The “Dreadful, Terrifying” Vision the Prophet Daniel saw was the United States-United Nations-Europe!

More than once, Daniel saw a dreadful, horrifying beast that was unlike the others. At one point, Daniel was even sickened by what he saw in this last dreadful beast. Yet too many Christian pastors are ignoring this fact, instead focusing on silly philosophies that are not warning people about the alarming escalation towards the last stand of Satan against Jesus Christ. In order to understand what horrified Daniel till he was sickened, we have to first understand what made this last beast so different from all the others. Care to guess? You’ll probably not know. The answer is that, before the New World Order Gang’s favorite, secret mysticism-oriented year of 1776, the world only knew religious based monarchies. When you mix faith with kingdoms, economic policies and patriotism, the ties that bind citizens are very, very strong. So when Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world roughly 2,000 years ago during the Roman Empire era (4th kingdom in Daniel’s prophecy), he didn’t promise it would happen overnight. He likely knew it would take considerable time. So Jesus rejected Satan, but according to the Parable of the Tenants, the leading Jewish rabbis and scholars accepted this offer and went about trying to set up Jesus to be murdered, and eventually succeeded by bribing Judas Iscariot. But did they receive the kingdom immediately upon Jesus’ death? No. The ties that bound Romans were way too strong, plus in 70 AD, Jerusalem was sacked. Since the “Great City” was highly prized by the dejected Jewish leaders, their plan was to retake Jerusalem. After centuries of trial and error (during the era of the two legs, East and West, extending from the Roman Empire), even the failed attempts through the scam that was the Crusades (that was a classic divide and conquer pysop pitting Christians against Muslims to capture Jerusalem for them), they finally figured out they needed a mass murder machine kind of nation that would break and crush to pieces (sound familiar?) all nations that were based on religion, patriotism, classic economics and monarchies. Various councils in Europe came close, but were not perfect enough. So once they were kicked out of Europe in 1492, they set about for the “New World,” which would eventually be called the United States. They chose the number 13 for their initial colonies because 13 is another secret mysticism number they love. They could have chosen 12 or 14, but they chose 13 colonies for a dark reason. The first monarchy they would weaken was the English monarchy. Not long after that, they took down France. They could never really conquer Russia or China because, as Revelation alludes to, a way had to be prepared for the Kings of the East to cross the Euphrates into Jerusalem, so the East would always be a problem for the New World Order Gang. Nonetheless, the United States, along with their puppet European allies, would later be used to crush and break in pieces all monarchies worldwide through WWI and WWII (and now we see WWIII is basically upon us to finish the transition to the Satanic New World). The United Nations would be born as a child of the United States, and is really United States 2.0. Many people don’t know that the dreadful mass murder machine of Communism was born where the UN was born: New York City. And many don’t know that Nazi Socialism was also born in New York (and partly with the help of Hollywood propaganda). Global terrorism, especially Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL and their offshoots, was also born in the U.S.! So you see, what Daniel saw in his night visions that made him almost faint and sickened him with fright was the horrors of the United States and her puppet beasts, which are ridden by the daughters of Mystery Babylon the Great. If you have not read the truth about what really happened in WWI and WWII (and even Korea and Vietnam), please pray to find the truth. We’ll give you a hint: the most scary and bloody horror movies out of Hollywood have nothing on the horrors the U.S. and her Satanic allies visited on every nation they crushed and invaded, including extremely violent and fatal rapes, smashing of babies against walls, mutilating penises and vaginas, unleashing violent prisoners on the public, dropping massive bombs directly on people (melting them to the concrete), rounding up civilians in camps and starving them to death, forcing young women to kiss dead bodies, and so on! it is truly sick what they did, but they lied to you to make you glorify these orgies of blood that are all modern wars. Stay in prayer and ask for wisdom. Amen.

