The US Gov’t is at War with Its Own Citizens and all Nations Except Israel

We figured we’d “sneak” this article in as most Americans are basically asleep to what its own government has planned for them. What a lot of US citizens and foreigners don’t realize is that the children of Satan in Washington D.C. are not only at war against the world, but also are at war against its own citizens. If you look at the constant stream of executive orders and congressional actions against citizen privacy, on top of illegally giving law enforcement and the military more power while drastically decreasing the ability of Americans to defend themselves against  a corrupt and demonic government, there is only one conclusion: Washington does not like Americans (to paraphrase Kanye West’s anti Bush statement years ago).
Not only that, if you look at American foreign policy since World War I (over the past 100 years), it has been aimed at spying on and destroying every nation on earth…except for its darling little horn, Israel. It’s pretty much known everywhere but among many Americans that Israel is the apple of the eye of the USA, and that the USA does the bidding of Satan, not the God of Jesus Christ. So the world would have to unite with the average, truly enlightened American citizen to get these demonic traitors out of Washington, who have visited much sorrow on the earth for over a century. There is a way, and the truth community is doing a good job shining the light for those who still don’t see the demons in Washington, aka the Curse of Washington.

A final note: The people of China should be on alert in case the New World Order Gang dumps the carcass of the U.S. and shift (or “pivot”) to China as its new vampire victim. The U.S. has been sucked of pretty much all of its blood, and this great “vampire” needs a fresh supply of blood to suck dry. The top nation with enough net wealth to satisfy this Whore of Babylon is China.Beware. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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