There are no Moderate Factions in Syria Just Western-backed Anti Assad Terrorists

It feels insane to have to state the obvious, but no one should continue to fall for this long running fraud that claims that moderate Syrian rebels are simultaneously fighting Assad’s Syrian government forces at the same time it is fighting ISIS terrorists. This is utter nonsense for multiple reasons, but we’ll focus on one:

Let’s say you are an American who opposes Obama’s policies and actively works to get another candidate to replace him through an impeachment process (just go along with the hypothetical scenario). Now at some point, ISIS takes over New Mexico and declares it an Islamic State. They start beheading people and firing at state law enforcement and National Guard. Would you still be actively seeking an impeachment, or would you put this on hold and fight ISIS as an American citizen first? Common sense says you would set aside your differences and put all your energy into fighting this maniacal group who is bent on overthrowing the government of every American state. In such extreme scenarios, there are no moderates: you will pick sides. Applying the term “moderate” is just a ploy to confuse the average American and European citizen so that the New World Order Gang has a Satanic foothold in overthrowing Syria with the support of their citizens.

Syria has a democratically elected government with multiple religions besides Islam. As with every war, the rationale that is told to the public is always a lie. The truth lies buried two or more layers deep. So start digging. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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