U.S. Democrats Don’t Even Know Clinton’s Real Name, Yet Vote Blindly Anyway

It is both amazing and sad that too many Americans don’t take any time to do at least a little research before throwing away their votes for pre-determined presidential candidate. We’ve already warned conservatives about putting too much faith in Donald Trump, who has a problem boldly proclaiming Jesus Christ as his savior. And we’ve also criticized “Billary” Clinton, whose track record in the State Dept and being NY Senator for a few years shows her true colors. And now we must once again call Democrats to task for not even knowing why they are voting for Hillary Clinton when Clinton is not even her real name. Bill Clinton’s name is not Clinton, but Blythe (William Jefferson Blythe III). The real reason his name was changed has nothing to do with the official reason so-called historians say. And by the way, Trump is not his real name either; it’s Drumpf (and neither is Barak Obama his name – look it up)…People, both parties are run by the same New World Order Gang who wants to keep you blind and in darkness, kind of like the movie Dark City. Stay in prayer. Amen.

So One So Called Terrorist Leads Entire Nations to Imprison Millions of Civilians!

If you’ve never had a clue as to how the end of the world sequence would start, you are getting a crash course right now! So in Munich Germany, one shooter in a very questionable video clip leads to the entire city of Munich being shut down. The rest of Germany will follow suit soon. Similarly, in France, a series of one or few so called terrorists lead to an entire nation being on lockdown perpetually, and getting worse as Hollande announced sweeping new law enforcement powers to let cops essentially do whatever they like to civilians, whenever they like, including entering and taking over homes and other property without due process of law. In Turkey, after a very suspicious coup soap opera, the entire country is locked down, including airports in or out, and thousands of teachers and judges ousted, and the military turned upside down. Many don’t know the real history of Erdogan. which is why many have been gullible enough to believe this political theater. In Venezuela, the entire country is pretty much blacked out from the rest of the world while the New World Order Gang continues to loot the country and starve its citizens. Brazil is next, it seems, as is Argentina, and a few other nations around the world, not to mention the United States, where questionable terror plots keep being released like Hollywood movies every day in a different state, all in order to disarm citizens and increasingly militarize the police. Wake up, Church! The leaves are changing, as Jesus Christ warned us. You can tell that something is definitely stirring the “seas” of people, as Bible prophecy refers to the masses of humanity. Pray that you stay awake and that our Heavenly Father perhaps comforts us or if possible, spare us the absolute horror that awaits! Amen.

Satan’s NBA All Star Game Shuns Charlotte NC

In “1984” by George Orwell, Big Brother mandated that citizens not say that 2+2=4, but that 2+2=5. In the Satanic gender neutrality movement, the New World Order Gang is deliberately trying to push the buttons of Christians and others with common sense about the subject of male and female gender identities. Regarding the NBA All Star Game, one well known NBA analyst fully supports the NBA decision to not allow the city of Charlotte, NC, to buy or sell without the mark of the NBA “moral values.” Who cares about the so-called “moral values” of a sports league that interferes with games, colludes in rigging sports betting in Las Vegas, has players who birth children out of wedlock all over the country (among other wickedness), and promotes demonic hand sign gestures and symbolisms in its marketing material? Christians everywhere should see this as a no brainer and stop supporting the fake pro sports that promote filth and sin and confusion. If this issue is not easy to see through, then go ahead and believe that 2+2=5. Stay in prayer for the return of Jesus Christ is so much closer. Amen.

ISIS is NOT Radical Islam

Jesus Christ warned us that Satan is the father of lies and the truth is not in him. This also means that Satan’s children have no truth in them, either. In addition, bible prophecy mentions the end times would be full of “lying wonders.” And yet many of us are still asleep. Regarding ISIS, ask yourself, how can a rag tag group of mercenaries suddenly rise up to scare billions of people in less than 3 years? Recall Al Qaeda was the “radical Islamic” group scaring billions and was too tough for American to defeat, but then, right after Obama’s failed speech in September 2013, when his puppet masters in New York, London and Israel wanted him to authorize war against Syria, the media made ISIS the new bogeyman replacing Al Qaeda. Think it through. America is the most powerful nation the world has ever known, and not even the very powerful Russia and China dare challenge America at their own borders. So if these two powerhouses don’t dare challenge America in their own backyards, what makes you think ISIS is suddenly more powerful than Russia and China, challenging America even inside our borders? Wake up, people! It is quite obvious that ISIS is a child of Western Intelligence with the purpose of baiting America and the West to fight against Syria, Russia and China! Without ISIS, the West has no good excuse for causing chaos in the Middle East. ISIS is not Islamic at all, not even a radical version of Islam. ISIS is a Hollywood style production with the White House and Congress being the producers, while Israel is the director and executive producer. Don’t fall for the lying wonders or the great delusion. Stay in prayer. Amen.

