Ezekiel Foretold False Jerusalem Under Babylon that Eerily Mimics False Jerusalem Today

No matter how often we Christian truthseekers try to warn other Christians about their “great delusion” worship of the State of Israel as God’s plan, and thus that Jerusalem should be its eternal capital, they are locked in on this error. And as usual, many pastors encourage this delusion, which is putting their salvation in jeopardy. What these same false pastors never talk about is Ezekiel 8-11, which is a complex vision Ezekiel had of the great abominations that causes desolation in the Temple at Jerusalem at that time. In Ezekiel 11:3, the abominable Jewish leaders mocked faithful Jewish prophets like Ezekiel, and thus mocked our Heavenly Father, by essentially saying “did not you prophets prophesy that Jerusalem would be desolate and uninhabitable?” (The Douay Rheims bible has a clearer translation of this important verse). “Look! Aren’t we now building new houses in Jerusalem?” they said, mocking God. If you read the entire prophecy, not only did the elders and “ancients” mock God, they set up images of idols of detestable, murderous pagan nations in the Temple in Jerusalem, even worshiping 70 Ancients of Israel as gods! The women wept for the false god Tammuz in the Jerusalem Temple, a god tied to Baal and Adonis (for all of you who use the name “Adoni” or “Adonai” here’s the real pagan source of that name), and also tied to Ishtar, the same sexually perverse idol cult that gave rise to Easter.

These abominable Elders of the Temple also worshipped the sun, which is why they tried to confuse Sunday church going with this detestable practice. but that is not true. But that’s another topic. The murderous Elders of Jerusalem mocked God by saying He forgot about the earth and does not see what they are doing secretly in His Temple, which by now was essentially converted into Adonis-Tammuz-Baal-Satan worship! Note that Jerusalem was indeed under judgment and was no longer what it was after the Babylonian captivity. Yes, God kept a remnant of Jews there, but it was not its divine self anymore. So the Elders of Jerusalem who mocked God were, in effect, creating a new, false Jerusalem where they filled the Temple with pagan worship, which included homosexual male shrine prostitutes and the worship of every detestable pagan god, including Baal-Molech, who required the sacrifice of babies and even young adults as Satan their star (star of Remphan/Moloch/Saturn/Satan) required. The Elders were so eager to murder humans as a sacrifice that they said Jerusalem was the “cauldron” (or big pot) and everyone living there was the “flesh” (or sacrificial meat). In other words, they were willing to offer up all the residents of the city as a sacrifice to their false gods!

Does this sound like a “holy” city to you? Of course not. They made Jerusalem more unholy than it was before the Babylonian captivity started. The 70 Week prophecy given to Daniel would be God’s final warning to Jerusalem and the Jewish nation that an end to this level of abominable wickedness had to be stopped and atoned for or else “no stone” of the abominable Temple would be left on it, as Jesus Christ would later declare. Not only did the 70 Elders (Sanhedrin) of Jerusalem reject Jesus Christ, they accepted the offer of Satan to possess the kingdoms of the world (Parable of the Tenants that most false pastors are afraid to preach about). Andin keeping with the “70” theme, Rome sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD. God brought an end to the Jerusalem iniquity by bringing an end to Jerusalem. So why on earth would He yet again resurrect Jerusalem when He already declared a New Jerusalem to come for both Jews and Gentiles who follow Jesus Christ? There is only one age of grace, not two. This Jerusalem in Israel today is an imposter. The only remnant of Israel is the unidentified 144,000 who Jesus Christ knows (they have not been identified yet and are certainly not all Jews, but of the 12 tribes). Once again, the Elders of false Israel (aka false Jews/Synagogue of Satan as Revelation calls them) today mock God and will mock His Temple yet again, in the worst way imaginable, far worse than what Ezekiel saw in his vision! The homosexual Anti-Christ will seat Himself in the Holy of Holies to allow Satan to possess him and take the spot where only the Holy Spirit of Our Heavenly Father was permitted to dwell!! This is the ultimate abomination that would trigger God to destroy the earth, yet He will cut short the days of this extreme abomination and sound the 7 Trumpets of His Wrath! Pray to Jesus Christ for wisdom in this matter. Amen.



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