The Strange Connection Between the Aug 21 Eclipse Balloons and Hurricane Harvey

Many people have speculated that the rare, once in a lifetime eclipse event was tied to the rare, once in a lifetime hurricane event just a few days later. But what many don’t know is that Montana State University may possibly be the missing link.

How so?

Remember those bizarre weather balloons that Montana State had those children release into the upper atmosphere to supposedly study the effects of certain bacteria on Mars? Well that bacteria was exposed to be the quite deadly Paenibacillus thiaminolyticus. Did those kids have the proper gear on when handling such balloons? Also, back in 2011, Montana State was linked to an article that showed that certain bacteria, when released into the upper atmosphere, can cause rain drops, snow and hail, thus providing the ability to influence weather. Coincidence?


Montana State Univ:


While You Were Distracted: PizzaGate Child Abusers, Turkey Admits Risking WW3, Britain Loses All Online Privacy…


People, do not let your brains be remote controlled by the New World Order Gang. They have conditioned us to be brain dead tax paying consumers who don’t have time to think beyond the propaganda of the mainstream media. We know that many of you have little time for detailed research, so here is a quick list of extremely ominous and prophetic events that will rock 2017 to its core:

  1. Turkey admits it lied when it said it invaded Syria to create a buffer zone against ISIS. Instead, Erdogan admits he wants to topple Assad and “hand” Syria over to its “rightful owners” the Syrian people. Yet he did not define who controls this hand off, what “rightful owners” means and for how long this transition would take? What is equally suspicious is why Russia waited till not to express concern over Turkey’s invasion of Syria, which started back in August 2016. Folks, this is how world wars are started! Watch this topic carefully as your family’s safety depends on it. Turkey’s admission will likely draw America and Russia into a direct (not proxy) war!
  2. The so called “wildfires” in Tennessee were deliberately set by the New World Order Gang to continue to condition us for martial law and evacuating us to concentration camps (Jade Helm). Dayboo77 on YouTube does a good job assessing the suspiciousness of this wildfire (Click video link below)
  3. The so called “wildfire” in Israel is most likely a purposeful pretext to either enter Palestinian territory to provide more land for the displaced Israelis, or just a distraction from the latest rounds of brutal bullying of Palestinians.
  4. PizzaGate has exposed what has long been known for those who have been awake regarding how the children of Satan in high government office have been actively participating in kidnapping and sex trafficking very young children all over the world for very, very sick, perverted and unspeakable things that you thought only existed in Hollywood horror movies (wrong: horror movies actually happen in real life). When these sick bastards are done with the children, they sometimes just exterminate them like animals, sacrificing them to their god, Satan! Why do you think they fight so hard to keep abortions?
  5. Cash is gradually being banned all over the world. India is already being crippled by this. Venezuela and other countries are going through this.
  6. Massive computer hacks of major nationwide systems, including bank ATMS, are happening all over the world. The most notable one was nearly 1 million ATMs in Germany. On top of this, bankers are thinking of taxing you when you withdraw money out of your own account! Prepare, people.
  7. Britain has essentially put all of its citizens under constant and total surveillance. If you regularly communicate with friends or businesses in the U.K., your communications will be recorded and saved for up to 12 months.
  8. Major earthquakes keep happening. Not just the 5 or 6.0 earthquakes, but the even bigger ones.
  9. Satan is getting more and more schools to promote the worship of him by your children! Warn other parents about this and prepare to take your kids out of these schools of Satan. The real reason they are free is to gradually demonize your children, turning them against you.
  10. There are many more, major developments. Stay tuned. We’ll update this article.

If You Believe in Outer Space, Then You Deny Jesus Christ

That’s right. Jesus Christ was there by the Father’s side when He created the heavens and the earth, including the firmament above the heavens (aka the skies above, the atmosphere). Our Heavenly Father made it very clear in Genesis that there is a firmament over the earth and skies, including the stars, the sun, and the moon. But many of you have chosen to believe the lies of Satan, the father of the great delusion. You say if you were Adam or Eve, you would have rejected Satan’s lies then. Here’s how it went (note: Satan was smart because he knew that Eve did not hear directly from God on this, but through Adam):

Satan: Did God say you can’t eat of every tree in the garden?

Eve: We can eat of any tree in the garden except for the tree in the middle of the garden, and if we do, we will die

Satan: You won’t surely die, for if you eat of it, you shall be like gods, knowing good and evil

Stop right there. Is either Adam or Eve alive today? So now you know this was a deception by Satan. He got them killed off through this crafty lie. He knew that if he got them to buy it, then they would know evil, which is his foothold into man’s earthly experience ever since.

But that’s beside the point. Now let’s paraphrase this scenario with the outer space lie:

Satan: Did God say there is a firmament above the heavens?

Many Christians: Yes, and there is a layer of water above the firmament, and no man can ascend past that firmament.

Satan: There is no firmament or waters above the firmament. There is outer space, with many beautiful planets and galaxies far away, and some planets contain aliens and other fanciful creatures for you to explore billions of light years away, the sun is 93 million miles away…

Sound familiar? So whose side are you on? If Jesus was there when God created the heavens, the earth, and the firmament, then Jesus is standing by this truth, and He is the way, the truth, and the life. Pick your sides immediately! Amen.


Your Education and the Media Has Seared Your Conscience with a Hot Iron

1 Timothy 4:2 warned us today, in these latter times, about very influential seducing spirits who will use a process to sear our minds with their systemic hot iron from our childhood. The New World Order gang (aka Mystery Babylon the Great) realized that the best way to create their artificial world system was to hijack the education system and instill propaganda in children as early as possible. Think about it: for centuries, most families home schooled their children. That was a threat to Babylon the Great because faith reigned supreme with homeschooling. So they offered “free” public education that you are forced to pay for with your homes (if it were good for us, we wouldn’t need to be forced to pay for it, right?) We know that by 5 years old, children start locking in whatever they are taught and will keep locking in the truth or a lie in repetition until it becomes permanent by their late teens. As these young people mature, their egos further lock in this hot iron searing because they feel “proud” of their academic accomplishments, especially if they earned a post graduate degree (and those who get a PhD will really be full of the yeast of the Pharisees). You can test this by asking them if God created the world in 6 days. Watch them call you crazy. Ask them to challenge whether humans are the byproduct of evolution, and they will think you are backwards and archaic. Challenge whether the earth is indeed truly a round globe, and they will try to get you a straight jacket. Dare them to not vote Republican or Democrat (or whatever two-party scam your country runs), and watch them regurgitate that ‘to not vote for one of these is to waste your vote’. As a result, when the New World Order gang tells them that killing Muslims in the Middle East is for the good of humanity, they go along with it because they have been conditioned to believe the one who seared their conscience with a hot iron. What will then stop them from accepting 666 in their foreheads? Who put these thoughts in their minds? Answer: That hot iron of the New World Order gang. Come out of her, my people, Jesus Christ warns us. Re-assess everything you’ve been taught. Amen.

Read this first…

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