God So Loved The World That He Will Give It 7 Trumpets of Warning

Think about it for a bit. The Book of Revelation mentions 7 trumpets, seals and bowls of catastrophic events to hit the earth. One of them will be so bad and worse than a horror movie that men will wish for death but will be denied it! Set aside your fear for a bit and focus on something here. Our Heavenly Father can easily kill off all mankind as He did before, except for His loving promise he made to Noah in the form of a rainbow. But no! He established several phases of end time events to give men a final chance to repent. Yet they would not repent of their sorceries and other sins. Friends, that’s how patient God is. He is giving mankind phases of last minute forgiveness opportunities, otherwise, He would not have said “but they would not repent of their sorceries.” That’s the greatest and most patient love ever! Amen.

The Little Known Truth About Jesus’ Concept of Love

Love your neighbors as you love yourself. Do good to those who hate you. Love God with all your mind, heart and souls. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…Sound familiar? All of these verses in the Bible sound so wonderful and warming that they put a smile on your face. They help you cope with the stresses of the day, right? For others, these words seem like weak, pie in the sky statements that are not strong enough for this violent, wicked world. Although this love concept from Jesus Christ is indeed soothing, it is far stronger than the most violent spirit of hate in the world! Jesus said if you have anger in your heart for your brother, you have the spirit of murder in you. Why did He say this? Because Satan is the opposite of love. He is a murderer from the beginning, as Jesus said. Satan was angry that he could not be God, so he gradually and deceptively convinced millions of angels to follow Him as they tried to help him claim his “rightful” throne from God. He failed, of course. So Satan is full of anger, jealousy and hate.

That means his children on earth are also full of anger, jealousy and hate, enough so that they, too, murder and do acts of violence. If Satan cannot love, then his children cannot love, either. If Satan lies, then his children lie. The children do as their spiritual fathers do. We saints follow our Savior’s example of love. If we take on the weapons of hate, then that love will depart, and we are left to fight against Satan with his own weapons. As Jesus told us, no kingdom that stands against itself will survive. Jesus said Satan’s kingdom is united, and that strange unity is based on hate and lies and anger. When we are told to put on the armor of God, it is based on love, as Paul spoke at length about when he gave us the best definition of love: love is long-suffering, kind, patient, etc…the opposite of love is impatience, rudeness, hate. This concept is important because, soon, we are about the face an ugly tribulation that will tempt us to return hate for hate, but don’t fall for that trap! We must resist hate, because if we give in, the power of Jesus will no longer be with us, and we will die a useless death at the hands of the children of hate in Satan’s kingdom. Satan wins at hate in this world. We must conquer hate with love, for love literally conquers all. Amen.


We’re Your Spiritual Alarm Clock – Hit Snooze, And We’ll Be Back in 5 Mins

It may seem like we’re doom and gloom, but we’re actually working hard and fast to reverse the deep comatose sleep instilled in the Western Church by a combination of Laodicean Churches, False Prophets, Mainstream Media, Government Propaganda, Anti-Christ Schools, and Satan’s spirit of error that has gone forth as a white horseman to deceive the nations. When a person sleeps normal, healthy sleep, they seldom need an alarm clock, and if they do, it’s only one time. But when someone sleeps real heavy, as if almost in a coma, they tend to hit the snooze button to get more sleep, and then may ignore the alarm clock when it goes off 5 minutes later. You, American and European churches, are in such a comatose sleep. Thus, we will not waste time with soothing words to please your itching ears, you stiff necked generation! We are trying to wake you up to the extreme danger you are in! Most likely, you have not read the true history of how Satan’s children tortured and killed Christians everywhere they have drained that country. France before the French Revolution was drained of its Christian leaders who were axed to death, burned alive, sawed in half, women and girls raped and genitals mutilated, and so on. Germany following WWI and WWII faced similar horror-movie tortures, as did Russia, but you would not take time to read the real history. The Christians in Armenia had teen girls crucified by Satan’s children who lied and blamed it on the Turkish government when in fact it was the New World Order Gang who created the demonic Young Turks, that brood of vipers! We can go on about what America and her demonic allies really did to the innocent people of Korea and Vietnam, and all over Africa, including now with their false vaccines that are doing the opposite of what the New World Order Gang says it is for; think about it, why would the very human agents of Satan who call for population reduction then turn around and give Africans vaccines that can prolong their lives? This is a lie from hell! America and Europe are next. Wake up Church! Your redemption draws nigh. If you want to hear false Christian pastors telling you soothing “fortune teller” style sermons to improve your life and be the best you that you can be, then you have no part in Christ’s ministry and should go on to your false prophets who will make you feel good all the way to the left side of Jesus Christ, when He tells you, “depart from me…” and you know the rest. Pray for discernment and increased faith and courage. In Jesus Christ’s name…amen.

