Stop Doubting the Origin of the Bible

Imagine you were one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ. You witnessed the adult life of the greatest man who ever lived. He performed many magnificent miracles, bringing sight to the blind (which is still tough for today’s greatest medical minds to do), brought hearing to the deaf, cast out powerful demons, turned water into wine, fed 5,000 people plus their families from a basket of bread and a few fish, defied time and space by instantly appearing on the other side of a big body of water, and even raised a man from the dead! And to top that off, after being murdered by jealous Jewish Pharisees who concocted a conspiracy of lies to have him condemned to death in Roman courts, He died on a crossbeam and rose again, appearing to you and others before ascending through the sky to the right hand of God’s throne, commissioning you to preach His Gospel to all the world! Wow! Would you wait a few centuries to write this down, or would you immediately start transcribing his miraculous life with the help of the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised He would send to give you wisdom and comfort? You already know that answer. So then why do so many Christians, including so-called pastors, believe the lie that the New Testament was not written until four centuries after the incredible life of Jesus Christ? Have faith and believe Jesus Christ when He sent His Holy Spirit to the Apostles as described early in the Book of Acts. Jesus Christ is the WORD, not just what was written down. So when He sent His Holy Spirit to the Apostles, He sent them a force of truth more powerful and effective than any modern day printer or so-called bible scholar! Amen! The King James Version is sufficient as it was written long before modern scholars crept in and made themselves authorities and added traps into so-called modern translations. The Douay Rheims Challoner is fine, too, but if based on the ones from the early 1500s.



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