Hollywood Occult System at it Again: Targeting Chris Brown

We’ve done some recent posts about Hollywood’s dark side, and what’s happening with Chris Brown falls into this category. If you’re not familiar with The Black Child on YouTube, we encourage you to view his latest post about the woman accusing Chris Brown of assault yesterday. We’re not going to go into a lot of detail, but notice how the accuser keeps bringing up “diamonds” in her interviews. Russianvids on YouTube did a great video about how Hollywood, among other demonic organizations, use the “diamond” keyword as part of their mind control strategy. As The Black Child points out, the accuser also does the casting spells/Satan’s horns hand signals. These are no accident. As Revelation points out, they won’t repent of their sorceries. Sorcery and the occult are very real and used regularly, but most people are asleep, especially the Church. It is long past time to wake up!


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