Times Up, American Church!

We will not mince words in this post. The times have grown far darker than you realize. This message is aimed at the majority of American Christians who have ignored or turned a blind eye to how the New World Order Gang has used smaller populations of Americans as target practice, in anticipation of the day they will use their well-honed tactics on the majority of Americans. That day has come! Church of America, and census data shows that most Americans still consider themselves Christian, you have turned away as the police state has been actively using your black and Hispanic brothers and sisters as target practice for decades. They used laws to disarm minorities by making it easy to get felony records that last a lifetime for relatively small offenses. (Not that all police forces were anti-minority, but some have had moments where they used the poorest minorities as guinea pigs). And what did the American Church do? Many, not all, simply supported the police against the bad minorities. Not that all minorities are good, but instead of being dismissive of them, we should have stepped back and say, “although I don’t agree with crime and support law enforcement, can one day, the same law enforcement agency be turned against me in some other way?” The answer is yes! Presidents of both parties have been working for decades, quietly attacking gun rights and other civil rights while you worshipped government officials without question. And since many will ignore this message, we will tell you what is going to happen next (take heed and pray to Jesus Christ): The White House (aka Obama) has put an executive order in place to round up minority civil rights protesters and ship them off to internment camps. They’ve already started rounding up homeless people, and hardly anyone noticed (though the media, surprisingly, discussed this). Black Lives Matter and similar billionaire funded projects are being used as magnets to draw out unsuspecting minorities, thinking they are fighting for their rights, to then have an excuse to arrest and detain them, some indefinitely. Once they have neutralized the threat from minorities, guess who’s next? Yes, you! The New World Order Gang will be so well rehearsed in rounding up Americans by then that once they turn on the rest of Americans, you won’t be able to resist effectively. And they will unleash a worse nightmare on you than they’re unleashing on minorities! Just go back and read what happened to innocent Germans following the Hollywood fairy tale ending of World War II (the Allies were not heroes at all). The most violent criminals were purposely unleashed on Germans by the Allies, and we will spare you the gruesome, ugly, demonic details!! So instead of waiting until there is no one to help you, humble yourself and help your minority brothers right now. Most of them are innocent (not perfect, but innocent) and being led into a trap. Put an end to the New World Order Gang’s threat right now by trying new ways of expressing your collective opinion. Don’t trust either party!  Both work for Team Satan, as history has shown. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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