The New World Order Gang is Working Hard to Paralyze America in September

The events over the past few days should be quite alarming and disturbing to all Americans, particularly the Church. The gas pipeline shutdown with a dubious cause days ago is leaving a growing number of motorists without gas and is leading to price gouging. Such news stories are meant to jack up gas prices for consumers and transportation costs for businesses, which can trigger or exacerbate a recession if it goes on long enough. The recession threat is very likely since this “shutdown” is impacting several states across the deep South, especially when you combine it with America’s wars in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria going on right now (for those who are surprised by so many war fronts, do your homework).

Another recessionary threat comes from the banking system. As we are seeing with Wells Fargo, the bank was hit with a massive fine for deliberately allowing its employees to create a large number of fraudulent bank accounts using their customers’ own sensitive personal information. As the saying goes, the best way to rob a bank is to own one. Don’t believe for a minute that the highest level executives did not know that millions of fake accounts were created. These executives have fired 5,300 employees without firing themselves. This large number of firings will add to the growing joblessness the mainstream media is not warning you about (they are lying about the economy to catch you off guard). The news about Wells Fargo is meant to further erode confidence in the banking system, which can lead to a run on banks if banking scandals continue, which most likely will happen. And continuing on the banking front, the U.S. slapped Germany’s Deutsche Bank, the largest in Europe, with a $16 billion fine for it role in the 2008 Great Bank Robbery (ummm, Great Recession). But the bank gave America the middle finger and refuses to pay. The real reason for the fine is to further erode the bank’s falling value, which could lead it to crash, plunging Europe into a deep recession, possibly a depression. If this happens, this will spread to the U.S., on top of our other massive banking problems.

George Soros, the same billionaire who often backs the Democratic party including Hillary Clinton, has pledged to invest $500 million in Syrian immigrant businesses here in the U.S. This is the same guy who, instead of doing a similar investment for black businesses, instead funds Black Lives matter, a group who has hijacked legitimate black causes and steered them towards useless protests that are meant to divide and conquer the races, as well as conspire with police unions to create an atmosphere of mistrust with the police. The goal is to agitate police enough to make martial law effective and dangerous for citizens. Case in point: the Tulsa police shooting reported today (September 20, 2016). This shooting has all the signs of a hoax. The video is not clear and conclusive, especially given the pledge to have more body cams after the last white officer-unarmed black person shooting in Tulsa which was not too long ago. No body cams have been shown yet. But the purpose of this Tulsa shooting, as well as the Washington University racism protest by Black Lives Matter, is to further erode trust between the police and citizens.

Finally, the mainstream media is having us believe that ISIS is behind the mass stabbing at a Minnesota mall as well as the multiple bombings in New York/New Jersey. The bombings are a hoax, and the Minnesota case most likely is either a hoax or a lie mixed in with some truth.

Finally, where has Congress been since the President has been issuing one dangerous executive order after another? The only time they popped up is when they called Wells Fargo executives to testify before Congress. We should be very suspicious about the fact that Congress hasn’t tried to call White House cabinet members to testify about all the increased U.S. military activity in the Middle East, especially Syria where the U.S. deliberately killed 62 Syrian soldiers during a ceasefire it agreed to with Russia. This could be a main trigger for World War III! Where is Congress?

The fact that the New World Order Gang has been so active lately should raise alarms. Why are they so eager all of a sudden? Stay in prayer. Amen.



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