The Ft. Lauderdale Airport, Russian Hacking Hoax and Fake News Trojan Horse is Run by U.S. Intelligence

To the American Church: How many truth videos and articles must be posted before you wake up?! Stop believing everything you see in the mainstream media! They belong to the world, and are part of Mystery Babylon the Great, the whore of Satan. Jesus told you that there is no truth in Satan (which then means there is no truth in his human children), and that He (Jesus Christ) is the TRUTH. If Jesus is the truth, why do you still believe the anti Christ world has any truth in it? Stop believing their lies. The reason and purpose for Satan deceiving the whole world is to fill every human with lies, so that no truth can be found in any of them when Jesus Christ returns. Remember Jesus said no truth is found in Satan. This implies that He (Jesus Christ) seeks truth in each being. So we write this post as a warning: don’t let lies be found in you by Jesus when he returns!

We repeat: There is NO truth in any world media, especially the U.S. and Western Europe (which are the leaders of this last version of the Beast of Daniel 2). Only Jesus Christ is the TRUTH. Jesus does not share the responsibility of being the source of truth with Satan, thus there is no truth in Satan or his world system at all. There’s only one source of truth, and that’s Jesus Christ, so if the world rejects Jesus Christ, then it rejects truth and is enslaved to lies (2 Thessalonians). Satan is the father of lying wonders, and his human children practice deception via sorcery, which is why their spells are working on many in this world. Do not be caught up in this snare.

As we’ve already noted, the Russian hacking scandal is a lie. U.S. intelligence has no proof, which is why they hide behind their wall of deception by avoiding offering proof and just bluff us into trusting them blindly. Christians should not trust any anti Christ systems when it comes to the truth. The main public face of the U.S. intelligence hoax, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, is the same guy who lied several times to the American people in recent years about false claims (click here and here). Clapper is yet again the face of another deception, this time taking aim at Putin and Trump. Clapper seems to think all presidents should never question him or the intelligence community, and in effect, is saying that the President must submit to his authority, instead of the other way around.

The Wikileaks people have repeatedly said the source of the Clinton emails was not Russian, yet U.S. intelligence and their media puppets keep repeating the lie until it becomes a false “truth” in the minds of the public. Ask any experienced computer programmer and they will tell you it is easy for any computer on the planet to pretend to be another computer anywhere in the world, and it is basically impossible to trace a so-called “hack” back to its source given how hackers know how to mask their identities and throw the trail somewhere else. It is silly to think that the Russians would be so obvious as to use Russian language characters in the alleged malware code that would make it easy for the U.S. to blame them and use that as a pretext to start a war. If you have no experience with computer programming, please don’t be deceived; ask someone to explain hacking versus organized server penetration (cyber threats).

But lets take a quick look back over 100 years ago when America did a similar strategy of demonizing Russia when Russia and America had good relations. In order to drag us into World War I, the human children of Satan who run America needed a foreign enemy or two to demonize. So they chose Russia and Germany. Go back and research newspapers and magazines from the 1880s till the late 1890s and you won’t find any hint of bad relations between us and these two countries. The American beast needed war, and the Satanists engineered one based on lies against Russia and Germany. Why repeat history in 2017?

At Ft. Lauderdale Airport today, we see the same police state hoax pattern being repeated again, aiming at gun control and to control the public through manufactured fear and terror. The same pattern of unbelievable crisis actors with unbelievable made up names is occurring again. Ironically, this is fake news, yet they are trying to silence us in the truth community using PizzaGate as the launching pad. The whole child sex abuse scandal was meant to be a Trojan Horse to trick the truth community into reporting the “facts” from these Satanists so that they can then send in their gun-toting crisis actor to supposedly shoot up the pizza parlor and have the “sad” looking owner blame the truth community. The media only gets its power if Christians keep believing their lies over the truth of Jesus Christ.

Once again, American Church, stop believing the mainstream media! They have no truth in them because their father, the devil, has no truth in him! You have been warned. Don’t die with a mind and soul full of Satan’s lies, because Jesus will hold you accountable for those lies you digested over your life. Truth shall set you free from the bondage of the many lies you’ve been told over the years! Be free! In Jesus’ name, amen.


