Daniel 2 is Exactly Why Your Vote Will Not Count

Ever studied the prophecy of Daniel 2 in depth? In it, we find a timeline of Satan’s beast kingdoms, starting with Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the head of gold, all the way down till the last kingdom before Jesus Christ returns and destroys it. Who is this last kingdom? We have discussed it in several previous posts. In short, it is the Clay Iron Feet Toes kingdom, which is a joint (part iron, part brittle) union of the United States, the muscle, Europe, and the Security Council of the U.N. In the midst of these is the little blasphemous State of Israel, which hates Jesus Christ as is well known. Saudia Arabia is a wealthy puppet of the United States and Israel (yes, Israel – research the history of Donmeh Crypto Jews in Islamic nations). The Vatican Government, which has to be looked at separately from the overall Catholic Church, is also a puppet of the same puppet master. We say all this to say that, the New World Order Gang, aka Mystery Babylon the Great, has spent nearly 2,500 perfecting a massive political-spiritual-economic machine to ultimately defy Jesus Christ and His Father as part of Satan’s last stand against the Almighty. Do you think for one minute that they will let YOU, a mere human not born in their special bloodlines, dictate THEIR government strategies and tactics? Do you think they will leave 2,500 years of work to you pick a President because he pretends to represent your interest, or because he looks good on TV? Stop being foolish and naive! The only reason they even allow a vote is to condition you to not revolt against their Satanic system! They want you to feel like your voice is heard, to feel good and “patriotic” about participating in government. Remember, Satan is a liar and can only lie. That means his human children also lie and can never tell the truth! So they are deceiving you into thinking your vote counts. Now if you want your vote to count in another way, try not voting! If every Christian stopped voting, that would scare the crap out of them! Why? Because they would not know what you were thinking. They want you in the “matrix” to track your thoughts. Anyway, remember these words, spread them to your friends, and stay in prayer and faith in Jesus Christ. Amen.


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