New World Order Gang Strikes Strikes Again: Puerto Rico Blacked Out

For those still asleep, it’s time to wake up. This summer has been the most active one for the New World Order Gang in recent memory, especially since the Satanic Arch of Baal (aka Moloch or Molech from Old Testament infamy) was first erected in London this past Spring, and the other one being erected in New Work Times Square this week (9/20/16). As if the deliberately set fires along the west coast were not enough, now another deliberately set fire in Puerto Rico has led the entire island to be blacked out: no electricity! These black outs are no accident, and this one is very suspect as it comes only a few months after the U.S. agreed to a rescue deal for Puerto Rico. Nonetheless, the bigger picture is that New World Order Gang is actively rolling out the new world in phases, a few countries at a time. Given that this happened to Puerto Rico only months after a historic deal, we think Cuba should be on high alert for something big in the weeks ahead since they were also on the receiving end of a “historic” deal with the U.S. this year. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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