set by the New World Order Gang to continue to condition us for martial law and evacuating us to concentration camps (Jade Helm). Dayboo77 on YouTube does a good job assessing the suspiciousness of this wildfire (Click video link below)
  3. The so called “wildfire” in Israel is most likely a purposeful pretext to either enter Palestinian territory to provide more land for the displaced Israelis, or just a distraction from the latest rounds of brutal bullying of Palestinians.
  4. PizzaGate has exposed what has long been known for those who have been awake regarding how the children of Satan in high government office have been actively participating in kidnapping and sex trafficking very young children all over the world for very, very sick, perverted and unspeakable things that you thought only existed in Hollywood horror movies (wrong: horror movies actually happen in real life). When these sick bastards are done with the children, they sometimes just exterminate them like animals, sacrificing them to their god, Satan! Why do you think they fight so hard to keep abortions?
  5. Cash is gradually being banned all over the world. India is already being crippled by this. Venezuela and other countries are going through this.
  6. Massive computer hacks of major nationwide systems, including bank ATMS, are happening all over the world. The most notable one was nearly 1 million ATMs in Germany. On top of this, bankers are thinking of taxing you when you withdraw money out of your own account! Prepare, people.
  7. Britain has essentially put all of its citizens under constant and total surveillance. If you regularly communicate with friends or businesses in the U.K., your communications will be recorded and saved for up to 12 months.
  8. Major earthquakes keep happening. Not just the 5 or 6.0 earthquakes, but the even bigger ones.
  9. Satan is getting more and more schools to promote the worship of him by your children! Warn other parents about this and prepare to take your kids out of these schools of Satan. The real reason they are free is to gradually demonize your children, turning them against you.
  10. There are many more, major developments. Stay tuned. We’ll update this article.

New World Order Gang Needs Sin in World to Expand Their Power

New World Order Gang Needs Sin in World to Expand Their Power


Are you doing enough to spread the Gospel of Truth, aka the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to the world? Deception is sweeping the world at alarming rates. 2 Thessalonians says that those who don’t love the truth will believe the “great delusion” (big lie) while those who love the truth will not. This is important to understand. Since Jesus Christ is Truth, this verse is saying that those who hate Jesus or don’t want to follow His commandments will believe this big system of lies. Satan knows this, and thus wants his children, headed by the New World Order Gang (Mystery Babylon the Great) to encourage the world to indulge in every sin, and at the same time, to make life very difficult for those who resist sin and temptation. For as we know, Jesus Christ commanded us to resist temptation to make Satan flee. The ultimate goal of Satan and his human children is to remove the lovers of truth (followers of Jesus Christ) from the earth so that all that are left are those who believe his massive, “lying wonders” complex of deceptions. So if you have no problem committing sin, you are then susceptible to believing the false view of the world put out there by Satan, which then means you will very likely receive the mark of the beast. The more you sin, the easier it is for you to believe their lies, which makes the push to the new world order that much easier. The gospel makes this push much harder, and is thus an obstacle to Satan and his children. Stay in prayer. Amen.


The Little Known Truth About Jesus’ Concept of Love

Love your neighbors as you love yourself. Do good to those who hate you. Love God with all your mind, heart and souls. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…Sound familiar? All of these verses in the Bible sound so wonderful and warming that they put a smile on your face. They help you cope with the stresses of the day, right? For others, these words seem like weak, pie in the sky statements that are not strong enough for this violent, wicked world. Although this love concept from Jesus Christ is indeed soothing, it is far stronger than the most violent spirit of hate in the world! Jesus said if you have anger in your heart for your brother, you have the spirit of murder in you. Why did He say this? Because Satan is the opposite of love. He is a murderer from the beginning, as Jesus said. Satan was angry that he could not be God, so he gradually and deceptively convinced millions of angels to follow Him as they tried to help him claim his “rightful” throne from God. He failed, of course. So Satan is full of anger, jealousy and hate.

That means his children on earth are also full of anger, jealousy and hate, enough so that they, too, murder and do acts of violence. If Satan cannot love, then his children cannot love, either. If Satan lies, then his children lie. The children do as their spiritual fathers do. We saints follow our Savior’s example of love. If we take on the weapons of hate, then that love will depart, and we are left to fight against Satan with his own weapons. As Jesus told us, no kingdom that stands against itself will survive. Jesus said Satan’s kingdom is united, and that strange unity is based on hate and lies and anger. When we are told to put on the armor of God, it is based on love, as Paul spoke at length about when he gave us the best definition of love: love is long-suffering, kind, patient, etc…the opposite of love is impatience, rudeness, hate. This concept is important because, soon, we are about the face an ugly tribulation that will tempt us to return hate for hate, but don’t fall for that trap! We must resist hate, because if we give in, the power of Jesus will no longer be with us, and we will die a useless death at the hands of the children of hate in Satan’s kingdom. Satan wins at hate in this world. We must conquer hate with love, for love literally conquers all. Amen.


