The New World Order Gang is Punishing Venezuela With Apocalypse

The Church in America must wake up and see what Satan and his human children, the New World Order Gang (aka Mystery Babylon the Great) are doing in Venezuela. Before they assassinated Hugo Chavez with cancer, Venezuela was a leading exporter of oil. In America, Citgo was the gas retail distribution network Venezuela used. Chavez, who was very anti-American given America’s stirring up chaos worldwide with Israel and Western Europe, used to brag about how cheap his oil was compared to the U.S. Now, as of Feb 2016, Venezuela is importing American oil. Inflation is 500%. Electricity suddenly getting blacked out despite this country being rich in energy sources. Running water suddenly becoming scarce. Violent crime is way up. There are reports the government of Venezuela are doing mass evictions of citizens without notice, not only out of public housing, but also private homes, shooting and killing these residents on the spot! The economy has collapsed due to the economic war from the New World Order Gang. Civil War is coming, but Maduro (current Venezuela president) has extended martial law and is conducting “military exercises” to counter external threats, which is likely an excuse to prep military forces to intern citizens as “zombies.” They are practicing this “zombie apocalypse” in various countries (Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, etc) with plans to do it here and Europe! Vote these demons out of office and let’s create a volunteer force of 1,000 people per state to represent an informal 4th branch of government that expresses our displeasure with the traitors to humanity and war criminals in Washington. Pray for the people of Venezuela and pray that this nightmare does not come to the citizens of our nation and other nations. Amen.


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