New World Order Gang Uses Walmart, Monsanto to Destroy Indie Farmers and Small Towns

Some of you already know this, but sadly, still too many of us don’t. We wrote about this phenomenon previously, but now we want to highlight yet another horror that came out of the falsified Iraqi War. Iraqi farmers, like many old school farmers around the world, used an ancient seed system that goes back thousands of years to Old Testament times. This system kept Iraqis quite independent from a food supply standpoint. But since 2003, once the U.S. Government got rid of Saddam Hussein at the behest of the New World Order Gang, Monsanto used orders put into place by New World Order favorite, Paul Bremer, the acting provisional leader of Iraq at the time. These orders allowed Monsanto to destroy this ancient seed method, a horror probably worse than what ISIS was accused of when it destroyed ancient monuments. Monsanto is busy doing similar horrors in India. And while Monsanto is destroying independent farms worldwide, Walmart is destroying small towns by driving out small business that keeps small towns independent. As one article in 2003 put it:

During the last 20 years, Wal-Mart has moved into communities and destroyed them, wiping out stores, slashing the tax base, and turning downtown areas into ghost-towns. This is accomplished through Wal-Mart’s policy of paying workers below subsistence wages, and importing goods that have been produced under slave-labor conditions overseas. Often, communities will even give Wal-Mart tax incentives, for the right to be destroyed.

Don’t keep buying from Walmart of Monsanto suppliers if you can afford to do so. They are helping to create an apocalyptic future on behalf of Mystery Babylon the Great. Instead, seek out alternative stores if possible. It’s going to be tough at this point, but do what you can. Stay in prayer. Amen.

Many of Us Don’t Know What Event is the End of Times

When you say “the end is coming soon,” what do you mean by “the end”? Do you mean beginning of the Tribulation? Is it when the Anti-Christ appears? Is it when the abomination that causes desolation is set up in Satan’s imitation of the ancient Temple of Solomon? Is it the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? Is it when Babylon is destroyed? Is it when the False Prophet, the Beast, Anti-Christ and those with the mark of the beast are burned up? Is it when Satan is bound 1,000 years? Is it when Jesus Christ finally defeats Satan’s Gog and Magog after Satan is released for a little season? It is very important to keep all of these events separate and distinct. The “End” is actually a series of events, which includes all of the above. But the permanent, true, and everlasting end is when Satan is cast into the lake of fire forever. Now that is a true end. But the end of this Babylon world system will happen soon. Stay in prayer and pray for the people of Venezuela. The reports out of that country are truly heartbreaking, frightening and apocalyptic. Amen.

The Second Coming of Jesus has a unique “code” sequence

Since so many pastors avoid the topic of bible prophecy at the expense of the salvation of the followers of Jesus Christ, we will fill in the gaps. And this particular topic is way to important not to address. Right now, many Christians have vague ideas about the distinction between the Anti-Christ (aka the AC) and the true Messiah, Jesus Christ. We think we know for sure since the AC is associated with a mark (rendered in ancient Greek) and the number 666, we assume we’ll be able to resist and accept Jesus Christ after the revealing of the AC. But are you so sure? How do you know Satan won’t reveal a false, decoy Anti-Christ since we all expect an AC before JC returns? Already the Pope is being socialized via the New World Order Gang’s world news media as a decoy (the Pope is not the Anti-Christ, though he may be on the same team). How do you know that Satan won’t trick us into thinking the destruction of Washington, New York, London, Rome and possibly even Jerusalem as a decoy fall of Babylon, since we all expect a downfall of Babylon before Jesus Christ returns? Already we see Hollywood movies suddenly with themes of the destruction of Washington and London, along with apocalyptic topics. So here are the general steps we need to look for to avoid being tricked

  1. The New World Order Gang creates chaos in the world to create a vacuum that they then solve with their real “Messiah” (Anti-Christ)
  2. The New World Order Gang unveils a decoy Anti-Christ. Don’t be surprised if there’s more than one as Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24, but we expect only one at this point.
  3. When this decoy AC fails, the New World Order Gang may destroy “Babylon” (Rome? New York? Washington?) and usher in their true Anti-Christ, who will likely be literally larger than life in stature and exceptional handsome physique. They will use hidden technology and science to have this Anti-Christ perform miracles. He will reveal his name, mark and number to the world (Jesus Christ won’t reveal His true name to the entire world, according to Revelation 19:12).
  4. The world, including many Christians, will be in so much awe and wonder of this very tall, very handsome “Messiah” who will even speak directly to them in their minds (Project Blue Beam), that they will gladly submit to him and seek to destroy his “enemies” – those who hold fast to the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.
  5. The saints will suffer some persecution, but will be taken to a place of safety before Jesus Christ returns
  6. When Jesus Christ returns in the manner spoken of in Revelation 19 and Matthew 24, Jesus Christ will trigger an unheard of, unbelievable light display, where this amazing light ray shines brightly and quickly form east to west. The world will assume it is a UFO alien invasion due to the relentless propaganda of Hollywood and Washington propaganda.
  7. Jesus Christ will have a name written that no man knows but Himself (most likely because He didn’t want this name recorded in the Bible in order to not give Satan and his children a chance to use this same name for their Anti-Christ).
  8. The world’s armies will attack Him, but Jesus Christ will prevail.