First ISIS, Now OSIRIS…Church, Be Sure Your Lamps Have Oil

The New World Order Gang created ISIS (they made up some stupid acronym to make these letters fit) terrorism to both give the U.S. and its demonic allies an excuse to invade Syria and surround Russia and the enemies of Israel. One of the outcomes of the destruction of historic temples in Syria is the erection of temple portals (London and New York so far) dedicated to the most abominable of false gods, Baal aka Moloch/Molech, the one our Heavenly Father detested the most (Leviticus 18:21) because its ancient followers burned infants alive, sometimes as a sacrifice to this abomination! And now, thanks to the children of Satan at NASA, the New World Order Gang is kicking its next phase, Osiris, in with the planned fake comet threat embodied by the launch of OSIRIS-REX (yep, even put the name Osiris in the project with yet another forced acronym). Thus, be on the lookout for either a possible false flag operation related to a massive “space” rock/comet threatening all life on earth unless we do what “they” say, or a fake alien invasion to force us into martial law conditions and “encouraging” us to go to underground bunkers for our own safety. And once they have us in “safe shelters.” We’re not coming out alive unless we are considered “friends of the state” (with a possible 666 requirement). Stay in prayer. Amen.


The New World Order Gang will Use Sports Stadiums as Christian Internment Camps and Lure You There By Snatching Your Kids Out of School!

Read these verses carefully first…

Matt. 24:9

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

Daniel 11:33

“Those who have insight among the people will give understanding to the many; yet they will fall by sword and by flame, by captivity and by plunder for many days.

Matthew 10:17

But beware of men; for they will hand you over to their councils and flog you in their synagogues.

Matthew 10:22

You will be hated by everyone on account of My name, but the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.


These verses won’t just happen out of the blue without a long running grooming and conditioning process to bring them about…

Have you gotten so comfortable, o American and European Church? You send your children to schools of Satan while you go to Satanic corporations who hate the truth of Jesus Christ. And when you come home, some of you watch your favorite sports on TV or go to the large stadiums with their Satanic rituals to start each game. And those schools force you to poison your children with vaccines every year, and you are too tired to even research if those vaccines are really good for them. Man has lived just fine for thousands of years, yet all of a sudden, within the last 100 years (since the 1919 Flu Massacre and scam foisted on us by the New World Order Gang), we are told that man cannot survive without vaccines. But you dare not question them! And now that your children are being spiritually fed by the agents of Satan, and the New World Order Gang forces you to pay for these Satanic services through property taxes, Satan has laid another, darker trap for you: in order to lure you into a concentration camp, the Police State set up by the New World Order Gang will simply snatch your children out of school, probably through some “emergency” pretext, and take them to stadiums, shopping malls, or other large building converted into an incarceration center! You will get a call to come get your child, that your child is “safe” at a “secure location.” You will gladly go there and thank the officers you worship for protecting your child. But once inside, they lock the door behind you! You will never leave again! Think this won’t happen? “Oh, my government will never do this to me! I am a taxpayer and never did any crime in my life.” Satan does not play fair! Read that again. Don’t think for a second that a fallen spirit with nothing to lose and an eternity in flames won’t do everything possible to provoke our Heavenly Father to furious anger! Satan will do everything, including mass murder at catastrophic levels, to defy the Almighty and persecute the Church!


