Yes Immigration is Weaponized, But Avoid the Trap!

First, before we go into this topic, we are a racially diverse network of wise spiritual warriors of Jesus Christ all over the world. So this topic is sensitive and important. In short, yes, the New World Order Gang, led mostly by Zionists and their gentile puppets, have taken key positions in government to push an agenda to overload countries with people from different cultures with a goal to “mix the seed of men” as the prophet Daniel said. But the prophecy said it will fail. So why do many white Christians fall for the trap of hating foreigners who themselves are victims of Western imperialism? No matter what the demons of the New World Order Gang do to tempt you, you must resist Satan, including hating foreigners. Instead, consider the forces of the New World Order that forced them to desire living in America and Europe in the first place. For example, NATO (which is a puppet of American Zionist imperialism), destroyed a once prosperous Libya, sending the affluent country into an apocalyptic downward spiral of poverty, disease, violence and death! The best Libyans fled by boats, some drowning along the way to Italy and other southern European shores. Same thing happened to Syria, and the people fled to Greece, Hungary, and other nearby European borders. And now the New World Order Gang is destroying the once prosperous Venezuela in the worst possible nightmarish way, and guess where those people will immigrate next? So just consider that: if America were suddenly destroyed like these countries, leaving everyone without bank accounts, homes, food, water, healthcare, etc., wouldn’t you want a well off nation to help you out? What would Jesus do? These people are mostly victims, so if you hate weaponized immigration, then first get rid of the demons of Washington and Wall Street who keep forcing these wars on innocent civilians worldwide! Stand up for justice, not hate. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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