Memorize this sequence of events right now! Do not delay. The end times are fast approaching. The signs are increasing. There aren’t many sins left that the New World Order Gang has not weaponized. Only the abomination that causes desolation is left, and that will be when the Anti-Christ will seat himself in the Holy of Holies of a rebuilt Jerusalem Temple: Satan’s last jab at our Heavenly Father before he goes to eternal damnation. Stay in prayer. Amen.

Christians Should Demand Better From Politicians

Although a majority of Americans are Christians, we have allowed demons to run Washington and other powerful federal and state offices for far too long. The New World Order Gang has twisted and distorted the principles of so-called “separation of church and state.” Being the hypocrites they are, these demons have not separated their worship of Satan from shaping their wicked policies that have been a thorn in the side of the entire world! It’s long past time to throw off this yoke. There’s nothing wrong with requiring your officials to follow basic principles of Jesus Christ, which is based on love, as we wrote about recently. For over 100 years, for example, the vast majority of Americans have NEVER been for sending troops to far off lands to stir up wars, sending our young men back home in body bags fighting someone else’s New World Order Gang wars. So don’t vote for demons who encourage war! Run them out of office. Also, any politician who supports Satan’s agenda to confuse our young children’s sexuality should definitely be kicked out of office. Following Jesus Christ means not running an agenda for Satan. It means to love our neighbors as ourselves without discriminating against those who are not Christian. Jesus never forced Himself on others, as we see from His exchange with the lady at the water well (a very good example of how we should interact with those who don’t believe). We should have reciprocity as our protocols for dealing with those of other religious beliefs: they respect us, we respect them, and we both co-exist. By our example, perhaps they might come to the faith. If not, we still love them! Stay in prayer. Amen.

Yes Immigration is Weaponized, But Avoid the Trap!

First, before we go into this topic, we are a racially diverse network of wise spiritual warriors of Jesus Christ all over the world. So this topic is sensitive and important. In short, yes, the New World Order Gang, led mostly by Zionists and their gentile puppets, have taken key positions in government to push an agenda to overload countries with people from different cultures with a goal to “mix the seed of men” as the prophet Daniel said. But the prophecy said it will fail. So why do many white Christians fall for the trap of hating foreigners who themselves are victims of Western imperialism? No matter what the demons of the New World Order Gang do to tempt you, you must resist Satan, including hating foreigners. Instead, consider the forces of the New World Order that forced them to desire living in America and Europe in the first place. For example, NATO (which is a puppet of American Zionist imperialism), destroyed a once prosperous Libya, sending the affluent country into an apocalyptic downward spiral of poverty, disease, violence and death! The best Libyans fled by boats, some drowning along the way to Italy and other southern European shores. Same thing happened to Syria, and the people fled to Greece, Hungary, and other nearby European borders. And now the New World Order Gang is destroying the once prosperous Venezuela in the worst possible nightmarish way, and guess where those people will immigrate next? So just consider that: if America were suddenly destroyed like these countries, leaving everyone without bank accounts, homes, food, water, healthcare, etc., wouldn’t you want a well off nation to help you out? What would Jesus do? These people are mostly victims, so if you hate weaponized immigration, then first get rid of the demons of Washington and Wall Street who keep forcing these wars on innocent civilians worldwide! Stand up for justice, not hate. Stay in prayer. Amen.

Resist Being Deceived About the Name of Jesus Christ

The first question you should ask yourself is, if the New Testament was written in ancient Greek very early on, why are so many people these days trying to demand you learn Hebrew to speak His “true” name? There was a very good reason the Holy Spirit led the writers to write in ancient Greek: the Jewish leaders, whom Jesus referred to as the Synagogue of Satan, were hell-bent on persecuting the early Church severely, and to use every form of deception in their father’s satanic playbook to lead the followers astray, including language traps. If the New Testament were rendered in Hebrew, it would be full of deception today! In Revelation 19:12, we see that the true name of our Savior is not known to anyone but Him when He returns. Why? Because if it had been recorded, Satan and his children would have name their false Christ the same thing! So when Jesus Christ returns, He will reveal His full, true name to those whom He chooses. Finally, as for the nonsense about the letter “J” not being around when Jesus’s name started with an “I” in ancient Greek, stop that! If that were the case, then why not require that everyone learn ancient Hebrew and Greek in order to be saved? Silly! Jesus is more than His name; He is His destiny, His behavior, His unique title: Savior of Mankind! He is the only One who raised a man from the dead, and the only one who can save us from our sin through His death and resurrection. His Second Coming has a unique “code” sequence which we’ll discuss in a separate post, but you need to know this sequence of events in order to avoid being deceived by the sequence of events of the anti Christ. Stay in prayer. Amen.