While You Were Distracted: PizzaGate Child Abusers, Turkey Admits Risking WW3, Britain Loses All Online Privacy…


People, do not let your brains be remote controlled by the New World Order Gang. They have conditioned us to be brain dead tax paying consumers who don’t have time to think beyond the propaganda of the mainstream media. We know that many of you have little time for detailed research, so here is a quick list of extremely ominous and prophetic events that will rock 2017 to its core:

  1. Turkey admits it lied when it said it invaded Syria to create a buffer zone against ISIS. Instead, Erdogan admits he wants to topple Assad and “hand” Syria over to its “rightful owners” the Syrian people. Yet he did not define who controls this hand off, what “rightful owners” means and for how long this transition would take? What is equally suspicious is why Russia waited till not to express concern over Turkey’s invasion of Syria, which started back in August 2016. Folks, this is how world wars are started! Watch this topic carefully as your family’s safety depends on it. Turkey’s admission will likely draw America and Russia into a direct (not proxy) war!
  2. The so called “wildfires” in Tennessee were deliberately set by the New World Order Gang to continue to condition us for martial law and evacuating us to concentration camps (Jade Helm). Dayboo77 on YouTube does a good job assessing the suspiciousness of this wildfire (Click video link below)
  3. The so called “wildfire” in Israel is most likely a purposeful pretext to either enter Palestinian territory to provide more land for the displaced Israelis, or just a distraction from the latest rounds of brutal bullying of Palestinians.
  4. PizzaGate has exposed what has long been known for those who have been awake regarding how the children of Satan in high government office have been actively participating in kidnapping and sex trafficking very young children all over the world for very, very sick, perverted and unspeakable things that you thought only existed in Hollywood horror movies (wrong: horror movies actually happen in real life). When these sick bastards are done with the children, they sometimes just exterminate them like animals, sacrificing them to their god, Satan! Why do you think they fight so hard to keep abortions?
  5. Cash is gradually being banned all over the world. India is already being crippled by this. Venezuela and other countries are going through this.
  6. Massive computer hacks of major nationwide systems, including bank ATMS, are happening all over the world. The most notable one was nearly 1 million ATMs in Germany. On top of this, bankers are thinking of taxing you when you withdraw money out of your own account! Prepare, people.
  7. Britain has essentially put all of its citizens under constant and total surveillance. If you regularly communicate with friends or businesses in the U.K., your communications will be recorded and saved for up to 12 months.
  8. Major earthquakes keep happening. Not just the 5 or 6.0 earthquakes, but the even bigger ones.
  9. Satan is getting more and more schools to promote the worship of him by your children! Warn other parents about this and prepare to take your kids out of these schools of Satan. The real reason they are free is to gradually demonize your children, turning them against you.
  10. There are many more, major developments. Stay tuned. We’ll update this article.

It’s Very Sad that Americans Think U.S. Military Fears Small Terrorist Groups

If you’re an American and you rely on the mainstream news media for your info about world affairs, then you are being completely deceived. First, as we mentioned before, America is not a direct democracy like almost all Americans think. A direct democracy is where the vote of the people directly determines who gets elected and the issues that elected officials must solve on behalf of the people. This is a fantasy. Your elected officials don’t listen to you or visit with you (which is what the ancient monarchs were accused of doing before the wave of revolutions such as the American Revolution). Elected officials do the will of the elite wealthy people and their special interests, not yours.

Now that we got that bit of business out of the way, let’s look at terrorism. So you still think Al Qaeda and ISIS are a bigger threat to the U.S. than, say Russia, China, Iran and other major world powers? If you think that, then again, you have been deceived. America is the mightiest empire the world has ever known. It is the power that scared the prophet Daniel in his terrifying night visions. So if the prophet Daniel was terrified by the United States, why would you think the U.S. would be fearful of some rag tag group of fake Muslim terrorists who Russia sent packing once Russia bombed them in Syria? Not even Russia and China dare start a fight with America, yet you really think a group the Russians defeated in Syria would seriously scare America?

Time to wake up!

