4th Branch of Gov’t: Citizens Council

We need a 4th branch of government called the Citizens Council. It should be made up of at least 5,000 citizens from every state and major county (smaller counties can defer to the nearest major county). This Council shall keep the current 3 branches of government in check by a simple majority. Any executive action by the President needs the approval of 2/3. Any war declaration, or any action where U.S. soldiers get deployed for any perceived threat, needs a three-fourths majority.

If you recall, Congress was set up to have representatives from states and districts around the country travel to Washington because there was no technology for each district to express their will. Now that we have secure internet technology that can stream video reliably, this Council does not need to be in Washington.

-No more lobbyists since the Council can express its will -No lawyers can join the Council. They can be consulted to draw up legislation, but the language must be plain and simple, not legalese.

-Need a constitutional amendment. There will be a fight from the status quo career politicians -No career politicians can join the Council. Each member serves a year and must let a minimum 18 months pass before serving again. All citizens

18 and over must serve on the council (similar to jury duty) -Having 5,000 Council members or more reduces the chance that bribery will occur as the cost of bribery will be quite high.


Implementing this council can be done in 3 phases:

  1. Grassroots movement through all social media and other communication

channels. We need to create a viral buzz quickly to every county in every state

  1. Assemble at least 5,000 citizens. That’s about 100 citizens per state

minimum. That should be enough to represent all counties in each state.

Each state can assemble weekly or biweekly online. The top 10 citizens of each state (voted by all state citizens on the council) can represent that state at the national level, which convenes biweekly or monthly.

The results of each state and national assembly should be release to the independent and major news outlets online. This will create further buzz and express the will of the people.

  1. Launch a campaign to change the Constitution to make this council the

fourth branch of government. This will trigger a fight with those special interest groups and lobbyists who have wielded far more power over the three branches of government than the people, so this calls for the most expert legal minds among the group to fight back (this is one area where consulting a voluntary legal team would help). We respect lawyers in general, but part of the problem with Washington has been too many lawyers have mangled government processes and documents for many decades, leaving the people ineffective in expressing their will.