Leading American, European Officials are on Team Satan

So why do we keep talking about Satan, many might ask. It’s because many in the Church, especially the American and European churches, still blindly believe everything they see in the godless media, and ever word from their godless government officials. Plus, many in the Church still don’t believe Satan and demons exist, which is akin to saying Jesus Christ is a liar who did not cast out demons, was never tempted by Satan, and lied on Judas Iscariot by saying Satan entered him to betray Him. Jesus Christ told Peter that Satan wanted to sift him like wheat. Did Jesus lie to Peter? Well anyone who denies the existence of Satan is basically saying Jesus Christ lied! And that is blasphemy. So those who still go on to believe every lie in the mainstream media, who call people like us ‘conspiracy theorists,’ should ask: do these government officials and mainstream media executives work for Team Jesus or Team Satan? If you say they don’t work for Team Jesus, then that means they work for the enemy of Jesus, who is Satan. And if they work for Satan, Jesus Christ told you that there is NO truth in him, that it is in his nature only to lie, like he did to Eve when old her she will not surely die (she’s not alive now, right? so that’s your evidence). Jesus did not say Satan had some truth in him. He did not say Satan had a little bit of truth in him. Jesus said he has NOOOOOOO truth in him! Let’s say that again: there is no truth in Satan or his demons. And if there is no truth in him, then there is no truth in his children, and Jesus addressed Satan’s human children as well. And so it should be no surprise that some of his leading children, whom Jesus called the Synagogue of Satan, are in leading positions of power in America and Europe, and are eagerly at work pushing the Christian faith to the sidelines because the Church has fallen asleep and have denied the existence of demons or the power thereof. Wake up! Wake up! The war against the Church has been turned up to a great intensity, and yet you sleep!! Your deliverance draws nigh. Put on the armor of the armies of Heaven right now! Stay awake and in prayer. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

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