America needs a fake enemy in order to carry out its Satanic agenda. Without ISIS or Al Qaeda and their splinter groups, the U.S. would have no justifiable excuse to invade nation after nation as it builds its empire on behalf of the Zionist Israeli empire dreams (why do you think the Israeli lobby is so strong in Washington?). This is why Israel has been providing material support to ISIS and Al Qaeda in their quest to defeat Syria. If it didn’t make sense why Israel would bomb Syria in a way that helped the terrorists, now you know. When the Israeli beast speaks, the American (and lesser European beasts) obeys and speaks the same language, as Revelation implies.

Is there a solution? Perhaps. The longer this continues, the less likely of a solution short of divine intervention by Jesus Christ, which is soon going to happen. In the meantime, we highly recommend Americans and Europeans to form your own groups without formalities. In every voting jurisdiction/precinct, citizens should create a website or social media group to form your own opinions and appoint a secretary or press representative to collect the opinions into press releases that get posted online for mass distribution and for consumption by the press. In effect, you must become a 4th branch of government! Nominate people you think should run government on your behalf without regard for party affiliation. Break the propaganda monopoly of the two party fake system! You are your own party. Come together and make your opinions numerous and united at the local level. We wrote an article about this months ago.

Politics should be local, and nation politics should be forced to be local, too. In the U.S., every county should have a united social media group or website, and should also meet in person monthly (or whatever frequency you agree on). Discuss the issues yourselves and come to decisions on your own. Discuss individuals in your community who can make a difference locally and nationally. Similar groups from across the country should then share each other’s findings and come to a consensus across state lines without the major parties! You can do it, America. This is how to make America truly great again. Each of us has a voice and let’s exercise it ourselves. Stay in prayer. Amen.

God So Loved The World That He Will Give It 7 Trumpets of Warning

Think about it for a bit. The Book of Revelation mentions 7 trumpets, seals and bowls of catastrophic events to hit the earth. One of them will be so bad and worse than a horror movie that men will wish for death but will be denied it! Set aside your fear for a bit and focus on something here. Our Heavenly Father can easily kill off all mankind as He did before, except for His loving promise he made to Noah in the form of a rainbow. But no! He established several phases of end time events to give men a final chance to repent. Yet they would not repent of their sorceries and other sins. Friends, that’s how patient God is. He is giving mankind phases of last minute forgiveness opportunities, otherwise, He would not have said “but they would not repent of their sorceries.” That’s the greatest and most patient love ever! Amen.

Ezekiel Foretold False Jerusalem Under Babylon that Eerily Mimics False Jerusalem Today

No matter how often we Christian truthseekers try to warn other Christians about their “great delusion” worship of the State of Israel as God’s plan, and thus that Jerusalem should be its eternal capital, they are locked in on this error. And as usual, many pastors encourage this delusion, which is putting their salvation in jeopardy. What these same false pastors never talk about is Ezekiel 8-11, which is a complex vision Ezekiel had of the great abominations that causes desolation in the Temple at Jerusalem at that time. In Ezekiel 11:3, the abominable Jewish leaders mocked faithful Jewish prophets like Ezekiel, and thus mocked our Heavenly Father, by essentially saying “did not you prophets prophesy that Jerusalem would be desolate and uninhabitable?” (The Douay Rheims bible has a clearer translation of this important verse). “Look! Aren’t we now building new houses in Jerusalem?” they said, mocking God. If you read the entire prophecy, not only did the elders and “ancients” mock God, they set up images of idols of detestable, murderous pagan nations in the Temple in Jerusalem, even worshiping 70 Ancients of Israel as gods! The women wept for the false god Tammuz in the Jerusalem Temple, a god tied to Baal and Adonis (for all of you who use the name “Adoni” or “Adonai” here’s the real pagan source of that name), and also tied to Ishtar, the same sexually perverse idol cult that gave rise to Easter.

