President Obama Flat Out Told You The ‘End of the Republic’ is Soon

Wake up American Church! There’s not much time left. if you don’t understand the truth about Daniel’s 70 Week prophecy, then you will receive the mark of the beast! America is the foundation of the last empire before Jesus Christ returns! No other nation or kingdom in history ever had the world ruling power of the United States, and that is not a good thing. This means that the USA is Satan’s last stand against our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. This is why you commit blasphemy by pledging allegiance to this Satanic nation. Pledge allegiance instead to the New Jerusalem under Jesus Christ! President Obama seems poised to preside over the “end of the republic,” ushering in the New World Order. This is the moment the New World Order Gang has worked for over the past 2,500+ years. Here’s what their favorite puppet said:


Here are some notable, visionary dreams some Christians have had about Obama (Note: We don’t believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ, but might possibly be a decoy Anti-Christ to throw off the saints and trick them into believing the real Anti-Christ):

Note that the following dream was posted May of 2015, regarding the 2016 elections coming soon…


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