The New World Order Gang Invades Texas via Hurricane Harvey Cover Story

Alert: After this writing, just learned that the Texas Governor activated an additional 2,000 National Guardsmen and requested 10,000 more Guardsmen from surrounding states, bringing the total invasion tropp total to 24,000…

This is not the time to give the benefit of the doubt to the mainstream news media, as some are so willing to do. It’s time to assume everything they report is a lie until proven true, not the other way around. Little did most Texans know, when the governor declares a state of emergency, there is a code in Texas law which suspends rights, including private ownership and gun rights. They can force you to certain camps and keep you away from your home. And, the governor can activate the Texas National Guard, which was done Monday in the wake of Hurricane Harvey (which is a man made event, so get used to it if you still doubt that). It also should be no surprise that a vast underground military base is housed under Ft. Hood in Killeen, TX. This underground base is for detaining civilians. Ft. Hood, interestingly, is a “supply” base for Hurricane Harvey operations. But if that were true, then why deploy hundreds of members of the battle tested 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit? They are also deploying military intelligence and reconnaissance troops to Houston. Looks like Jade Helm, which some laughed at conspiracy theorists for, has worked. Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Ft. Lauderdale Airport, Russian Hacking Hoax and Fake News Trojan Horse is Run by U.S. Intelligence

To the American Church: How many truth videos and articles must be posted before you wake up?! Stop believing everything you see in the mainstream media! They belong to the world, and are part of Mystery Babylon the Great, the whore of Satan. Jesus told you that there is no truth in Satan (which then means there is no truth in his human children), and that He (Jesus Christ) is the TRUTH. If Jesus is the truth, why do you still believe the anti Christ world has any truth in it? Stop believing their lies. The reason and purpose for Satan deceiving the whole world is to fill every human with lies, so that no truth can be found in any of them when Jesus Christ returns. Remember Jesus said no truth is found in Satan. This implies that He (Jesus Christ) seeks truth in each being. So we write this post as a warning: don’t let lies be found in you by Jesus when he returns!

We repeat: There is NO truth in any world media, especially the U.S. and Western Europe (which are the leaders of this last version of the Beast of Daniel 2). Only Jesus Christ is the TRUTH. Jesus does not share the responsibility of being the source of truth with Satan, thus there is no truth in Satan or his world system at all. There’s only one source of truth, and that’s Jesus Christ, so if the world rejects Jesus Christ, then it rejects truth and is enslaved to lies (2 Thessalonians). Satan is the father of lying wonders, and his human children practice deception via sorcery, which is why their spells are working on many in this world. Do not be caught up in this snare.

As we’ve already noted, the Russian hacking scandal is a lie. U.S. intelligence has no proof, which is why they hide behind their wall of deception by avoiding offering proof and just bluff us into trusting them blindly. Christians should not trust any anti Christ systems when it comes to the truth. The main public face of the U.S. intelligence hoax, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, is the same guy who lied several times to the American people in recent years about false claims (click here and here). Clapper is yet again the face of another deception, this time taking aim at Putin and Trump. Clapper seems to think all presidents should never question him or the intelligence community, and in effect, is saying that the President must submit to his authority, instead of the other way around.

The Wikileaks people have repeatedly said the source of the Clinton emails was not Russian, yet U.S. intelligence and their media puppets keep repeating the lie until it becomes a false “truth” in the minds of the public. Ask any experienced computer programmer and they will tell you it is easy for any computer on the planet to pretend to be another computer anywhere in the world, and it is basically impossible to trace a so-called “hack” back to its source given how hackers know how to mask their identities and throw the trail somewhere else. It is silly to think that the Russians would be so obvious as to use Russian language characters in the alleged malware code that would make it easy for the U.S. to blame them and use that as a pretext to start a war. If you have no experience with computer programming, please don’t be deceived; ask someone to explain hacking versus organized server penetration (cyber threats).

But lets take a quick look back over 100 years ago when America did a similar strategy of demonizing Russia when Russia and America had good relations. In order to drag us into World War I, the human children of Satan who run America needed a foreign enemy or two to demonize. So they chose Russia and Germany. Go back and research newspapers and magazines from the 1880s till the late 1890s and you won’t find any hint of bad relations between us and these two countries. The American beast needed war, and the Satanists engineered one based on lies against Russia and Germany. Why repeat history in 2017?

At Ft. Lauderdale Airport today, we see the same police state hoax pattern being repeated again, aiming at gun control and to control the public through manufactured fear and terror. The same pattern of unbelievable crisis actors with unbelievable made up names is occurring again. Ironically, this is fake news, yet they are trying to silence us in the truth community using PizzaGate as the launching pad. The whole child sex abuse scandal was meant to be a Trojan Horse to trick the truth community into reporting the “facts” from these Satanists so that they can then send in their gun-toting crisis actor to supposedly shoot up the pizza parlor and have the “sad” looking owner blame the truth community. The media only gets its power if Christians keep believing their lies over the truth of Jesus Christ.