These abominable Elders of the Temple also worshipped the sun, which is why they tried to confuse Sunday church going with this detestable practice. but that is not true. But that’s another topic. The murderous Elders of Jerusalem mocked God by saying He forgot about the earth and does not see what they are doing secretly in His Temple, which by now was essentially converted into Adonis-Tammuz-Baal-Satan worship! Note that Jerusalem was indeed under judgment and was no longer what it was after the Babylonian captivity. Yes, God kept a remnant of Jews there, but it was not its divine self anymore. So the Elders of Jerusalem who mocked God were, in effect, creating a new, false Jerusalem where they filled the Temple with pagan worship, which included homosexual male shrine prostitutes and the worship of every detestable pagan god, including Baal-Molech, who required the sacrifice of babies and even young adults as Satan their star (star of Remphan/Moloch/Saturn/Satan) required. The Elders were so eager to murder humans as a sacrifice that they said Jerusalem was the “cauldron” (or big pot) and everyone living there was the “flesh” (or sacrificial meat). In other words, they were willing to offer up all the residents of the city as a sacrifice to their false gods!

Does this sound like a “holy” city to you? Of course not. They made Jerusalem more unholy than it was before the Babylonian captivity started. The 70 Week prophecy given to Daniel would be God’s final warning to Jerusalem and the Jewish nation that an end to this level of abominable wickedness had to be stopped and atoned for or else “no stone” of the abominable Temple would be left on it, as Jesus Christ would later declare. Not only did the 70 Elders (Sanhedrin) of Jerusalem reject Jesus Christ, they accepted the offer of Satan to possess the kingdoms of the world (Parable of the Tenants that most false pastors are afraid to preach about). Andin keeping with the “70” theme, Rome sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD. God brought an end to the Jerusalem iniquity by bringing an end to Jerusalem. So why on earth would He yet again resurrect Jerusalem when He already declared a New Jerusalem to come for both Jews and Gentiles who follow Jesus Christ? There is only one age of grace, not two. This Jerusalem in Israel today is an imposter. The only remnant of Israel is the unidentified 144,000 who Jesus Christ knows (they have not been identified yet and are certainly not all Jews, but of the 12 tribes). Once again, the Elders of false Israel (aka false Jews/Synagogue of Satan as Revelation calls them) today mock God and will mock His Temple yet again, in the worst way imaginable, far worse than what Ezekiel saw in his vision! The homosexual Anti-Christ will seat Himself in the Holy of Holies to allow Satan to possess him and take the spot where only the Holy Spirit of Our Heavenly Father was permitted to dwell!! This is the ultimate abomination that would trigger God to destroy the earth, yet He will cut short the days of this extreme abomination and sound the 7 Trumpets of His Wrath! Pray to Jesus Christ for wisdom in this matter. Amen.


Principles of Prophecy – Beast, Harlot and Horn Symbols Explained

For some reason, when it comes to analyzing Bible prophecy, and particularly the Book of Revelation, many people confuse three important symbols: The Beast, the Harlot and the Horn. We’re not going to go into full details about the identity of these three or their behaviors, other than to establish what they represent in simple, easy to understand words. The very first thing to understand is that all three symbols are organizations of men and women who are in alliance with Satan and his demons to possess them. If you don’t understand demon possession, go back and read when Jesus Christ cast out demons. He showed us this process of casting out demons for a reason! The main key to understanding the three is the Harlot, who is called “Mystery Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots,” or MBGMH for short. Why refer to this Mystery in a derogatory feminine sense? Notice this organization is a “she” or “her,” not masculine. In the Old Testament, the 10 Tribes of Israel, as well as the 2.5 tribes under Judah, were referred to as Aholah and Aholibah, the successive wives that God divorced and sent away because of their whoredoms with the nations around them.

What did the Old Testament mean by “whoredoms” and “filth” in referring to these two feminine organizations?

In a nutshell, when Israel grew tired of following God Almighty because of His strict laws and lack of seeing Him like the idols of nations around them, they would take matters into their own hands and negotiate various deals to keep the peace with the heathen nations around them. Thus, deals involving trade, political alliances and even spiritual alliances increased over time, despite the fact God prohibited such entanglements, except for the certain trade laws outlined in the Old Testament. Keep in mind, at the time, Israel was God’s chosen people, so if Satan wanted to be like God, then he would also want to choose Israel! So he targeted them to be his followers. Satan enticed them to want to mix and mingle with the pagan nations around them just so that he could spite God like he tried to do with Job! Much of this mixing and mingling was often done outside the realm of the Kingdom of Israel. Some of the Kings of Israel were godly, and some were ungodly. The ungodly ones would follow this “mix and mingle” spirit of whoredom into political alliances. For instance, Solomon, when he married wives from pagan nations, adopted some of their religious practices that were against God’s law. Yes, before political alliances were formed, there would be pagan mixing and mingling of the leading figures of Israel, particularly the religious leaders.