Take Heed That No Man Deceive You

What exactly did Jesus Christ mean when He said, “Let no man deceive you, for many will come in my name?” What is the meaning of His name? The name of the Messiah of the world is more than just letters and words. His name is His behavior that is unique only to Him. It is like your social security number or phone number. When people call you, they call you by your phone number. When a bank wants to check your credit history, they use your social security number. These are unique to you. Similarly, saving mankind from the deadly consequences of their sin can only apply to Jesus Christ. So when He says many will come in His name, He’s not just meaning they will call themselves Christ, but they will promise what only Jesus Christ can deliver. Thus, they will promise hope, a new world, a better world full of peace, no more wars, even promise you eternal “digital” life, etc. Top political leaders already offer hope and big messianic type promises. Satan will set up a false, decoy anti-Christ to then introduce his messiah who will be larger than life and use hidden, secret technology to speak to people directly to their hearts and minds from far away. But keep in mind one of the signatures of Jesus Christ’s return is that He won’t bring peace yet, but a sword against the New World Order Gang. We posted a few articles about the sequence and signature of Jesus Christ’s return. The anti-Christ will promise peace right off the bat (order out of chaos). Stay alert and pray that you have enough oil! In Jesus Christ’s name, amen.

If You Believe in Outer Space, Then You Deny Jesus Christ

That’s right. Jesus Christ was there by the Father’s side when He created the heavens and the earth, including the firmament above the heavens (aka the skies above, the atmosphere). Our Heavenly Father made it very clear in Genesis that there is a firmament over the earth and skies, including the stars, the sun, and the moon. But many of you have chosen to believe the lies of Satan, the father of the great delusion. You say if you were Adam or Eve, you would have rejected Satan’s lies then. Here’s how it went (note: Satan was smart because he knew that Eve did not hear directly from God on this, but through Adam):

Satan: Did God say you can’t eat of every tree in the garden?

Eve: We can eat of any tree in the garden except for the tree in the middle of the garden, and if we do, we will die

Satan: You won’t surely die, for if you eat of it, you shall be like gods, knowing good and evil

Stop right there. Is either Adam or Eve alive today? So now you know this was a deception by Satan. He got them killed off through this crafty lie. He knew that if he got them to buy it, then they would know evil, which is his foothold into man’s earthly experience ever since.

But that’s beside the point. Now let’s paraphrase this scenario with the outer space lie:

Satan: Did God say there is a firmament above the heavens?

Many Christians: Yes, and there is a layer of water above the firmament, and no man can ascend past that firmament.

Satan: There is no firmament or waters above the firmament. There is outer space, with many beautiful planets and galaxies far away, and some planets contain aliens and other fanciful creatures for you to explore billions of light years away, the sun is 93 million miles away…

Sound familiar? So whose side are you on? If Jesus was there when God created the heavens, the earth, and the firmament, then Jesus is standing by this truth, and He is the way, the truth, and the life. Pick your sides immediately! Amen.


Jesus Works Better Than Your Best Appliances, So Have Faith

When you pray for something, have faith. If you’re not going to have faith, then don’t pray. Jesus already knows what you need before you ask, so if you keep asking repeatedly for the same thing, that’s like trying repeatedly to turn on an appliance that you don’t think works anymore. Ever try to turn on an appliance that wouldn’t respond or do anything? At some point, you lose faith in it and go buy another one. But Jesus never malfunctions or goes bad! He always works. So just like you have blind faith that when you turn on your best appliance, it comes on and works as expected, have blind faith in Jesus Christ that He, too, works as expected, and will come on. Amen.


