Middle East Problems Stem From Satanic Deal, Not Merely Oil and Money

Many Christians underestimate the craftiness and skill at lying that the father of lies, Satan, has mastered over many centuries. We fail to realize that Satan operates at multiple levels of lies upon lies. But despite all this, he still needs the help of an organization of fallen humans, similar to his fallen angels, to carry out his agenda. This requires entering into a pact with them. As we saw with his temptation of Jesus Christ, Satan offers power and money by whatever means necessary. And in exchange, Satan requires the hearts and souls of men, and sometimes human sacrifice (hence the blood that Mystery Babylon the Great gets drunk on). Satan wants the Middle east, and particularly, the ancient lands that used to be called Israel, with Jerusalem being his chief prize. Satan has nothing to lose, so he wants one last jab at our Heavenly Father before going to his eternal fate. To rebuild the temple in Jerusalem so he can sit in the Holy of Holies, Satan needs help. He tried to get help from Jesus, but Jesus rejected him. But guess who accepted the deal? Jesus gave us the answer in the Parable of the Tenants! The Jewish leaders of the day were jealous of Jesus, knowing He was the Messiah and undercutting their authority with the Jewish community everywhere. So since Satan can offer them the kingdoms of the world, they accepted it. And this demonic pact would damn humanity ever since. Jerusalem was controlled by the Pagan Romans, and then the Christian Romans, in the centuries after Jesus’ death and resurrection. Well Satan can’t have his Holy of Holies without Jerusalem. So he set in motion a series of intrigues, upheavals and wars to try to wrest Jerusalem from the Gentile empires. Through various schisms and Jewish led persecutions of the Church, the legs of the beast spoken of in Daniel 2 began to be formed: East and West. It would take many more centuries until the present day, but in 1948, Satan gave his Synagogue of Satan its base for controlling the wealth of the world in exchange for them planting his Star of Remphan (not David) in the resurrected Jerusalem, whose deadly wound was finally healed. Today, the New World Order Gang of bankers control the distribution of oil, so one would think that should be enough and they would stop troubling the world. But no way. Satan still wants them to fulfill their end of the bargain for him: controlling and destroying the souls of men. Oil and money are distractions because they are not the end game; sitting the anti-Christ in the Holy of Holies with Satan entering this man would be the end game, with all of humanity worshipping him through this blasphemous anti-Christ! What a horror, an abomination! Stay in prayer on this as these days grow so much darker now. Amen.

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