The Danger and Fallacy of Not Investigating the Truth

People who are prone to believe the official word from the government and the media about acts of terror go out of their way to avoid being called a conspiracy theorists. They even ridicule those truth seekers who disbelieve the “official” story. The fallacy, and danger, of such thinking is that, once the government and media tell them to worship the Anti Christ and the Beast system, they will do so, because they don’t want to be considered crazy. But how silly is this approach? If you walk into a room that had a dead body with a fresh bullet wound, a gun next to it, and a one year old baby between both crying, would you conclude the baby must have killed the person because the media and law enforcement said the baby did it? See how foolish that begins to sound? Now a truth seeker would automatically be suspicious if the media and government concluded the baby did it, and will ask more common sense questions. We would automatically look at other possibilities, such as a person must have fled the scene, leaving the baby to cry over the dead body. Other people would not dare consider other possibilities because that would be a “conspiracy theory.” Silly people. Pray for wisdom from Jesus Christ to have a passion for the truth, which emanates from Him. Amen.

Obama Does Not Care About Black People

Yep, we had to paraphrase Kanye West when he accurately said Bush does not care about black people. In fact, no presidents care about black people and never have. Lincoln was very reluctant in freeing slaves. JFK was reluctant to help push civil rights laws, as was LBJ when it came to the voting rights act. Clinton, the one that many blacks called the first black president, allowed more incarceration rates of blacks than any other president, not to mention the affirmative action movement lost a lot of steam under his watch as he was reluctant to make a big push for improving it or keeping it. And now the New World Order Gang “gave” them a partially black (though not really proven) president in Obama, almost every black person let their guard down and voted for him as if he were going to do anything for them. Not! Unfortunately, we realize that the black experience in America has been sub par, and that is shameful. So when Obama came along, most blacks internalized his success as if it were their own, which has now made it almost impossible to criticize Obama to them without them taking it personal, as if he were a deity. But what they fail to realize is that not only has he not done anything significant for their nearly 100% vote, he has actually done far more for gay rights, Jewish causes, and Hispanic immigration policies (executive order) than blacks. And now he has an executive order mandating slavery of skilled workers in the event of a “national emergency,” which includes blacks. He has also armed the police even more than before, while at the same time hypocritically paying lip service to the deaths of blacks at the hands of cops (the irony is nuts). And how do many blacks respond? They blame Republicans for supposedly blocking Obama’s bills (though they ignore his many executive orders). And when it comes to his push for gay, Jewish and Hispanic rights, they say, “well, he can’t be the president of only blacks.” In other words, they delude themselves by deflecting blame from Obama. Wake up! Obama has authorized the military to work with law enforcement to train cops on how to deal with black urban protesters by rounding them up and shipping them off! Go look it up. This is how he has repaid black voters. Instead of blindly trusting one party (which clearly has not worked), try something different and more sophisticated. Otherwise, the New World Order Gang will achieve its goal against you: rounding you up and shipping you off to concentration camps! It almost happened in part right after Katrina, remember? Stay in prayer. Amen.

Times Up, American Church!

