If the Absurdity of Politics in 2016 Doesn’t Convince You Your Vote Does Not Count…

Republicans and Democrats are on the same team, and that’s Team Satan. Jesus said Satan’s kingdom is united, and that a house divided against itself will fall. Jesus also said Satan is the god of this world. This alone should let you know you’ve been lied to about your vote. In addition, we have George Bush Sr., supposedly a republican, openly backing Hillary Clinton, a democrat. Several major newspapers, some supposedly republican, are backing Clinton and denouncing Donald Trump, the republican nominee. who seems to purposely sabotage his own campaign. Both Trump and Clinton are so obviously pretending to be candidates that it is ridiculous. Every four years, America is duped into believing that only 2 candidates and two parties can deliver “democracy.” Wake up! The best way to make your vote count is first to not vote, and then second, to assemble a large group of ordinary citizens in all 50 states and territories and compile a list of the top issues each group feels are most important. Publish this list on a public website and issue press releases to all the media in each state. A united, independent voice will send a message. But simply voting into a rigged, two party Satanic monopoly year after year is just a wasted vote for Team Satan. Do you worship Satan? Then keep voting in this demonic system that the mainstream media, which is demonic, promotes heavily in order to trick you. As always, stay in prayer. Amen.



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