If the Absurdity of Politics in 2016 Doesn’t Convince You Your Vote Does Not Count…

Republicans and Democrats are on the same team, and that’s Team Satan. Jesus said Satan’s kingdom is united, and that a house divided against itself will fall. Jesus also said Satan is the god of this world. This alone should let you know you’ve been lied to about your vote. In addition, we have George Bush Sr., supposedly a republican, openly backing Hillary Clinton, a democrat. Several major newspapers, some supposedly republican, are backing Clinton and denouncing Donald Trump, the republican nominee. who seems to purposely sabotage his own campaign. Both Trump and Clinton are so obviously pretending to be candidates that it is ridiculous. Every four years, America is duped into believing that only 2 candidates and two parties can deliver “democracy.” Wake up! The best way to make your vote count is first to not vote, and then second, to assemble a large group of ordinary citizens in all 50 states and territories and compile a list of the top issues each group feels are most important. Publish this list on a public website and issue press releases to all the media in each state. A united, independent voice will send a message. But simply voting into a rigged, two party Satanic monopoly year after year is just a wasted vote for Team Satan. Do you worship Satan? Then keep voting in this demonic system that the mainstream media, which is demonic, promotes heavily in order to trick you. As always, stay in prayer. Amen.


Christian Priests Were Killed for Refusing Pledge of Allegiance to Post Revolution France

Sometimes, we have to go back to history to learn how true Christian patriots were persecuted for their faith in order to keep history from repeating itself. As we see today with the pledge of allegiance being the issue of the day, we in the Christian Church must not get distracted by the mainstream media. Our allegiance should only be to the New Jerusalem, not these demonic, beast-oriented nations who want us to pledge our hearts to a Satanic system. Don’t confuse faith with patriotism. Yes, it is ok to unite in common cause to preserve a system that encourages us in our faith, but our governments are not to be confused with Jesus Christ. They want to harm us!

Here’s an excerpt discussing the French town of Vendee, where those who murdered the Christian monarchy turned their weapons on the very civilians they sought to “free” with liberty, equality, and brotherhood:

What did this wonderful French Revolution do for civilization?

Read on: Twelve “infernal columns” commanded by General Louis-Marie Turreau were ordered to kill everyone and everything they saw. Thousands of people — including women and children — were massacred in cold blood, and farms and villages torched.

In the city of Nantes, the Revolutionary commander Jean-Baptiste Carrier disposed of Vendeean prisoners-of-war in a horrifically efficient form of mass execution. In the so-called “noyades” -mass drownings — naked men, women, and children were tied together in specially constructed boats, towed out to the middle of the river Loire and then sunk.

When it was over, French General Francois Joseph Westermann penned a letter to the Committee of Public Safety stating: “There is no more Vendee… According to the orders that you gave me, I crushed the children under the feet of the horses, massacred the women who, at least for these, will not give birth to any more brigands. I do not have a prisoner to reproach me. I have exterminated all.”

Historians believe that around 170,000 Vendeeans were killed in the peasant war and the subsequent massacres — and around 5,000 in the noyades. Question: Where was the Fraternity in this act?

This is a classical genocidal extermination of innocent men, women and children.
Peasants committing Religious Murderous Genocide against other Peasants

You see, the reason the Vendee had to be exterminated was because the Vendeean peasants were revolting against their country priests being killed because they refused to take an oath.
For Mr de Villiers, an aristocrat whose family seat is in the Vendee, genocide does indeed apply as his forebears were killed for religious reasons: they had rebelled to protect their priests, who refused to swear an oath to the new constitution. “It’s the rare case of a people rising up for religious reasons. They did not rebel because they were hungry, but because their priests were being killed,” he said. Question: Where was the Liberty in this act?

There is no liberty when the priest has to take loyalty oaths and is killed if he refuses. Did King Louis XVI do such dastardly deeds? — I don’t think so!

God So Loved The World That He Will Give It 7 Trumpets of Warning

Think about it for a bit. The Book of Revelation mentions 7 trumpets, seals and bowls of catastrophic events to hit the earth. One of them will be so bad and worse than a horror movie that men will wish for death but will be denied it! Set aside your fear for a bit and focus on something here. Our Heavenly Father can easily kill off all mankind as He did before, except for His loving promise he made to Noah in the form of a rainbow. But no! He established several phases of end time events to give men a final chance to repent. Yet they would not repent of their sorceries and other sins. Friends, that’s how patient God is. He is giving mankind phases of last minute forgiveness opportunities, otherwise, He would not have said “but they would not repent of their sorceries.” That’s the greatest and most patient love ever! Amen.

