The Orlando Hoax Further Proves US Gov’t is Satan’s World Bully

What else needs to be told the American Church about the two-faced US Government? if you believe Jesus when He calls Satan the false god of this world, and if America is the most powerful nation in this world, then only a dummy would not see that America is Satan’s puppet government. The Orlando shooting was so obviously fake (every last person interviewed on TV is an actor) that what really concerns us is not the obvious attempt to disarm law abiding citizens so that Satan’s worldly bully government can intern and kill strong Christians, but the fact that the government is so careless and reckless with the truth that it actually thought no one would notice. That should raise all kinds of alarms as to how desperate the traitors in Washington are to turn the nation over to even more Satanists! Do not stay asleep. Do like the Brits did and let your voices be heard in great numbers. Pray and keep the faith. The New World Order Gang is not perfect, as Brexit proved. Amen.


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