Stop Believing Satan’s Gov’t Agencies Regarding Vaccines

It’s well known among those with some intelligence that vaccines, especially the most dangerous flu vaccine, actually cause the very disease you’re trying to get protection against. As George Orwell implied in “1984,” whatever the government says, believe the opposite. Otherwise, it will have you believing “2+2=5.” So let’s think through this from a Christian perspective. Jesus Christ clearly warned us that Satan is the god of this world. That alone should make you wary of anything that any government in this world system tells you. Jesus also said Satan roams the world to destroy and devour while appearing as an angel of light. Do you know what that means? That means that Satan is the opposite of light, even though he appears as light. We emphasized the word “opposite” for a reason. Mankind has lived on earth thousands of years just fine, health wise. During the rough and demonic American slavery years, the slaves in many cases outlived their slave masters by decades. If you read the slave journals, slaves tell you about natural remedies from Africa and the islands that they used in their diet and to heal every sickness. Burn that in your memory. The 1919 Flu epidemic was not caused by nature, but by the most wicked men in American military labs who gave soldiers the flu shot to actually give them the flu (like a stealth bioweapon) that they then took to Europe, and it spread from there! If you go by the various government agency websites, they always tell you vaccine problems are “rare” and “most” people do okay by them, by as we just said of Orwell, whatever the government tells you, believe the opposite, because these same agencies, that tell you their “facts,” are part of the same united kingdom of Satan that uses lies to invade nations and crush them for Satan! There is no truth in Satan or his children, who run these government agencies. As Christians, stop killing yourselves and your children with vaccines. Ignorance is no excuse with our Heavenly Father because He told you Satan is a liar from the beginning of time! Pray to Jesus Christ for wisdom in this area and stop helping the Harlot get drunk on the blood of the saints. Amen.

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