If You Still Don’t Know: ISIS Terrorism Equals Euro-American Terrorism

Unfortunately, because of the secular success of the mainstream news and entertainment media in the West, a large number of Americans and Europeans still think ISIS is some rag tag group of bad guys who have grown up in just a couple of years to terrify the most powerful nations the world has ever known. Let the media tell it, Attila the Hun would have been scared to death of ISIS. Stop believing this evil bit of fiction! ISIS (and yes there’s an occult connection to Horus and Osiris) was created by the West to give the Euro-American beast an excuse to implement martial law, which is a necessary step before forcing Satan worship and the mark of the beast on the people. Re-read our past posts about ISIS. All of those European nations who disarmed their citizens have now unleashed ISIS on them, and are militarizing their police to deny basic civil rights to citizens. France and Germany in particular are becoming a civic nightmare to their disarmed citizens, many of whom now wish they had arms, but it’s too late now. It is likely they will never again be free from the endless declarations of “states of emergency” as France in particular is doing. And all this because the officials claim the people need protection from ISIS terrorists. Gimme a break. Wake up and speak up, people! These demons are schemin’ for your hearts and souls, your hands and foreheads. Pray to Jesus Christ for strength. Amen.


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