The Return of Jesus is Event Driven Not Date Driven

When we hear “no man knows the day or hour except my Father” come from Jesus, we immediately think of a fixed date already predetermined. We wrote about this topic before (read it here). In this post, we want to expand on that foundation by focusing on the point when Jesus gathers us to Him in the air Matthew 24 mentions it, as does Paul in one of his letters (epistles). Because the dark events of the day have many of us asking (or even prophesying) when we shall be transfixed in a twinkling of an eye to be with Jesus, it is good to revisit the Bible on this. There is no fixed date when Jesus will gather us in the air! The Parable of the 10 Virgins was given to us for this very purpose. In a nutshell, Jesus is warning us to always have oil (faith, spirit) in our lamps for we don’t know the DAY or HOUR when He will return to gather us. If He had specifically given us a date, we would not need this parable or Matthew 24 at all. So both the Parable and Matthew 24 exist because His return is event driven, not driven by a specific day and hour. Think of it this way: when you wake up in the morning, you don’t always know exactly what time you wake up by the second, and sometimes not even by the minute. You just wake up by nature. This act of waking up is an event. After this event, you have a decision to make: do I get out of bed, or do I sleep a little more. Regardless of your choice, once you choose, what you do next is yet another event. Thus, our lives are determined by events and choices, which are followed by more events and more choices. Indeed, our entire lives are focused around this event-choice-event paradigm. At some point, time runs out on our lives, and the only choice that matters when we die is whether we accepted and followed Jesus Christ or not. That final choice is what determines the next and final event after death.

Likewise, the return of Jesus Christ is based on a choice our Heavenly Father makes once the event known as the “abomination that causes desolations” (Matthew 24) happens on earth by the New World Order Gang, in league with Satan—whose main objective is to try to push as many of God’s buttons as possible, possibly in a futile attempt to see if He could get God to kill mankind again and break His rainbow promise. Is there a specific date and hour when this abomination occurs? Of course not, which is why we don’t know the day or hour. And even our Heavenly Father chooses to give man space to make choices and act on those choices. He knows within reason the outcome of our choices, but they are not predestined as some might think. He knows the event that triggers the return, and once that event happens, He will issue the command for the 7 seals and trumps to occur surrounding the return of Jesus Christ.

Just look at when Adam and Even tried to hide their nakedness in Eden. God asked them questions. Why ask? Because He gave us freedom of choice, though it is reasonable to assume He knows the outcome of our choices already. Think of it another way: When we travel to an unknown destination, we use a GPS to add the address and see a display of the route and time to get there. So at that point, we know the series of future events. We don’t always get there at the estimated time of arrival, but we know the route and the events we choose to do to get to the destination. But what if, along the way, we choose to stop at a store (unplanned event) and do some shopping? Sometimes you don’t know the detours (events) you might decide to take along the way. But the remaining events will likely not keep you from still getting to your destination. Similarly, using various verses about our Heavenly Father, we can assume that He chooses not to know each detail (except perhaps for whatever is recorded in the Book of Life), but He knows our destination and even knows the potholes and construction zones we encounter along the way and warns us about them.

Other major biblical events that occurred when no day or hour was specifically set, but were driven by events include:

  1. The Fall of Adam and Eve, where the choice was to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree and thus cause the event of knowing evil along with good, which then led to the event of limiting man’s life by death
  2. The Tower of Babel, where the choice was to build a tower to, in effect, create a marketing brand for the City of Babel similar to what city gangs do when they mark off their territory or how big corporations create a logo, a corporate flag, and company letterhead to brand themselves to the world; this choice then led to the event of God scrambling their language to keep them from the path of abominations and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
  3. The Flood and Noah’s Ark, where the choice, again, was man worldwide reaching full corruption to the point of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit by choosing to commit every detestable sin, including child ritual sacrifice to gods; this then led to the event of God allowing a major rainstorm that filled the earth higher than the highest mountain. Noah and his family and animals were spared through the event of building the ark.
  4. The Captivity of Aholah and Aholibah, where, as with the cases in #2 and #3, the Children of Israel, all 12 tribes, continually chose to rebel against God to the point of committing the very abominations and blasphemies that the nations around them did, including ritual sacrificing of babies alive in intense fires to the god Molech (Bel or Baal as we see today with the resurrection of the arches/portals in London, New York, and elsewhere soon); they even had homosexual male prostitutes set up in the Temple, which Ezekiel’s vision pointed out. This led to the event of the 10 Tribes first being sent into the Assyrian captivity (Aholah) and then the remaining tribes under Judah (Jews-Levites) being sent to the Babylonian captivity as a “spiritual divorce” event.
  5. The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, where, beforehand, though we had prophecy as a guide as to generally when Jesus would be killed and resurrected, the day and hour were not known until He was betrayed and sentenced. The Jewish leadership chose to reject Jesus Christ as their king and Messiah, and this led to the event of opening up the gospel to all mankind, Jew and Gentile, who choose to believe in Him.

So Jesus’ return is based on when mankind arrives at that anti-Christ “destination” on His spiritual GPS called “the abomination that causes desolations.” Look out for this as under-reported events in Jerusalem point to the Temple and Holy of Holies being rebuilt, which sets the stage for the unprecedented, catastrophic abomination event! For those “Christians” who keep trying to predict dates, now you see the reason you should stop this deceptive practice! Watch for the spiritually figurative changing of the leaves and seasons, as Jesus Christ mentioned, not exact dates. Stay in prayer on this topic as it is complicated. Amen.



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