Once again, American Church, stop believing the mainstream media! They have no truth in them because their father, the devil, has no truth in him! You have been warned. Don’t die with a mind and soul full of Satan’s lies, because Jesus will hold you accountable for those lies you digested over your life. Truth shall set you free from the bondage of the many lies you’ve been told over the years! Be free! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Clearing Up the Christmas Origin Controversy

Every Christmas, there are many who discredit Christmas because of what anti-Christ historians have said about December 25, and their attempt to associate their pagan traditions with the observance of the birth of Jesus Christ. This article will not rehash the entire argument and history of the winter solstice or saturnalia or Nimrod or any of that nonsense. Instead, we simply offer this: Our Heavenly Father created the seasons, the years, the months and days. So for instance, God created the 7 day week. In the Bible, each day was known as the first day of the week, the second day, etc. But who came along and renamed them after pagan gods? Satan and his human children did! But does that mean Satan owns every day of the week? Of course not. Satan cannot create, he can only destroy. This also means Satan did not create October 31, although the name “October” he had something to do with. That day was created by God Almighty, so Halloween followers have no rights to it. They can do whatever they want on that day, but it doesn’t make it theirs.

Similarly, there is no hard core proof that Nimrod was born on December 25, just the hypotheses of historians and archaeologists. Does that mean Nimrod owns December 25? No. So if Christians choose December 25 to observe the miraculous birth and life of Jesus Christ, then Christians, as children of God, have every right to do so. Now we do caution our Christmas friends that Satan has packed a lot of demonic objects and rites around Christmas to distract us from Jesus Christ, such as decorated trees (Jeremiah 10), red and green (not that Satan owns those colors, but the combination at Christmas time has its origins), wreaths, Santa Claus aka Saint Nick (the name has some ties to Satan), reindeer, and many other things that have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Let’s not mix pagan rituals in with the observance of Jesus Christ’s birth celebration. Was Jesus born December 25? Nothing in the Bible says so. He could have been more likely born prior to that. Is it bad to observe His birth? Not at all. Every opportunity we get to worship the life of our Savior is a great opportunity to share His love with the world, which is why Satan and his human children have been active in trying to eliminate “Merry Christmas” from the public’s mind. They know there is power in the Christmas holiday, so they try to spoil it and make it powerless by any means necessary. Let’s stop these demons and observe Jesus Christ this time of year! Merry Christmas!! We love you all, in Jesus Christ’s name…Amen! 🙂

So One So Called Terrorist Leads Entire Nations to Imprison Millions of Civilians!

If you’ve never had a clue as to how the end of the world sequence would start, you are getting a crash course right now! So in Munich Germany, one shooter in a very questionable video clip leads to the entire city of Munich being shut down. The rest of Germany will follow suit soon. Similarly, in France, a series of one or few so called terrorists lead to an entire nation being on lockdown perpetually, and getting worse as Hollande announced sweeping new law enforcement powers to let cops essentially do whatever they like to civilians, whenever they like, including entering and taking over homes and other property without due process of law. In Turkey, after a very suspicious coup soap opera, the entire country is locked down, including airports in or out, and thousands of teachers and judges ousted, and the military turned upside down. Many don’t know the real history of Erdogan. which is why many have been gullible enough to believe this political theater. In Venezuela, the entire country is pretty much blacked out from the rest of the world while the New World Order Gang continues to loot the country and starve its citizens. Brazil is next, it seems, as is Argentina, and a few other nations around the world, not to mention the United States, where questionable terror plots keep being released like Hollywood movies every day in a different state, all in order to disarm citizens and increasingly militarize the police. Wake up, Church! The leaves are changing, as Jesus Christ warned us. You can tell that something is definitely stirring the “seas” of people, as Bible prophecy refers to the masses of humanity. Pray that you stay awake and that our Heavenly Father perhaps comforts us or if possible, spare us the absolute horror that awaits! Amen.

Times Up, American Church!

