The CERN Human Sacrifice May Have Been a Spoof, But Demons Were There

By now, many of you have heard about the satanic human sacrifice spoof on the campus of the highly secure CERN organization in Switzerland. As is typical with many false flag events, the video showing the demonic ceremony cut away just as the “victim” was being sacrificed by stabbing in the heart. The story was first reported by truth seekers online, and then the mainstream media spin doctors chimed in to discredit truthers by saying the sacrifice was a hoax. We could care less about the mock human sacrifice part because of the reasons just outlined. But what we must be careful of is that the entire ceremony, minus the spoof sacrifice step, was still demonic! Anyone who participates in a ceremony that is geared towards Satan worship are making him or her self susceptible to demonic attack or outright possession, regardless of the intent. This is similar to those who play with Ouija board “games,” thinking it’s harmless, but Satan doesn’t care. Whether you think it fun or not, demons will appear when you play with Ouija boards and similar occult arts. Demons take whatever you give them. So we have concluded that, although the act of stabbing in the CERN ritual may have been a spoof, the entire ceremony was still attended by demons, and every person involved in it is now under demonic influence and should repent immediately before far worse things happen in their lives! As the expression goes, if you knock on the devil’s door, he just might answer. In this case, we think he did. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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