God So Loved The World That He Will Give It 7 Trumpets of Warning

Think about it for a bit. The Book of Revelation mentions 7 trumpets, seals and bowls of catastrophic events to hit the earth. One of them will be so bad and worse than a horror movie that men will wish for death but will be denied it! Set aside your fear for a bit and focus on something here. Our Heavenly Father can easily kill off all mankind as He did before, except for His loving promise he made to Noah in the form of a rainbow. But no! He established several phases of end time events to give men a final chance to repent. Yet they would not repent of their sorceries and other sins. Friends, that’s how patient God is. He is giving mankind phases of last minute forgiveness opportunities, otherwise, He would not have said “but they would not repent of their sorceries.” That’s the greatest and most patient love ever! Amen.


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