Ezekiel Foretold False Jerusalem Under Babylon that Eerily Mimics False Jerusalem Today

No matter how often we Christian truthseekers try to warn other Christians about their “great delusion” worship of the State of Israel as God’s plan, and thus that Jerusalem should be its eternal capital, they are locked in on this error. And as usual, many pastors encourage this delusion, which is putting their salvation in jeopardy. What these same false pastors never talk about is Ezekiel 8-11, which is a complex vision Ezekiel had of the great abominations that causes desolation in the Temple at Jerusalem at that time. In Ezekiel 11:3, the abominable Jewish leaders mocked faithful Jewish prophets like Ezekiel, and thus mocked our Heavenly Father, by essentially saying “did not you prophets prophesy that Jerusalem would be desolate and uninhabitable?” (The Douay Rheims bible has a clearer translation of this important verse). “Look! Aren’t we now building new houses in Jerusalem?” they said, mocking God. If you read the entire prophecy, not only did the elders and “ancients” mock God, they set up images of idols of detestable, murderous pagan nations in the Temple in Jerusalem, even worshiping 70 Ancients of Israel as gods! The women wept for the false god Tammuz in the Jerusalem Temple, a god tied to Baal and Adonis (for all of you who use the name “Adoni” or “Adonai” here’s the real pagan source of that name), and also tied to Ishtar, the same sexually perverse idol cult that gave rise to Easter.

These abominable Elders of the Temple also worshipped the sun, which is why they tried to confuse Sunday church going with this detestable practice. but that is not true. But that’s another topic. The murderous Elders of Jerusalem mocked God by saying He forgot about the earth and does not see what they are doing secretly in His Temple, which by now was essentially converted into Adonis-Tammuz-Baal-Satan worship! Note that Jerusalem was indeed under judgment and was no longer what it was after the Babylonian captivity. Yes, God kept a remnant of Jews there, but it was not its divine self anymore. So the Elders of Jerusalem who mocked God were, in effect, creating a new, false Jerusalem where they filled the Temple with pagan worship, which included homosexual male shrine prostitutes and the worship of every detestable pagan god, including Baal-Molech, who required the sacrifice of babies and even young adults as Satan their star (star of Remphan/Moloch/Saturn/Satan) required. The Elders were so eager to murder humans as a sacrifice that they said Jerusalem was the “cauldron” (or big pot) and everyone living there was the “flesh” (or sacrificial meat). In other words, they were willing to offer up all the residents of the city as a sacrifice to their false gods!

Does this sound like a “holy” city to you? Of course not. They made Jerusalem more unholy than it was before the Babylonian captivity started. The 70 Week prophecy given to Daniel would be God’s final warning to Jerusalem and the Jewish nation that an end to this level of abominable wickedness had to be stopped and atoned for or else “no stone” of the abominable Temple would be left on it, as Jesus Christ would later declare. Not only did the 70 Elders (Sanhedrin) of Jerusalem reject Jesus Christ, they accepted the offer of Satan to possess the kingdoms of the world (Parable of the Tenants that most false pastors are afraid to preach about). Andin keeping with the “70” theme, Rome sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD. God brought an end to the Jerusalem iniquity by bringing an end to Jerusalem. So why on earth would He yet again resurrect Jerusalem when He already declared a New Jerusalem to come for both Jews and Gentiles who follow Jesus Christ? There is only one age of grace, not two. This Jerusalem in Israel today is an imposter. The only remnant of Israel is the unidentified 144,000 who Jesus Christ knows (they have not been identified yet and are certainly not all Jews, but of the 12 tribes). Once again, the Elders of false Israel (aka false Jews/Synagogue of Satan as Revelation calls them) today mock God and will mock His Temple yet again, in the worst way imaginable, far worse than what Ezekiel saw in his vision! The homosexual Anti-Christ will seat Himself in the Holy of Holies to allow Satan to possess him and take the spot where only the Holy Spirit of Our Heavenly Father was permitted to dwell!! This is the ultimate abomination that would trigger God to destroy the earth, yet He will cut short the days of this extreme abomination and sound the 7 Trumpets of His Wrath! Pray to Jesus Christ for wisdom in this matter. Amen.


New World Order Gang Needs Sin in World to Expand Their Power

New World Order Gang Needs Sin in World to Expand Their Power


Are you doing enough to spread the Gospel of Truth, aka the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to the world? Deception is sweeping the world at alarming rates. 2 Thessalonians says that those who don’t love the truth will believe the “great delusion” (big lie) while those who love the truth will not. This is important to understand. Since Jesus Christ is Truth, this verse is saying that those who hate Jesus or don’t want to follow His commandments will believe this big system of lies. Satan knows this, and thus wants his children, headed by the New World Order Gang (Mystery Babylon the Great) to encourage the world to indulge in every sin, and at the same time, to make life very difficult for those who resist sin and temptation. For as we know, Jesus Christ commanded us to resist temptation to make Satan flee. The ultimate goal of Satan and his human children is to remove the lovers of truth (followers of Jesus Christ) from the earth so that all that are left are those who believe his massive, “lying wonders” complex of deceptions. So if you have no problem committing sin, you are then susceptible to believing the false view of the world put out there by Satan, which then means you will very likely receive the mark of the beast. The more you sin, the easier it is for you to believe their lies, which makes the push to the new world order that much easier. The gospel makes this push much harder, and is thus an obstacle to Satan and his children. Stay in prayer. Amen.