So ISIS Easily Replaced Al Qaeda and the Media Just Conveniently Ignored This

Although the world and the media has moved on, we won’t. Go back to September 2013. President Obama gave a speech to the nation trying to make the case for invading Syria based on more lies like Bush, and the people overwhelmingly let Congress know they were not interested in yet another war. Until this point, Al Qaeda was the big bad bogey man that the mightiest military in world history, the American military, could not stop, supposedly. Al Qaeda was too tricky and elusive and unconventional, they said. But not long after Obama’s failed speech, suddenly the mainstream media began talking about a new bogey man in the Middle East called ISIS. ISIS and Al Qaeda somehow worked in parallel universes, according to the media, until Al Qaeda got scared of ISIS. Then in June 2014, ISIS declared a restoration of the Caliphate (even though the supposed anti-West leader of ISIS was wearing a Rolex watch when making this declaration). So let’s get this straight: America, Europe, Russia, China, and other might militaries in the world had trouble defeating Al Qaeda, but one rag tag group of upstart bandits calling themselves ISIS was able to scare Al Qaeda and send them into hiding? And the public believed this fantastic, impossible, unbelievable tale! How ridiculous can this propaganda machine get? This is utter nonsense, and is clear proof that ISIS is a creation of the West, particularly American military intelligence. How else do you think this rag tag group of fighters were suddenly experts operating advanced American military technology over night? Wake up, people! The West didn’t call them ISIS for nothing! This is the New Age cult of ISIS, related to the eye of Horus (all seeing eye, like on your dollar bill), son of Isis and Osiris, as New Age occultists Aleister Crowley and Madame Blavatsky made popular starting in the late 1800s (Blavatsky didn’t call her first work “Isis Unveiled” for nothing). The so-called Caliphate that ISIS declared, and that Turkey’s Erdogan wants to head up, is just a thinly veiled cover story for the real objective: to restore a larger version of Solomon’s empire with a new temple to be rebuilt with a Holy of Holies that Satan wants to sit in via his Anti Christ! The Beast does not just care only about oil in the Middle East, though they love the money nonetheless. As part of their deal with Satan, Satan helps them get wealth and power in exchange for him getting the Holy of Holies, a last stand against our Heavenly Father before Satan and his demons and human children go to the Lake of Fire (this is the deception of Satan that his human followers need to understand). Stay in prayer. In Jesus Christ’s name, amen…


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