The Full Definition of the ‘Mystery’ in Mystery Babylon the Great

Dictionaries have a few variations of definitions for the word ‘mystery’, but we’ll highlight two from

a secret religious rite believed (as in Eleusinian and Mithraic cults) to impart enduring bliss to the initiate

a cult devoted to such rite

something not understood or beyond understanding :   enigma

obsolete :   a private secret


Several Christian sites have covered the topic of Eleusian and Mithraic cults, among other secret esoteric cults, so we advise the reader to search for these sites. Here, we want to add on top of that by pointing out that Satan, who has been around much longer than any of us living, has built a system of deception that is several layers deep. Just as you see that secretive groups like Freemasons have several degrees of initiation levels, so there are several degrees of deception. However, as we know from the ‘great delusion’ verse in 2 Thessalonians, the vast majority of the world will not be able to get past one or two levels of deception!

What does this mean?

The New World Order Gang will have their puppets in the mainstream media deceive the masses into thinking the President of the U.S. miraculously is in control of the economy, government operations, the military, foreign affairs, healthcare, the weather, etc. It does not take someone with a high IQ to figure out that no single man can have mastery of all of these very complex subjects, yet the majority of the public continues to be tricked into believing this, as is evident by their beliefs in voting for the President every four years. Yet this is only the first level of deception. Satan’s children operate at several levels of deception, perhaps 6 or 7. Satan and his demons operate at more levels of deception beyond that! We say this because the New World Order Gang does not realize that Satan himself is deceiving them into thinking they control the earth, and he is leading them to their eternal demise!

Going back to our levels of deception, there are some who can think past the first level of deception, but then are satisfied by the boundaries of the second level. A second level of deception might consist of knowing that lobbyists and political action committees run Washington, for instance. Perhaps some 95-99% of the public is contained within the first two levels of deception. Anyone who tries to convince them to go beyond those two levels is deemed a “conspiracy theorist” or “crazy.” This is pretty much where Satan wants humanity. For instance, even the idea of telling the public that man has the ability to trigger weather patterns (see for more info) would be met with disbelief, because the education system has dumbed the public down so much that believing anything beyond what they have been repetitively taught will either overwhelm them or anger them. For those few of us who pursue the truth beyond ALL levels of deception, Satan intends to either re-condition us, imprison us, or kill us if he can’t convert us. Pray to Jesus Christ that He gives you wisdom from the Holy Spirit, for His wisdom will indeed pierce through all of these levels of deception, and thus lead you to the Truth (Jesus Christ) that will set you free from the great delusion spoken of in 2 Thessalonians. Amen.


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