We’ve written many posts about Satan’s agenda, including his plans to create magnet cities to draw us from independent rural communities into controlled cities where all food and water and the necessities of modern life will be. Those who don’t get in with the mark of the beast will be left to fend for themselves outside the city, including fighting off wild beasts, including strange half human creations (chimeras exist and have been reported in your favorite demonic mainstream news media this year), killer weather (yes, the New World Order Gang has teamed with Satan to manipulate the weather), uncontrolled contagious diseases, etc. Those who refuse the 666 mark will suffer. This is why we should have been paying attention when our food and water supply was slowly monopolized over the past 150 years. Don Hodges and Lisa Haven have also discussed this topic of “stack and pack” cities, as well as the complicity of the NFL to allow the New World Order Gang to use stadiums as concentration camps. They also discussed the scenario of luring you to these stadium prisons by any means necessary (remember what happened with Hurricane Katrina and the Saints’ stadium in 2005). We encourage you to check it out. We also encourage you to start boycotting these pro sports leagues of Satan, including the NBA, which went against the city of Charlotte for the state banning the demonic attempt to confuse the sexes with these transgender bathroom traps. Assume every sports stadium will be converted to your death camp and resist Satan, and he will flee. Stop giving Team Satan the benefit of the doubt – they are scheming to harm you in every way possible. Almost all institutions of man on earth have given themselves to Satan, including many of your churches, where the pastors have also secretly aligned themselves with Satan, which is why sermons have become watered down, lukewarm (Rev. 2) and of no effect for most of you! Let us pray that the Lord Jesus Christ protect us and maybe postpone these horrors, but may His will be done. People, the return of Jesus Christ is far uglier than you can ever imagine, and nothing happens overnight. It is a long and complicated process which involves Satan and his children going after the Church in every horror-filled manner possible! Stay in prayer. Amen.


Our Heavenly Father is NOT Causing Natural Disasters and Other Catastrophes

Whenever a great disaster or tragedy hits a city or town, the inevitable response is to blame Almighty God. But does our Heavenly Father actually trigger tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., to cast judgment or send a message to us today? Of course not! Why are we so certain? Because He already told us when He will deliver His judgment on mankind. That’s what the Book of Revelation is all about. Seven trumpets and seven seals of judgments are already coming in the future. So until then, who is responsible for the calamities we see? Satan and his human children, the New World Order Gang! We’ve written several posts explaining many mysteries going on today, so read those and pray to the Holy Spirit from Jesus Christ for wisdom, and stop blaming our Heavenly Father for what Satan’s kingdom is conjuring up through sorcery! Amen.

The Full Definition of the ‘Mystery’ in Mystery Babylon the Great

Dictionaries have a few variations of definitions for the word ‘mystery’, but we’ll highlight two from

a secret religious rite believed (as in Eleusinian and Mithraic cults) to impart enduring bliss to the initiate

a cult devoted to such rite

something not understood or beyond understanding :   enigma

obsolete :   a private secret


Several Christian sites have covered the topic of Eleusian and Mithraic cults, among other secret esoteric cults, so we advise the reader to search for these sites. Here, we want to add on top of that by pointing out that Satan, who has been around much longer than any of us living, has built a system of deception that is several layers deep. Just as you see that secretive groups like Freemasons have several degrees of initiation levels, so there are several degrees of deception. However, as we know from the ‘great delusion’ verse in 2 Thessalonians, the vast majority of the world will not be able to get past one or two levels of deception!

What does this mean?

The New World Order Gang will have their puppets in the mainstream media deceive the masses into thinking the President of the U.S. miraculously is in control of the economy, government operations, the military, foreign affairs, healthcare, the weather, etc. It does not take someone with a high IQ to figure out that no single man can have mastery of all of these very complex subjects, yet the majority of the public continues to be tricked into believing this, as is evident by their beliefs in voting for the President every four years. Yet this is only the first level of deception. Satan’s children operate at several levels of deception, perhaps 6 or 7. Satan and his demons operate at more levels of deception beyond that! We say this because the New World Order Gang does not realize that Satan himself is deceiving them into thinking they control the earth, and he is leading them to their eternal demise!

Going back to our levels of deception, there are some who can think past the first level of deception, but then are satisfied by the boundaries of the second level. A second level of deception might consist of knowing that lobbyists and political action committees run Washington, for instance. Perhaps some 95-99% of the public is contained within the first two levels of deception. Anyone who tries to convince them to go beyond those two levels is deemed a “conspiracy theorist” or “crazy.” This is pretty much where Satan wants humanity. For instance, even the idea of telling the public that man has the ability to trigger weather patterns (see for more info) would be met with disbelief, because the education system has dumbed the public down so much that believing anything beyond what they have been repetitively taught will either overwhelm them or anger them. For those few of us who pursue the truth beyond ALL levels of deception, Satan intends to either re-condition us, imprison us, or kill us if he can’t convert us. Pray to Jesus Christ that He gives you wisdom from the Holy Spirit, for His wisdom will indeed pierce through all of these levels of deception, and thus lead you to the Truth (Jesus Christ) that will set you free from the great delusion spoken of in 2 Thessalonians. Amen.