Hollywood does not care about Prince

If you happened to watch the usual satanic 2016 Billboard Music Awards last night, you probably saw the princess of the dark forces of kabbalah, pop singer Madonna, give her so-called tribute to the late pop star Prince. In the years leading up to his death, Prince was quite vocal about his criticisms of the dark side of Hollywood, as well as the dark side of the government, particularly the New World Order. His death is still shrouded in controversy and mystery (any surprise there?), and Hollywood has no love in it for dead celebrities. So why did Madonna (whose name is a direct disrespect of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ) appear as royalty, wearing purple and sitting on a large purple throne? It wasn’t for the Purple One, as Prince was called. It is a signal to her fellow New World Order Gang that Hollywood is ready to take things to the next level, which is elevating the Queen of Heaven worship (Mystery Babylon the Great) to usher in steps necessary for what Revelation calls the Tribulation. Hollywood has been at war against the Church for over 100 years, and they see their opportunity now, and Washington agrees. Stay in prayer. Amen.

Don’t Fall for the Transgender Bathroom Crisis Trap!

If you haven’t been paying attention over the weekend, not only are countries like Venezuela facing apocalyptic events of the worst kind, the earth itself is groaning with numerous volcanic activities, earthquakes, extreme thunderstorms and tornados, and more. The New World Order Gang is fully aware of these activities, and have unleashed several distraction traps that serve two purposes: to distract us from major earth and political events, and also to try to provoke the American Church to reach the tipping point and riot against the government. And if we fall into that trap without thinking, then they will dispatch their law enforcement and military troops to bring the social “chaos” under control! After that comes a gradual militarized police state accompanied with New World Order socialism, which will be worse than its predecessors. A better response to this transgender bathroom distraction is to form grassroots volunteer political action groups in every state, ideally recruiting 1,000 or more volunteers per state. Share opinions and surveys and report these findings to all truther news sites and the local media. Also, try to keep your young children out of public restrooms unless you’re able to accompany them. Ladies, use common sense when a man claiming to be a woman enters a woman’s restroom. Bring a friend if need be, or ask the guy to please wait till you’re finished, or leave promptly if you feel uncomfortable. Use your judgment as some guys who are effeminate will be more obvious than others (a lot of women are already very comfortable with men who are truly effeminate and know the difference). Finally, Washington knows that common sense should prevail when it comes to this senseless bathroom confusion, but they don’t care about common sense: they want social chaos and confusion, because their father Satan is the author of confusion and destructive chaos! Stay in prayer. Amen.

We Need Church Security Drills to Counter Gov’t Anti-Christ Drills

That’s right. With all the sudden surge in military and police drills that the awakened ones among us know is aimed at us, we need to sound the trumpet for our churches of all denominations around the country to get into preparedness mode through drills and enlightened sermons. No more should sermons be focused on distractions such as prosperity and self-improvement. These are doctrines of demons. Jesus Christ Himself commanded us to deny ourselves and follow Him. How does prosperity and self esteem focus achieve this goal? We need to deny ourselves, meaning set aside our need for more money and feeling good about our individual lives and focus on the life of the spirit of the church! We are being encircled right now, and we want to be the 5 Virgins who had oil in their lamps (Parable of the 10 Virgins). We should address various government strategies aimed at us and come up with a response strategy. For instance, there is an executive order giving the President the power to deny food and water to any state he chooses. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket science to know that major states, especially Texas and California and Florida, are in the cross hairs. Michigan is already undergoing some water crises as a test to subdue a larger target. We can’t just stand by and not come up with a response. Jesus Christ told us to stay awake. Well awaken thyself Church! Stay in prayer. Amen.

TSA Using PreCheck Policy In Place to Trap Us Here

Are you so tired of the rapid decline of American morals and ethics that you want to take a leave of absence and fly overseas to a more peaceful destination? You better hurry up! The New World Order Gang has a new scheme in place to trap their enemies here and most likely to put them in captivity in concentration camps. Have you noticed how suspiciously long boarding lines at the some major airports have been the past few days? It’s not an accident. Congress has been pressuring the TSA to ease up on baggage fee checks to speed up the lines, but that’s not the only reason. The real reason the lines are long is that the TSA is encouraging people to sign up for their “TSA PreCheck” service. With PreCheck, you simply fill out an early check in for TSA online and for $85 you get a 5-year pass to skip the lines. Sounds good, right? But the problem is, with PreCheck, the TSA can more easily deny you a flight out for various criminal reasons, which include: Espionage or conspiracy to commit espionage, Sedition or conspiracy to commit sedition, Treason or conspiracy to commit treason, and others. But what constitutes “espionage, sedition, or treason?” They don’t say. But with various extraordinary and vague executive orders in place by Bush and Obama, these can be defined any way the President seems fit. In other words, if they deem you a threat to national security, you are stuck here! So plan your international trips soon if you think your strong Christian values might lead them to consider you a conspiratorial, seditious person. Stay in prayer. Amen.