We’re Your Spiritual Alarm Clock – Hit Snooze, And We’ll Be Back in 5 Mins

It may seem like we’re doom and gloom, but we’re actually working hard and fast to reverse the deep comatose sleep instilled in the Western Church by a combination of Laodicean Churches, False Prophets, Mainstream Media, Government Propaganda, Anti-Christ Schools, and Satan’s spirit of error that has gone forth as a white horseman to deceive the nations. When a person sleeps normal, healthy sleep, they seldom need an alarm clock, and if they do, it’s only one time. But when someone sleeps real heavy, as if almost in a coma, they tend to hit the snooze button to get more sleep, and then may ignore the alarm clock when it goes off 5 minutes later. You, American and European churches, are in such a comatose sleep. Thus, we will not waste time with soothing words to please your itching ears, you stiff necked generation! We are trying to wake you up to the extreme danger you are in! Most likely, you have not read the true history of how Satan’s children tortured and killed Christians everywhere they have drained that country. France before the French Revolution was drained of its Christian leaders who were axed to death, burned alive, sawed in half, women and girls raped and genitals mutilated, and so on. Germany following WWI and WWII faced similar horror-movie tortures, as did Russia, but you would not take time to read the real history. The Christians in Armenia had teen girls crucified by Satan’s children who lied and blamed it on the Turkish government when in fact it was the New World Order Gang who created the demonic Young Turks, that brood of vipers! We can go on about what America and her demonic allies really did to the innocent people of Korea and Vietnam, and all over Africa, including now with their false vaccines that are doing the opposite of what the New World Order Gang says it is for; think about it, why would the very human agents of Satan who call for population reduction then turn around and give Africans vaccines that can prolong their lives? This is a lie from hell! America and Europe are next. Wake up Church! Your redemption draws nigh. If you want to hear false Christian pastors telling you soothing “fortune teller” style sermons to improve your life and be the best you that you can be, then you have no part in Christ’s ministry and should go on to your false prophets who will make you feel good all the way to the left side of Jesus Christ, when He tells you, “depart from me…” and you know the rest. Pray for discernment and increased faith and courage. In Jesus Christ’s name…amen.

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