We will not mince words in this post. The times have grown far darker than you realize. This message is aimed at the majority of American Christians who have ignored or turned a blind eye to how the New World Order Gang has used smaller populations of Americans as target practice, in anticipation of the day they will use their well-honed tactics on the majority of Americans. That day has come! Church of America, and census data shows that most Americans still consider themselves Christian, you have turned away as the police state has been actively using your black and Hispanic brothers and sisters as target practice for decades. They used laws to disarm minorities by making it easy to get felony records that last a lifetime for relatively small offenses. (Not that all police forces were anti-minority, but some have had moments where they used the poorest minorities as guinea pigs). And what did the American Church do? Many, not all, simply supported the police against the bad minorities. Not that all minorities are good, but instead of being dismissive of them, we should have stepped back and say, “although I don’t agree with crime and support law enforcement, can one day, the same law enforcement agency be turned against me in some other way?” The answer is yes! Presidents of both parties have been working for decades, quietly attacking gun rights and other civil rights while you worshipped government officials without question. And since many will ignore this message, we will tell you what is going to happen next (take heed and pray to Jesus Christ): The White House (aka Obama) has put an executive order in place to round up minority civil rights protesters and ship them off to internment camps. They’ve already started rounding up homeless people, and hardly anyone noticed (though the media, surprisingly, discussed this). Black Lives Matter and similar billionaire funded projects are being used as magnets to draw out unsuspecting minorities, thinking they are fighting for their rights, to then have an excuse to arrest and detain them, some indefinitely. Once they have neutralized the threat from minorities, guess who’s next? Yes, you! The New World Order Gang will be so well rehearsed in rounding up Americans by then that once they turn on the rest of Americans, you won’t be able to resist effectively. And they will unleash a worse nightmare on you than they’re unleashing on minorities! Just go back and read what happened to innocent Germans following the Hollywood fairy tale ending of World War II (the Allies were not heroes at all). The most violent criminals were purposely unleashed on Germans by the Allies, and we will spare you the gruesome, ugly, demonic details!! So instead of waiting until there is no one to help you, humble yourself and help your minority brothers right now. Most of them are innocent (not perfect, but innocent) and being led into a trap. Put an end to the New World Order Gang’s threat right now by trying new ways of expressing your collective opinion. Don’t trust either party!  Both work for Team Satan, as history has shown. Stay in prayer. Amen.

Stop Believing the Democrat-Republican Scam

It is amazing that, despite the fact that Jesus Christ said His kingdom is not of this world and that Satan the perpetual liar is the god of this world system, there are still many in the American Church who allow themselves to be divided and conquered along artificial lines like Republican and Democrat, Liberal and Conservative, Black and White, etc. So let’s think this though. If Satan is the god of this world, and both Democrats and Republicans wield power in this world, why on earth do you think either party can do anything that is pro Jesus Christ? After 2,000 years of work, Satan is not going to just hand over the keys of his kingdoms (the same ones he offered Jesus) to anyone who does not do his bidding. And if they are not pro Jesus Christ, then that means they are anti Jesus Christ – which means they are anti-Christ! Stop deceiving yourselves because the end of days is truly at hand as the signs have accelerated everywhere and have gotten darker. Come out of her, my people…Stay in prayer. Amen.

The Parable of the 10 Virgins Revisited: The End is at the Door!

Jesus Christ used several parables to drive home the timeline of the end of this dark demonic era of human history. One of the most striking parables is of the 10 Virgins. Long story short, some of us will be in a constant state of readiness, while others of us in the Church will fall for some of the delusions of this world. So how can some members of the Church be on alert waiting for Jesus while others fall for the lies of Satan? Because those “5 virgins who had no oil in their lamps” waited till the last minute to notice the signs and then tried to renew their faith (go get oil when it was too late). The consequences of being late are that not only will you suffer during the Great Tribulation, when Satan unleashes his last fury before he is imprisoned for 1,000 years, but you will also have to suffer the Wrath of God that is intended for those who received the mark of the Beast! But what on earth would make some Christians miss the “lamp oil” deadline that Jesus spoke of? They let themselves assume that the children of Satan in the media and government were absolutely to be believed in everything they say, despite the fact these same people hate Jesus Christ. The media and Hollywood will play on all their emotions, including patriotism and manufactured, deliberately planned tragedies, to get them to believe and trust the Beast system. Also, they misunderstand how the timeline of the end of the age will happen. Many Christians, due in part to lazy pastors, think the end of the world system will happen in one magical instance, and then Jesus returns and raptures them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The timeline of the end is very, very complex and extremely time consuming. It’s been going on since Jesus died on the cross! And now that insane world events are happening at record pace, we must realize that Satan’s children need to test out their end time script one country at a time, one group at a time, until it sweeps the world in a hurricane like blitz. It’s a gradual process, not instantaneous. Pay attention. Stay in prayer. Amen.