While Rebuking Police Brutality Against Blacks, Obama has been Quietly Arming Police Big Time!

Do local police forces need 93,000 machine guns if they are so brutal to blacks, as President Obama claims? Don’t get us wrong: we reject the major distraction that is the two party system in America. It is a scam of the worst kind. So our criticism of Obama is not partisan bickering, but sounding the alarm to Christians in America. Your government is arming themselves to destroy and arrest you! Jesus Christ said if they did it to Him, they will do it to us also. If they hated Him, they will hate us also. Well Obama hates Jesus Christ, and is arming as a militarized police to destroy us. Both President Bushes have militarized the police, but Obama has taken it to a far darker level. He claims to be for blacks, yet he is arming the very police he is criticizing in the latest round of false flag police shootings. He claims to support blacks, yet one of his executive orders threatens to put them back in slavery, along with all other Americans deemed to be too Christian or an enemy of the state. You have been forewarned. It is time to voice your opinions in many ways, not just the vote (which is skewed against us, but can be forced to work for us if we vote in big numbers). We must become leaders and galvanize each other to meet and come up with positions on various important issues, and publish those results. We must form a spontaneous fourth branch of government. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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