We will not mince words in this post. The times have grown far darker than you realize. This message is aimed at the majority of American Christians who have ignored or turned a blind eye to how the New World Order Gang has used smaller populations of Americans as target practice, in anticipation of the day they will use their well-honed tactics on the majority of Americans. That day has come! Church of America, and census data shows that most Americans still consider themselves Christian, you have turned away as the police state has been actively using your black and Hispanic brothers and sisters as target practice for decades. They used laws to disarm minorities by making it easy to get felony records that last a lifetime for relatively small offenses. (Not that all police forces were anti-minority, but some have had moments where they used the poorest minorities as guinea pigs). And what did the American Church do? Many, not all, simply supported the police against the bad minorities. Not that all minorities are good, but instead of being dismissive of them, we should have stepped back and say, “although I don’t agree with crime and support law enforcement, can one day, the same law enforcement agency be turned against me in some other way?” The answer is yes! Presidents of both parties have been working for decades, quietly attacking gun rights and other civil rights while you worshipped government officials without question. And since many will ignore this message, we will tell you what is going to happen next (take heed and pray to Jesus Christ): The White House (aka Obama) has put an executive order in place to round up minority civil rights protesters and ship them off to internment camps. They’ve already started rounding up homeless people, and hardly anyone noticed (though the media, surprisingly, discussed this). Black Lives Matter and similar billionaire funded projects are being used as magnets to draw out unsuspecting minorities, thinking they are fighting for their rights, to then have an excuse to arrest and detain them, some indefinitely. Once they have neutralized the threat from minorities, guess who’s next? Yes, you! The New World Order Gang will be so well rehearsed in rounding up Americans by then that once they turn on the rest of Americans, you won’t be able to resist effectively. And they will unleash a worse nightmare on you than they’re unleashing on minorities! Just go back and read what happened to innocent Germans following the Hollywood fairy tale ending of World War II (the Allies were not heroes at all). The most violent criminals were purposely unleashed on Germans by the Allies, and we will spare you the gruesome, ugly, demonic details!! So instead of waiting until there is no one to help you, humble yourself and help your minority brothers right now. Most of them are innocent (not perfect, but innocent) and being led into a trap. Put an end to the New World Order Gang’s threat right now by trying new ways of expressing your collective opinion. Don’t trust either party!  Both work for Team Satan, as history has shown. Stay in prayer. Amen.

While Rebuking Police Brutality Against Blacks, Obama has been Quietly Arming Police Big Time!

Do local police forces need 93,000 machine guns if they are so brutal to blacks, as President Obama claims? Don’t get us wrong: we reject the major distraction that is the two party system in America. It is a scam of the worst kind. So our criticism of Obama is not partisan bickering, but sounding the alarm to Christians in America. Your government is arming themselves to destroy and arrest you! Jesus Christ said if they did it to Him, they will do it to us also. If they hated Him, they will hate us also. Well Obama hates Jesus Christ, and is arming as a militarized police to destroy us. Both President Bushes have militarized the police, but Obama has taken it to a far darker level. He claims to be for blacks, yet he is arming the very police he is criticizing in the latest round of false flag police shootings. He claims to support blacks, yet one of his executive orders threatens to put them back in slavery, along with all other Americans deemed to be too Christian or an enemy of the state. You have been forewarned. It is time to voice your opinions in many ways, not just the vote (which is skewed against us, but can be forced to work for us if we vote in big numbers). We must become leaders and galvanize each other to meet and come up with positions on various important issues, and publish those results. We must form a spontaneous fourth branch of government. Stay in prayer. Amen.

Obama Wants to Disarm Us Over Orlando, But Not Disarm Police When They Shoot Civilians

Once again, from Orlando and Louisiana to Minnesota and now to Dallas, we see a pattern of the government being quick to call for disarming citizens, especially those who own AR 15 rifles, yet never calls for disarming police when they shoot to kill citizens. Get the picture? We’ve already said that as they increasingly arm law enforcement, they are quick to disarm us. So under Obama, we see an exponential increase in the number of staged shooting events (some mixed with real killings) to carry out this agenda of the New World Order Gang. But notice, with the Dallas cop shootings, the President and his friends, including well known pastors who are secretly part of the New World Order Gang, are quick to pull the race card but nor call. In the Baton Rouge and Minnesota shootings, he was quick to use the gun control card. Just an observation to keep you focused on the truth. Stay in prayer. Amen.

The Orlando Hoax Further Proves US Gov’t is Satan’s World Bully

What else needs to be told the American Church about the two-faced US Government? if you believe Jesus when He calls Satan the false god of this world, and if America is the most powerful nation in this world, then only a dummy would not see that America is Satan’s puppet government. The Orlando shooting was so obviously fake (every last person interviewed on TV is an actor) that what really concerns us is not the obvious attempt to disarm law abiding citizens so that Satan’s worldly bully government can intern and kill strong Christians, but the fact that the government is so careless and reckless with the truth that it actually thought no one would notice. That should raise all kinds of alarms as to how desperate the traitors in Washington are to turn the nation over to even more Satanists! Do not stay asleep. Do like the Brits did and let your voices be heard in great numbers. Pray and keep the faith. The New World Order Gang is not perfect, as Brexit proved. Amen.