Take Heed That No Man Deceive You

What exactly did Jesus Christ mean when He said, “Let no man deceive you, for many will come in my name?” What is the meaning of His name? The name of the Messiah of the world is more than just letters and words. His name is His behavior that is unique only to Him. It is like your social security number or phone number. When people call you, they call you by your phone number. When a bank wants to check your credit history, they use your social security number. These are unique to you. Similarly, saving mankind from the deadly consequences of their sin can only apply to Jesus Christ. So when He says many will come in His name, He’s not just meaning they will call themselves Christ, but they will promise what only Jesus Christ can deliver. Thus, they will promise hope, a new world, a better world full of peace, no more wars, even promise you eternal “digital” life, etc. Top political leaders already offer hope and big messianic type promises. Satan will set up a false, decoy anti-Christ to then introduce his messiah who will be larger than life and use hidden, secret technology to speak to people directly to their hearts and minds from far away. But keep in mind one of the signatures of Jesus Christ’s return is that He won’t bring peace yet, but a sword against the New World Order Gang. We posted a few articles about the sequence and signature of Jesus Christ’s return. The anti-Christ will promise peace right off the bat (order out of chaos). Stay alert and pray that you have enough oil! In Jesus Christ’s name, amen.


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