First ISIS, Now OSIRIS…Church, Be Sure Your Lamps Have Oil

The New World Order Gang created ISIS (they made up some stupid acronym to make these letters fit) terrorism to both give the U.S. and its demonic allies an excuse to invade Syria and surround Russia and the enemies of Israel. One of the outcomes of the destruction of historic temples in Syria is the erection of temple portals (London and New York so far) dedicated to the most abominable of false gods, Baal aka Moloch/Molech, the one our Heavenly Father detested the most (Leviticus 18:21) because its ancient followers burned infants alive, sometimes as a sacrifice to this abomination! And now, thanks to the children of Satan at NASA, the New World Order Gang is kicking its next phase, Osiris, in with the planned fake comet threat embodied by the launch of OSIRIS-REX (yep, even put the name Osiris in the project with yet another forced acronym). Thus, be on the lookout for either a possible false flag operation related to a massive “space” rock/comet threatening all life on earth unless we do what “they” say, or a fake alien invasion to force us into martial law conditions and “encouraging” us to go to underground bunkers for our own safety. And once they have us in “safe shelters.” We’re not coming out alive unless we are considered “friends of the state” (with a possible 666 requirement). Stay in prayer. Amen.



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