In Daniel, many students of prophecy miss the beginning stages of Mystery Babylon the Great. Nebuchadnezzar, when he first took the Jews into captivity, ordered that all the best looking and brightest men of the Jews be made his advisers and astrologers and magicians. Daniel and his friends did not get involved in this dark part of the Babylonian captivity. By becoming the top dark advisers to Nebuchadnezzar, Mystery Babylon the Great reached a new height and “rode” the beast during the gold phase of the statue of Daniel 2. With each next version of the statue beast, the harlot grew in stealth and wealth and power! Thus, though God rejected and divorced Aholibah, Satan accepted her into the “feminine” mystery side of his alliance with humanity.

So this is why the Harlot is feminine. As the expression goes, behind every good man is a good woman. We paraphrase that to say that behind every masculine beast is a feminine harlot! Just as Jesus Christ has His Bride, the Church, so the Anti-Christ will have his false, promiscuous bride, the Harlot (we say “fake” because the actual man has no affinity towards women physically, but spiritually he has this harlot as a wretched imposter to the real Christ-Church marriage). The Harlot is the antithesis of the Church, and like Jezebel, she will be very possessive and jealous towards the Church whom she considers her rival. She wants all the masculine kingdoms to herself, and wants to make the existence of the Church in these kingdoms miserable and intolerable. This is why our kingdom is not of this world!

That brings us to the Beast. It is a massive political system that is the foundation upon which kingdoms stand. A horn, then, is a masculine office that is headed by one man. This is why a beast has horns, much like a rhino or deer or bull has horns. Every beast has at least one king running it, and some beasts are empires with multiple kingdoms. Left to themselves without any demonic influence, Gentile kingdoms would just co-exist with other kingdoms. As with any “beast” of the field, a beast might roam and find food and territory for resting, but by and large, it will not bother any other beast. This is how the actual animal world generally works. Gentile kingdoms have been like this for the most part. But that is not good enough for Satan. He needs to consolidate kingdoms under one world order, headed by the “weed” and “tenants” spoken of by Jesus in His parables. So he sent the harlot to ride these masculine beasts, making her so attractive to them that they came under her spell and influence (via sorcery and witchcraft). The harlot’s goal is to consolidate these kingdoms under Satan and to establish Satan’s son, the Anti-Christ, as the human god-king ruler of the world along the lines of Nimrod. Satan then wants the harlot to establish the next Temple in Jerusalem, with the help of the beast kings, so that Satan can then outright possess the Man of Sin as he sits in the Holy of Holies (abomination that causes desolation). Satan wants to do this as one last great angering spite of God before he goes to his eternal punishment. At some point, our Heavenly Father will then change the hearts and minds of the masculine Beast Kings to hate the feminine Harlot; most likely, the full truth about her mysteries will be revealed to the shock of the entire world who will find out who really cause all of the evil in the world.

Pray to Jesus Christ for the wisdom to keep these concepts in prophecy separate and distinct in your minds. Amen.


Warning…Increased “State of Emergency” Declarations Accelerates Martial Law

Between the “state of emergency” declaration in Charlotte, NC, due to the staged divide and conquer police shooting, and the state of emergency for the gas pipeline shutdown across the southeast and the wildfire state of emergency along the west coast, and perhaps other unknown declarations, the unprecedented number of declarations at this point in time only lend themselves toward conditioning us for the New World Order Gang’s martial law police state. They stage the chaos in order to then have the public “trust” them with the solution. This is kind of what the Book of Revelation referred to when it described one of the beasts as having the appearance of a lamb (the “order”) but speaking like a dragon (the “chaos”). This fake peace is also the objective of the White Horse of the Four Horsemen. Know that these “state of emergency” declarations will increase in frequency, intensity and duration, meaning the saints must be on guard and don’t fall asleep during these perilous times! Stay in prayer. Amen.