Warning…Increased “State of Emergency” Declarations Accelerates Martial Law

Between the “state of emergency” declaration in Charlotte, NC, due to the staged divide and conquer police shooting, and the state of emergency for the gas pipeline shutdown across the southeast and the wildfire state of emergency along the west coast, and perhaps other unknown declarations, the unprecedented number of declarations at this point in time only lend themselves toward conditioning us for the New World Order Gang’s martial law police state. They stage the chaos in order to then have the public “trust” them with the solution. This is kind of what the Book of Revelation referred to when it described one of the beasts as having the appearance of a lamb (the “order”) but speaking like a dragon (the “chaos”). This fake peace is also the objective of the White Horse of the Four Horsemen. Know that these “state of emergency” declarations will increase in frequency, intensity and duration, meaning the saints must be on guard and don’t fall asleep during these perilous times! Stay in prayer. Amen.

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