New World Order Gang vs Small Rural Towns

If you look at the track record of genuine truth seekers when it comes to the new world order gang (aka Satan’s children), they are usually very accurate, more so than the mainstream media is by far. So when truth seekers sounded the alarm on Jade Helm early last year, the media ridiculed them mercilessly, especially the idea of big supermarkets like Walmart shutting down. And then, lo and behold, they were right: in January 2016, Walmart announced the sudden closure of hundreds of stores, after shutting down five overseas for frivolous reasons. What is the real purpose behind such closures, as well as having federal agents “blend in” among rural Americans? They want to eliminate any independent community. They want us all to herd into major cities and ultimately live in apartments. Homeowners have been under assault but didn’t notice – how else would the government get away with forcing a property tax on home ownership under the false guise of funding education? By shutting down big box stores in small towns (after the Walmarts destroyed independent mom and pop stores for decades). Small towns are now victims as they have no stores to go to and many don’t know how to farm or get water from wells. Just the way the New World Order Gang likes it. Their bankers destroyed farmers since the later 1899s with loans and acts of terror, and now that non farm payroll far exceed farm payrolls, they know that most of us are dependent on the system for food and water. It’s time to get back to independence. It’s not impossible. We need a 4th branch of government made up of regular citizens, not career politicians! Stay in prayer.


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