Obama Wants to Disarm Us Over Orlando, But Not Disarm Police When They Shoot Civilians

Once again, from Orlando and Louisiana to Minnesota and now to Dallas, we see a pattern of the government being quick to call for disarming citizens, especially those who own AR 15 rifles, yet never calls for disarming police when they shoot to kill citizens. Get the picture? We’ve already said that as they increasingly arm law enforcement, they are quick to disarm us. So under Obama, we see an exponential increase in the number of staged shooting events (some mixed with real killings) to carry out this agenda of the New World Order Gang. But notice, with the Dallas cop shootings, the President and his friends, including well known pastors who are secretly part of the New World Order Gang, are quick to pull the race card but nor call. In the Baton Rouge and Minnesota shootings, he was quick to use the gun control card. Just an observation to keep you focused on the truth. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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