Miami Targeted With Zika Because Sexually Active Victims Will Travel and Spread it!

Miami is one of the most heavily traveled vacation destinations in the world. Miami airport is therefore very busy, one of the busiest in the world. If you put two and two together, the reason the New World Order Gang firmly insists, despite residents’ objections, on spraying poisons “for their own good,” is they know that the victims they spray the Zika virus on will travel all over the world, thus spreading their modified Zika virus poison/disease everywhere. And by spreading it quickly, they will likely seek to quarantine every major city travelers go back to. This may indeed be a pretext to round up people and send them to concentration camps on the false pretense of “quarantining” them for their own safety and that of the public! What a horrible scenario. Pray that this does not come to pass. Amen.

Update: We encourage you to check out the following YouTube video from Life the Veil, a channel that has done a great job in trying to simplify this fairly complex topic:


Also, information from the CDC, World Health Organization (WHO), and FEMA’s National Response Framework that that CDC strongly recommends to basically “quarantine” those infected confirm what we discussed in this post! Most likely, they chose Miami because (a) it is a heavily traveled tourist area, and (b) lots of sexually active adults travel to Miami year round. Both of these facts, which the CDC highlights in their PDF publication, make Miami the perfect storm for spreading the genetically modified Zika virus through highly traveled, sexually active people. The fact that the genetically modified mosquitoes are the source of the problem means that the poison the government wants to spray in the air is based on a lie – the spraying is for something other than to kill the mosquitoes the government allowed to be modified in the first place! In other words, it is a conflict of interest for the government to approve these modified mosquitoes on the one hand, then propose to spray to kill them on the other hand, regardless of the pseudo-science the government uses to try to explain this nonsense. We need to pray for our friends in Miami who have valiantly been fighting as hard against this wing of the government as the Native Americans have been fighting the other wing of the same government in North Dakota recently.

Alan Wake


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