Principles of Prophecy – Beast, Harlot and Horn Symbols Explained

For some reason, when it comes to analyzing Bible prophecy, and particularly the Book of Revelation, many people confuse three important symbols: The Beast, the Harlot and the Horn. We’re not going to go into full details about the identity of these three or their behaviors, other than to establish what they represent in simple, easy to understand words. The very first thing to understand is that all three symbols are organizations of men and women who are in alliance with Satan and his demons to possess them. If you don’t understand demon possession, go back and read when Jesus Christ cast out demons. He showed us this process of casting out demons for a reason! The main key to understanding the three is the Harlot, who is called “Mystery Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots,” or MBGMH for short. Why refer to this Mystery in a derogatory feminine sense? Notice this organization is a “she” or “her,” not masculine. In the Old Testament, the 10 Tribes of Israel, as well as the 2.5 tribes under Judah, were referred to as Aholah and Aholibah, the successive wives that God divorced and sent away because of their whoredoms with the nations around them.

What did the Old Testament mean by “whoredoms” and “filth” in referring to these two feminine organizations?

In a nutshell, when Israel grew tired of following God Almighty because of His strict laws and lack of seeing Him like the idols of nations around them, they would take matters into their own hands and negotiate various deals to keep the peace with the heathen nations around them. Thus, deals involving trade, political alliances and even spiritual alliances increased over time, despite the fact God prohibited such entanglements, except for the certain trade laws outlined in the Old Testament. Keep in mind, at the time, Israel was God’s chosen people, so if Satan wanted to be like God, then he would also want to choose Israel! So he targeted them to be his followers. Satan enticed them to want to mix and mingle with the pagan nations around them just so that he could spite God like he tried to do with Job! Much of this mixing and mingling was often done outside the realm of the Kingdom of Israel. Some of the Kings of Israel were godly, and some were ungodly. The ungodly ones would follow this “mix and mingle” spirit of whoredom into political alliances. For instance, Solomon, when he married wives from pagan nations, adopted some of their religious practices that were against God’s law. Yes, before political alliances were formed, there would be pagan mixing and mingling of the leading figures of Israel, particularly the religious leaders.

In Daniel, many students of prophecy miss the beginning stages of Mystery Babylon the Great. Nebuchadnezzar, when he first took the Jews into captivity, ordered that all the best looking and brightest men of the Jews be made his advisers and astrologers and magicians. Daniel and his friends did not get involved in this dark part of the Babylonian captivity. By becoming the top dark advisers to Nebuchadnezzar, Mystery Babylon the Great reached a new height and “rode” the beast during the gold phase of the statue of Daniel 2. With each next version of the statue beast, the harlot grew in stealth and wealth and power! Thus, though God rejected and divorced Aholibah, Satan accepted her into the “feminine” mystery side of his alliance with humanity.

So this is why the Harlot is feminine. As the expression goes, behind every good man is a good woman. We paraphrase that to say that behind every masculine beast is a feminine harlot! Just as Jesus Christ has His Bride, the Church, so the Anti-Christ will have his false, promiscuous bride, the Harlot (we say “fake” because the actual man has no affinity towards women physically, but spiritually he has this harlot as a wretched imposter to the real Christ-Church marriage). The Harlot is the antithesis of the Church, and like Jezebel, she will be very possessive and jealous towards the Church whom she considers her rival. She wants all the masculine kingdoms to herself, and wants to make the existence of the Church in these kingdoms miserable and intolerable. This is why our kingdom is not of this world!

That brings us to the Beast. It is a massive political system that is the foundation upon which kingdoms stand. A horn, then, is a masculine office that is headed by one man. This is why a beast has horns, much like a rhino or deer or bull has horns. Every beast has at least one king running it, and some beasts are empires with multiple kingdoms. Left to themselves without any demonic influence, Gentile kingdoms would just co-exist with other kingdoms. As with any “beast” of the field, a beast might roam and find food and territory for resting, but by and large, it will not bother any other beast. This is how the actual animal world generally works. Gentile kingdoms have been like this for the most part. But that is not good enough for Satan. He needs to consolidate kingdoms under one world order, headed by the “weed” and “tenants” spoken of by Jesus in His parables. So he sent the harlot to ride these masculine beasts, making her so attractive to them that they came under her spell and influence (via sorcery and witchcraft). The harlot’s goal is to consolidate these kingdoms under Satan and to establish Satan’s son, the Anti-Christ, as the human god-king ruler of the world along the lines of Nimrod. Satan then wants the harlot to establish the next Temple in Jerusalem, with the help of the beast kings, so that Satan can then outright possess the Man of Sin as he sits in the Holy of Holies (abomination that causes desolation). Satan wants to do this as one last great angering spite of God before he goes to his eternal punishment. At some point, our Heavenly Father will then change the hearts and minds of the masculine Beast Kings to hate the feminine Harlot; most likely, the full truth about her mysteries will be revealed to the shock of the entire world who will find out who really cause all of the evil in the world.

Pray to Jesus Christ for the wisdom to keep these concepts in prophecy separate and distinct in your minds. Amen.



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