A Better Understanding of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

There’s still some confusion around the topic of the Heavenly Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit. Is the Son and Father one and the same? Yes. How? In our limited physical bodies, we can’t fully understand our Heavenly Father, but He gave us human fathers to help begin to understand this. When a man and woman leave their parents’ homes and come together to marry, they become one flesh, as the Bible says. Of course, our Heavenly Father does not need a wife as He can create spirit and flesh, as we see when He created Adam and Eve, as well as choose Mary to host the physical body of His Son, Jesus Christ. Going back to our married couple, their oneness can be realized when they decide to have a child. That child has the genetic make up of both parents, and the Bible says the soul of that child is in its blood. This “blood soul” contains the energy and knowledge of that child. We know this because of those cases of people who receive blood transfusions or organ donations and, in some cases, end up speaking a language they never spoke before or start having memories of events they never experienced. This phenomenon has been called ‘cellular memory’ by some medical experts, though others dispute some of the concepts. We’re not getting into the details of the dispute, but Leviticus 17:11 is clear:

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul”

Dr. Martin R. DeHaan, M.D. (1891-1965), a Christian, did an excellent job of explaining the symbol and meaning of blood in the Bible by using his knowledge of human blood. We want to quote this one statement he made:

Life, that mysterious something that science has never yet been able to define or fathom, is said by God to be in the blood of the flesh, so that there can be no life without the blood. Now while this is true of all flesh, we are mainly interested in the human blood and particularly in the blood of the man Christ Jesus because in His blood was not only life as we think of it physically but ETERNAL life as well…In the human body there are many different kinds of tissues. We define them as muscle, nerve, fat, gland, bone connective tissues, etc. All these tissues have one thing in common, they are fixed cells, microscopically small and having a specific and limited function. Unlike these fixed tissues, the blood is fluid and mobile, that is, it is not limited to one part of the body but is free to move throughout the entire body and touch every other fixed cell as it supplies it with nourishment and carries off waste products and the ashes of cell activity which we call metabolism.

So why did we go into such detail about blood? Because the third Being, the Holy Spirit, is symbolized by the blood, in a way! Notice Dr. DeHaan explains that the blood in us is free to flow throughout our entire bodies, touching every other fixed cell. This is a physical representation of how the Holy Spirit is. In the Book of Acts, the Holy Spirit was free to flow throughout the body of the Church, touching every believer who heard the apostles speak! The Holy Spirit, then, is the spiritual “blood” of the Church, giving us life and removing the “waste” (divisive and wicked unbelievers) as it contains the knowledge of our Heavenly Father that He imparts to us through this Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the firstborn blueprint of how all of this is supposed to operate. Now that you know all of this, it should become clearer why our Heavenly Father considers it a capital sin to drink the physical blood of any flesh. Believe it or not, as with any other rebellion, the children of Satan who head up the New World Order Gang secretly enjoy drinking the blood of their human enemies, because they know it angers Almighty God. This is closely related to blasphemy against the Holy Spirit for the reasons we outlined above.

And speaking of blasphemy, another important role that Jesus Christ helps us with is to insulate us from the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. How? Because we don’t directly know the name of our Heavenly Father. Recall that Yahweh means “I am.” But the Bible never says the rest of that expression; “I am what?” Also recall throughout the Old Testament that He was evasive with the prophets and leading figures who wanted to see Him directly, most notably Moses and Jacob, who wrestled with the angel. Exodus 24 and 33 explains the prohibition of seeing God’s face directly. But blasphemy against Jesus Christ is forgivable, and seeing Jesus Christ is the same as seeing the Father, and calling on Jesus’ name is to call on our Father’s name without the risk of unforgivable blasphemy. Thus, the name of Jesus Christ is like a protective layer from the unforgivable sin, and this is what makes the gift of the life of Jesus Christ so important. The world sees this indirect relationship as a bad thing, claiming that there are more than one path to God besides Jesus. But in their ignorance, they don’t understand how important it is to have Jesus Christ as the “middle man” between us and the Heavenly Father. Even in our own human families where there is more than one child, sometimes younger siblings who do something bad and know they are in trouble with the parents will go to the big brother or big sister to ask them to mediate between them and the parents (not always, but it happens). This is similar to the role Jesus Christ plays. Hope this helps. Stay in prayer. Amen.


The Scary Thin Line Between Patriotism and State Worship

John 18:36

Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews


Revelation 21:2

(NIV) I saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.


1 Peter 1:1

“Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, To God’s elect, strangers in the world, scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia”


With San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick making the concept of the pledge of allegiance and patriotism a viral topic right now, we thought we’d chime in and remind Christians that interestingly, more of us need to adopt his approach to patriotism in some way. When you cover your heart and pledge allegiance to any country, can you look Jesus Christ in the eyes on Judgment Day and tell Him that the nation you are pledging your heart and mind to is 100% for Jesus Christ and adopts all of His commandments? If not, then you are pledging your heart and mind to a Satanic system! There is no middle ground; either you are for Jesus 100% or against Him! Recall that Jesus Christ gave us the daily prayer, which is our daily pledge to commit our minds and hearts to the New Jerusalem and to our Heavenly Father, and to express love in the example of Jesus Christ, which does not include the shedding of blood for worldly reasons as these nations do today or the promoting of sinful behavior and the abominations that the nations of the world are promoting, particularly the U.S. and Europe, which have embraced abominations such as homosexual marriage (the first time in the history of mankind) and promoting Satan over Jesus Christ. There is nowhere in the New Testament where we are specifically instructed to be patriotic towards any country or to practice any form of patriotism, which is a thinly veiled form of state worship. We are only to respect those in authority, but respect and patriotism/state worship are very different concepts. As we see in the temptation of Jesus Christ, all of these kingdoms are temporarily in Satan’s hands until Jesus Christ returns. Until such time, we are “strangers’ in the world; not of the world, but in the world. We are to respect authorities as they are put in place by our Heavenly Father to maintain some sense of order, but at the same time, we must be mindful of the fact that at any moment, these governments can try to force us to worship them, either overtly or covertly. We have to be careful not to confuse these two important concepts.

For more coverage on the concept of being foreigners in this world, view this link here.

Satan’s Role As Destroyer Explained

1 Peter 5:8:

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour

John 10:10-11:

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

So why did Jesus Christ use this kind of language to describe Satan? He is letting us know that every act of destruction, not just at the individual level, but even at the genocidal mass murder level and war, come from Satan. But how does Satan destroy? In the Book of Job, we see that Satan can affect the weather. But when it comes to genocide, Satan needs the help of his human children, which we call the New World Order Gang in this day.  How does he get his human children to do this? By outright possessing the leaders! Jesus didn’t just cast out demons to prove He’s the Messiah. As He himself said, that’s nothing. He did it to show us how Satan and his demons first find a human host to possess, and then get that human host to do violent things on their behalf. To protect the identity of their hosts so that Christians are less likely to cast them out, Satan creates multiple layers of lies to deceive us. He points the finger at others, such as when he pointed the finger at the Ottoman Turkish empire for massacring the Armenians when in fact it was Satan’s children who headed up the demonic Young Turks who carried out the insane horrors visited on those poor innocent Armenian Christians. Satan is doing the same pattern in Syria right now. The work of the Church to cast out demons is great. Pray that you have the strength to endure and help! Amen.


Leading American, European Officials are on Team Satan

So why do we keep talking about Satan, many might ask. It’s because many in the Church, especially the American and European churches, still blindly believe everything they see in the godless media, and ever word from their godless government officials. Plus, many in the Church still don’t believe Satan and demons exist, which is akin to saying Jesus Christ is a liar who did not cast out demons, was never tempted by Satan, and lied on Judas Iscariot by saying Satan entered him to betray Him. Jesus Christ told Peter that Satan wanted to sift him like wheat. Did Jesus lie to Peter? Well anyone who denies the existence of Satan is basically saying Jesus Christ lied! And that is blasphemy. So those who still go on to believe every lie in the mainstream media, who call people like us ‘conspiracy theorists,’ should ask: do these government officials and mainstream media executives work for Team Jesus or Team Satan? If you say they don’t work for Team Jesus, then that means they work for the enemy of Jesus, who is Satan. And if they work for Satan, Jesus Christ told you that there is NO truth in him, that it is in his nature only to lie, like he did to Eve when old her she will not surely die (she’s not alive now, right? so that’s your evidence). Jesus did not say Satan had some truth in him. He did not say Satan had a little bit of truth in him. Jesus said he has NOOOOOOO truth in him! Let’s say that again: there is no truth in Satan or his demons. And if there is no truth in him, then there is no truth in his children, and Jesus addressed Satan’s human children as well. And so it should be no surprise that some of his leading children, whom Jesus called the Synagogue of Satan, are in leading positions of power in America and Europe, and are eagerly at work pushing the Christian faith to the sidelines because the Church has fallen asleep and have denied the existence of demons or the power thereof. Wake up! Wake up! The war against the Church has been turned up to a great intensity, and yet you sleep!! Your deliverance draws nigh. Put on the armor of the armies of Heaven right now! Stay awake and in prayer. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.